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  • Lumps in the Space Gravy

    Some have postulated that everything in the universe is a hologram and not real due to their only being magnitude created by magnetic force. In effect, the atoms are lumps of aether or energy (protons/quarks) that initiate a counteractive circulation around them. A typical circulation might look like an hyperboloid/torus, but in the case of atoms containing multiple protons the circulation becomes more complex with the establishments of orbits. The orbits, being of several levels and often “incomplete” opens the opportunity for various electromagnetic bonding arrangements and agglomerations of matter. I would not go so far as to call this “not real” or a hologram just because the atoms are made mostly of an electromagnetic shell surrounded by a denser nucleus of protons. The reality we experience is not a projection from a singular source, but rather the sum total of interacting magnetic projections (orbits) in reaction to the presence of protons. As long as they’re not ionized by high turbulence radiation energy, the atoms can mix and match in achieving the lowest energy level possible and release radiation in the process in keeping with the Second Law of Thermodynamics and entropy.

    Typical hyperboloid circulation that seems to form around lumps in the space/aether gravy.

    All of the atoms/molecules seem to have a tendency to return to the lowest energy state, a state of inertia, but the forces necessary to achieve that state are not extant in the universe at this time. Instead, all of the matter electromagnetically bonds and is rolled into orbs by gravity which is associated with the electromagnetic force. Some of the orbs are mostly inert except for some decay radiation of constituent elements and the radiation striking their surfaces from stars while others achieve a high enough density to initiate fusion while others achieve the enigmatic black hole status. The variability of atoms (protons in nucleus) is itself a result of an entropic fusion reaction in stars and supernovas.

    Electromagnetic projection of orbitals – the hologram.

    Relatively high energy radiative output from the fusion entropic process (sunlight) can be locked into bonds between atoms to later trickle back down to the lowest energy state level. The energy as captured by photosynthesis in glucose and later resulting in ATP can be allowed to trickle back down through various chemical reactions and metabolic pathways. Infrared radiation is lost along the way.

    The large scale organic dissipative structures like humans that result from these processes and reactions have brains evolved to ensure that structures behave in a predictable and life-sustaining way like an enzyme that is optimized to bond in only one location. Eating and procreating are only two of the imperatives that are hardwired and are determining of human metabolic behavior. There are other emergent trends such as humans becoming the rRNA of an energy dissipating technological system and the desire to accumulate and hoard energy sources or property (also seen as territoriality in other animals). Among humans there is also a hardwired desire to achieve high status in society which promotes the energy gathering and procreative goals and suppression of other humans.

    Doggie dissipative structure burning off some Purina. Visible light radiation trapped in bonds via plants is released as infrared radiation., keeping all the metabolic balls in the air at least until the baton can be passed to the next generation.

    Human behavior is metabolism writ large where electromagnetic forces are summed into large scale movements, as in muscle contraction under the guidance of neural tissue, to achieve the goals of the structure. All of the mental attributes, or at least most of them, have evolved and been retained because they promote a continuity of energy flow that feeds the metabolic needs of the cells of which the dissipative structure are composed. Evolved behavior at the human scale, somewhat plastic to allow for adaptation in the time frame of a single lifetime, accomplishes what electromagnetism does at the smaller scale, it makes sure the right connections and actions are taken to maintain energy flow and homeostasis.

    This is how the electomagnetic metabolism gets things done at the human scale (with guidance from brain.)

    Humans may have taken the wrong path by evolving to become an rRNA by which the technological information, tools, cells and distribution systems thereby produced quickly eliminate the sources of energy to which they have evolved to consume. In addition to depleting a finite energy source humans have severely damaged the ecosystem on which their organic, cellular metabolisms depend.

    Plants need soil. Humans need plants. Humans will not survive on food grown in technological factories although the blind human techno rRNA working in that environment seem to think so.
  • Stirred by the Sun – Human Molecules in Motion

    The radiation of energy released from the Sun, perturbations in space, impact the biosphere, elevating electrons that had settled into their relative ground states. The universe doesn’t allow them to stay in an excited state and the biochemistry of plant cells pinball them through various molecular machinery to maintain the order that is itself. When the electron is finally settled and the initial visible light energy is exhausted as infrared waves, the cell has among other things created more fuel, glucose and later ATP. But even though the electron has reached a new ground state and infrared has been radiated, some of the energy is stored for later use and continued journey to a lower energy state, notably from ATP to ADP.

    If you could see the transmission of energy from the Sun through space, it might look something like this before it interacts with an electron associated with matter.

    The conversion of ATP to ADP serves many metabolic energy needs. A major one is muscle contraction in which ATP is converted to ADP in synchrony in the contraction of muscle fibers. Overall, the contraction of muscle fibers cannot be occur without a goal, a goal that emanates from the brain. The primary goal must be to acquire energy, mostly through the ingestion of tissues of other animals to create glucose to reset ADP to ATP at the mitochondrion. There is no choice. Life is a constant feeding and replenishment cycle and human behavior is no different in essence than the electron taking a circuitous route back to its ground state. The human is specified to walk the earth searching for energy to serve its own cellular needs. If the human behavior fails to eat, then the body will consume its own capital of tissues before death.

    Glucose, which was created by the impact of the visible light radiation above is used as a feedstock at the mitochondrion to spring-load ADP with a high-energy phosphate, like the ball launcher of a pinball machine.

    Once the ball launcher is released or the ATP is converted to ADP then often muscles contract and things move, like humans. By releasing the phosphate from the ATP the human is obligated to reload the spring and therefore their behavior is somewhat circumscribed to seeking energy.

    Once it’s released, the pinball or a human life is in motion and must avoid falling to its lowest energy state. To do so it must stay energized. The pinball machine uses flippers to keep the animation going as long as possible. The human uses brain, legs, arms etc. and ATP to propel itself to the next energizing meal. Dopamine and memory reinforcing opioid action help the organism find the next meal.

    And that is why the human experience is one of greed and self-promotion. It’s not really a choice, but a feature as each human dissipative structure pinballs through life from one location to another, working the technological machinery and working other humans and animals so that they may eat again. And this is also why humans are so intent on saving wealth, so as to never run out of the essential energy. Evolution and the universe wouldn’t have it any other way. The base human wealth of carbohydrates is seen as interchangeable with the wealth of hydrocarbons since the latter is a coequal fuel in the human technological system. The human that is a technological RNA eats carbohydrates and the greater technological system eats hydrocarbons, many of which are expended to foster the production of an adequate supply of carbohydrates. It’s been posited that ten calories worth of hydrocarbons are used to create one calorie of carbohydrate for human consumption.

    A human picks-up an energy package while their technological transport vesicle burns hydrocarbons. The human will be reloading their ADP to ATP and be on their way until another refueling is called for by low blood glucose and hunger. (AP Photo/David Duprey

    The technological system in which humans are enmeshed uses hydrocarbons instead of carbohydrates to drive its processes. The technological system must also constantly search for hydrocarbons and through their combustion, similar to muscles, things are moved. Gases expand, pistons move, crank shafts crank and wheels turn. Much of the movement is dedicated to producing and delivering hydrocarbons to the human RNA that work within its cells and to maintaining homeostatic environments for them to reside. One particularly important hydrocarbon is diesel (C16H34). It makes all types of things move like trucks, trains, tractors and even ships (bunker fuel) and of course its cousins, gasoline and aviation fuel, create much more movement, although somewhat less productive. The carbohydrate glucose (C6H12O6) is the ingredient for making ATP which in turn makes humans move.

    This train moves by releasing energy from the bonds of diesel molecules to run a generator that creates electricity that powers its wheels. The electricity is much like the individual photon, a perturbation of the electromagnetic space, except much larger in scale. The combustion products are mostly CO2 and H2O which can be recycled into glucose in a plant cell. Biodiesel can be made from the carbohydrates of plants. The energy of diesel fuel is so dense that it only takes a couple of gallons to propel two large locomotives and four full coal hoppers) one mile down the track.

    All of the movement of humans and technology can be thought of as a complex circuit running from the Sun, through the earth’s biosphere and back into space. The fossil fuels had acted as a long-term capacitor which is now being depleted by the human RNA with their technological tools. The circuit back into space is finally completed. As the capacitor is depleted so too will be the amount of technological mass that can be moved around (factories, cars, tractors, trucks, trains etc.) and human acquisition of carbohydrates (proteins and other nutrients) will no longer be adequately supported. There may even be an intentional effort underway to collapse the system to allow a provisioning of a much smaller population with an equally small hydrocarbon and carbohydrate budget. It’s hard to imagine what this might look like, but the World Economic Forum has provided some hints with 15-minute cities, own nothing and be happy and absolute control of individual energy production and consumption.

    If there is one thing Klaus Schwab knows for certain, it’s that we won’t be returning to our past ways. The details are yet to be determined.

    The free-wheeling days of growth and consumption are coming to an end and as Bill Gates said, “They won’t do it voluntarily.” I think he’s right about that since the human dissipative is programmed by evolution to want more and to compete for more and any impediment is seen as a threat to life and liberty. Since the changes will not be readily accepted, they are being imposed. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t be resisted at each step along the way or that the entire “Great Reset” program won’t fail. Either way, there is failure of one sort or another in civilization’s future simply due to lack of energy and the inevitable retreat of technological, hydrocarbon agriculture.

    And this is the way the energy leaves, whatever isn’t still stored in molecular bonds, much the same way it arrived except at a longer, less energetic, infrared wavelength.

  • It’s Come to This

    All dissipative structures, built to dissipate energy gradients in fulfillment of the universal entropy mandate, are themselves subject to return to their lowest energy state or dissolution. There is no avoiding it. Even financial success, although perhaps guarding against a premature dissolution, has no power in the end. Statues, names on buildings, photographs, digital files etc. and other memorabilia are also subject to disintegration. Rising up against equilibrium is a temporary condition as the universe is always pulling in the opposite direction and the universe sets the rules.

    All of the religious insanity and appeal to the mystical is only another attempt to foil the inviolable decree of the universe in which life and order are only granted for a short time and only if it pays for itself in entropy produced. Desperate dissipatives that lie, cheat, steal, murder, politick, grandstand and otherwise compete for energy (wealth) to stay above equilibrium, for a short while, is the natural order (or disorder) of things. No doubt humans will destroy themselves and everything around them in a panicked attempt to keep their heads above the equilibrium water as the fossil fuel gradient becomes insufficient. Many, coddled in a time of abundant surplus energy are far too trusting, taking untested, “warp-speed” vaccines in response to mask, lock-down and various propaganda fear campaigns orchestrated by a malevolent, traitorous government composed of greedy, gelatinous, glad-handing and unscrupulous puppets. Unwary people will lose the battle for existence to those that deceive, enslave and murder on a whim, or in the current environment, to those hatching carefully planned and deceitful operations aimed at “cleaning-up” humanity.

    “This won’t hurt a bit and besides it’s all for the greater good. God bless your little heart – you’re going to need it when the myocarditis starts.”

    You trust your mommy don’t you?

    You trust the doctor don’t you?

    You trust the government don’t you?

    They don’t have any “dissipative” ulterior motives do they?

  • Brick Wall, Cliff, End of the Road

    The universe loves an effective dissipative structure because it enhances the flow of energy towards equilibrium. Humans are one such dissipative structure that enhances the flow of energy towards equilibrium. Humans have recently evolved to become rRNA, identical in function to rRNA found in their constituent cells, that function to build technological cells, distribution systems and various tools to enhance energy flow, mostly from fossil fuels, but also from hydroelectric  nuclear and organic sources. The cooperative human dissipative structure is called civilization. The metric of success is found in the volume and rate of release of trapped energy into the electro-magnetic milieu or aether and the efficiency in reproduction of the dissipative structure.

    The Great Orb of Dissipation keeps things stirred-up on Earth’s surface. Matter constantly falls towards equilibrium on Earth’s surface but never reaches it for long before it gets stirred again.

    If in the mutations of information a more effective dissipative structure can be found, it will soon gain a decisive edge over other dissipatives and replace them. Entire systems and their human constituents seek to maximize energy flow and growth. You could say that the universe selects for greed and that even the cooperative efforts of mankind are a type of greed meant to open new energy frontiers and maximize flow. The desire for the successful release of energy from atomic bonds or nuclei is so great that the incidental damages are often overlooked. Humans, like all evolving dissipatives, are laser focused on self-promotion and increasing the flow of energy through their own bodies and through the technological cells they work within, hoping in the eternal competition to maintain and reproduce their own structures through the creation of entropy. It is because of this prime directive of the universe that many considerations and constraints were simply never put on the drawing board. Even with the recognized imminent peril of ecosystem destruction, growth and energy flow are sought and individual humans spend much of their time trying to invest in the fastest growing and most profitable dissipative structures. Kinder, gentler dissipatives will be unable to overcome the more greedy, cavalier types.

    Greedy dissipatives celebrating a killer day trading the market.

    It is for this reason that energy exhaustion  will soon be accomplished by the technological energy consumers. The entire ecosystem of dissipative structures, like the technological  system, creates paths of least resistance for energy flow comprised of selected dissipatives. The ecosystem can never be in overshoot because it is limited by its daily budget of solar turbulence. The technological system can overshoot because its growth is funded by release of energy from finite fossil fuels and those  orchestrating the growth are only interested in the self-satisfaction of having a greater energy flow and number of dissipative structures than the competition, something instilled in people’s brains over many millions of years of competition in the ecosystem. The greed works well in the ecosystem which has natural checks and boundaries, but not in the technological system where unfettered growth and consumption leads to rapid depletion of finite energy stores. Humans seems unable to curb their appetites because they are dissipatives that have evolved to be, or attempt to be, number one in the competition for energy flow and reproduction. They will even likely struggle to maintain the doomed system as long as energy flows through it instead of pulling back towards a more sustainable position. Humans will be unwilling to take a voluntary retreat in wealth, energy flow or hierarchy in anticipation of energy deficit which is itself denied as a possibility. Meanwhile two-hundred thousand human dissipatives more or less, are added to the world’s population each day and each would like to eat well and participate in the civilization of technological cells that produce a wide variety of consumer goods and comforts as they dissipate energy. In the developing zero-sum situation it seems increasingly unlikely that adequate energy will be available to satisfy newcomers when the existing stock of dissipatives will themselves be dying en masse from energy starvation.

    This is what it looks like when the dissipation is over. There are a few plants that seem to be making a living from the sun’s input.

  • It’s All Just Silly Putty

    Periodic Table of Silly Putty

    Nothing else is Silly Putty? Maybe everything else is silly putty, especially humans, the hackable animal. The atoms are an irritation. The positive charges of the electrons induce electron formation from the aether. The atoms stick together sharing electrons in covalent and ionic bonds to get to the lowest energy state where proton and electron charges balance. But balance is not what is sought, but rather elimination of the charges completely. But nothing seems able to breach the proton, they’re just shoved together into heavier elements in stars which is energy releasing and entropic.

    The elements at the surface of the earth would be more settled if it weren’t for the sun creating massive turbulence at the surface in the biosphere. The atoms are thrown from their lower energy states and immediately begin to settle again and life uses those energized electrons and atoms to run its “productive” machinery. It may seem that the structures life builds using that energy is negentropic just as a hurricane might seem negentropic, but in reality it is rapidly converting short wave radiation into long wave radiation and is keeping a percentage of that energy embedded in its structure. The universe’s only criteria for success is the degradation and dispersal of energy, particularly the energy trapped in the nuclei of atoms and their covalent/ionic bonds. The entirety of the human exercise is too decompose energy gradients. We’ve been well rewarded and guided by the release of dopioids.

    The Human rRNA

    The human is just another dissipative structure that has evolved from being an indistinct “eater” in the ecosystem to become a functioning component (RNA) of a technological system which has created its own complexity to reduce energy gradients. So far it (civilization) has created tools to release energy from biological sources (especially wood), fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) uranium, and even grabs a share of natural dissipative events like generating electricity from flowing water and wind power.

    Hong Kong, cells upon cells upon cells – Photo by David Iliff, Wikimedia.

    In this photograph of Hong Kong you can see a dense collection of technological cells that have evolved and grown to convert energy trapped in fossil fuel covalent bonds into heat released as various wavelengths of radiation and also to be carried away convectively by wind blowing through and around the structures. The humans like to call the technological metabolism “business”. When finished with existing gradients and without any replacement energy sources, the technological cells will simply die. But they’re not supposed to last forever, they just arise when there’s an energy gradient to feed their construction and maintenance. In the meantime, while there is still fuel to burn, the humans continue to play with the Silly Putty. You can stretch it, you can break it, you can bounce it on the floor. You can even put the image of human on it and stretch it until it can’t be recognized and longer (Harari Hack). That’s what they’re doing now in their quest to find new, more efficient and better ways to use the energy gradient.

    They do have a plan to “build back better”. This is how that will probably look.

  • Lotka’s Wheel

    This paper entitled Lotka’s wheel and the long arm of history: how does the distant past determine today’s global rate of energy consumption? is in the works by Timothy Garrett, Mathias Grasselli and Stephen Keen.

    It seems to reveal a dynamic in which continued waves of growth (especially in technological projects seen as essential for “progress” will begin to starve the corpus of civilization through hyperinflation since the new projects will not be using truly surplus sources of energy, but sources that are essential for maintaining the foundations of civilization.

    To me, this seems to be exactly the course our leaders have embarked upon, using energy stocks essential for the metabolic maintenance of civilization to build things like new super-cities, Mars colonies, 5G surveillance states, AI, robotics, etc.

    Lotka’a Wheel (Burn more faster.)

    “Alfred J. Lotka regarded the “life-struggle” as a competition for available energy. The role in this struggle of any physical system, subject to external constraints, is to maximize the flow of energy through it. Lotka proposed, “The influence of man, as the most successful species in the competitive struggle, seems to have been to accelerate the circulation of matter through the life cycle, both by `enlarging the wheel’, and by causing it to `spin faster’ … the physical quantity in question is of the dimensions of power”. “In every instance considered, natural selection will so operate as to increase the total mass of the organic system, to increase the rate of circulation of matter through the system, and to increase the total energy flux through the system, so long as there is presented an un-utilized residue of matter and available energy” (Lotka1922) (our italics).

    “It is important to note, however, that zero real, inflation-adjusted production does not forbid nonzero, positive nominal production. If there is a large difference between the nominal and real GDP, it appears in economic accounts as high values of the GDP deflator or as hyperinflation. Interpreted physically, civilization dissipates energy along previously produced networks. Even as current production continues to grow these networks, there is concurrent fraying of those previously constructed that is sufficient to offset any productive gains Garrett (2014).

    A metabolic steady state may only represent a temporary marker prior to more complete collapse, thermodynamic as well as economic, given the severe constraints hyperinflation would impose on modern society. Along the pathway of contraction, any external resources that become available to civilization would no longer be sufficient to count as an un-utilized residue available for further growth. Like a patient consumed by cancer, production would be more than offset by consumption – burning the furniture to heat the house, so to speak. Nominal production might remain, but it would be fueled more by internal than external resources. Eventually, civilization would attain a point of complete collapse, whereupon both civilization power and nominal production would equal zero.”

    My interpretation is that if they starve the existing system with its eight-billion old-fashioned dissipative humans as they build their “future” using energy essential for the old civilization’s metabolism, they run the risk of collapsing the system entirely. Getting from here to there will involve slowly collapsing what they see as non-essential structures, including people, as their new structures appear.

    The old-fashioned rRNA getting ready to work on the hoagie gradient.

    The new rRNA in the works.

    Most likely they’ll never get the new system up and running before the collapse the old one.

  • And Then There Were None

    A couple of human RNA work (with plans) and tools to assemble the skeleton of a multi-chambered domestic cell. These two RNA go by the name of “carpenter” based upon the specialized knowledge and tools they employ. The pine boards, from farmed or naturally growing trees, were harvested and finished at a mill and were shipped along the technological circulatory system to arrive where new cellular growth is occurring. Like an organic cell preparing for mitosis, much of what human RNA busy themselves doing is building the next cell to be occupied by RNA like themselves, especially when there is no final and long-lasting functional form to achieve. Unlike molecular RNA, human RNA have special needs which must be met to facilitate their functioning, like running water, waste removal, light, heating/air conditioning and usually an entire chamber or room dedicated to preparing servings of energy or food. There is usually also a dedicated sleeping chamber. The refinement and expansion of this entire way of living has been accomplished through the breaking of hydrocarbon bonds and conversion of released energy into the movement of various technological tools which facilitate gradient consumption, various manufacturing processes and distribution. It is a natural and self-organizing process where dissipative structures successful in entraining an energy flow are rewarded with continued existence.

    As these humans are busy being carpenters, it probably hasn’t entered their minds that all of the gradients are finite and that some day growth would stop, their jobs would cease to exist and the technological cells would die or no longer support metabolism. Most all of the RNA failed to recognize this weakness inherent to the rapidly growing technological system. Some, like Dennis Meadows, one of the researchers and writers of “The Limits to Growth”, did recognize the likely outcome but he was mostly given negative reviews. The RNA preferred to believe in “they’ll find something” or “God is in control” because their dopamine delivery systems were pushing them to continue functioning to obtain the rewards necessary for life, a comfortable, well-fed life inside a multi-chambered cell, connected to the whole by an arterial system that penetrated every area that promised resource riches. The technological system continued to consume and grow. Even today, as the banking system struggles to coax more production and consumption into the metabolism, most doubt the likely and unsavory outcome.

    We don’t like it, so it’s not true.

    Most, including the bankers, preferred to believe pundits like Julian Simon. Many say that economists and bankers have a symbiotic relationship.

    Some of the RNA, under the influence of a social brain that evolved partially to categorize human behaviors as being either good or evil, considered themselves moral failures and retreated to their temples and churches to ask for forgiveness and the chance for a new start that they would, from then on, show only the best and most cooperative of behaviors if godly powers would but restore their potential. But little did they realize that it was this nice, cooperative behavior that had figured in the complexity and order necessary to empty the gradients in the first place. No, cooperating and reducing friction between the RNA would not work this time as any well functioning dissipative structure would only make the problem worse. It actually needed a few monkey wrenches thrown into the works to slow the flow of energy (like food plants burning down and pandemic lock-downs). Even a cooperative global society that realized savings by reducing military expenditures would soon eliminate residual gradient energy by other means like increased flights to Bora Bora for extravagant vacations.

    Praying to God

    There was really only one solution, one which nature would eventually get around to taking herself – the absolute reduction in the number and energy flows through existing dissipative structures. Even the human RNA, being dissipative structures, would have to be reduced in number and if a special project were to be funded, even though ridiculous like “living forever schemes”, “Mission to Mars” and panopticon surveillance projects, enough dissipatives would have to be eliminated to free energy flow for continuance of these projects important to the elites. In a zero-sum environment growth in one area requires sacrifice in others. Even at this early stage of the “Great Reset” it becomes apparent from whom the sacrifices will come and to whom the rewards will flow. Those designated for elimination include business cells not involved in crucial technological projects, internal combustion engines, “useless eater” humans that contribute little to the technological effort and even whole nations can have their energy flow disrupted. Eventually pets will also be eliminated. In the future, if something metabolizes it will serve the goals of the “owners” which will not include the residual population of humans whose American Dream will be replaced with a low-consumption, Metaverse non-life.

    Boostered out of existence.
  • Running Towards Equilibrium

    It seems that most everything in the universe and we could say the universe itself is about achieving equilibrium or the lowest energy state possible. The universe may be a perturbation in what existed prior to its inflation. In other words, something stirred the ether and created an unsettled condition and it’s now running back towards its equilibrium state. This could be considered entropy or the dissipation of energy. What does a universe that reaches equilibrium look like? It probably doesn’t look like anything as it wouldn’t exist. The things you see in the cosmos, including space, are manifestations of a disruption in equilibrium. All structures and features extant in the universe would be resolved back into a most basic submicroscopic equilibrium or state of rest.

    Even this quantum foam model shows features coming into existence and then disappearing seemingly into nothingness. Something probably upset the equilibrium apple cart and this is what happened.

    On earth, all matter seems to be trying to achieve the lowest energy state in its local environment, although turbulence from solar insolation keeps things well stirred in the atmosphere and hydrosphere. Gravity and electromagnetic attraction seem to be pulling towards the lowest energy states.

    Human dissipative trying to catch fish energy in a turbulent sea. Notice the tool in his hand, a sure sign of conversion to RNA and tool production/use.

    Life is composed of dissipative structures and is powered by the overall entropic flow. Certain wavelengths (mostly around 450 and 650nm) of the sun’s rays interact with Chlorophyll A and Chlorophyll B and other pigments and through a chain of electrochemical reactions produce the sugar glucose. Glucose is taken in by mitochondria in both plants and animals to produce ATP. ATP is the equivalent of gasoline for cars and provides the energy for catalytic reactions and muscle fibers sliding past each other resulting in movement. The plants are eaten and those that eat the plants are eaten as each species becomes a source of energy for others. All throughout its movement in seeking energy and mates, the human will be dumping low energy infrared heat into the environment as electromagnetic waves mostly at around 12,000nm. The energy loss in the step down from 450nm to 12,000nm is enough to grow plant tissues, herbivore tissues and movement, and carnivore movements like hunting for more food to keep all of the molecular balls in the air. The human and other life must eat in order to counteract the constant tendency for the body to achieve its lowest energy state in which molecules become more stable but less able to maintain the structure of the dissipative. Damaged DNA, cross-linked proteins and other damages must be constantly repaired and waste must be removed to maintain the dissipative capacity of the organism.

    Mr. T, human dissipative, compelled by his brain and the producers of his TV show to exude power, dominance and wealth.

    Can anyone be surprised at the human preoccupation with accumulating wealth (energy) and mating behaviors? Maintaining existence requires a steady flow of energy. Even upon death, many people will attempt to prevent the remains from achieving their lowest energy state through various interventions like preservatives and metal burial boxes. Some will have their name inscribed on the more resilient granite slab so as to avoid disappearing completely. Even religions are an effort to avoid equilibrium. But rest assured, if the structure is not at its lowest energy level, it will be sent there over time by gravity and various chemical reactions. I am quite sure that the wood furniture I possess will eventually be degraded by fire or termites, which will convert energy trapped in atomic bonds into their own structures and waste heat, or I may have to throw the furniture on the fire to stay warm this winter. Whatever the case, it has a ways to go before reaching an equilibrium in the local environment.

    After a life of struggling to find enough to eat. being socially superior and reproducing, it’s finally time for a rest and continued entropy of the hardened structures that supported the human cell colony.

    Even the structures of the fossil fuel burning, technological civilization will eventually find their final resting places as gravity and the elements work against them.

    Someone should save those slate shingles, they’re quite resilient. Without them, this structure would likely have already done a face plant in the yard.

    Settled ether can be disturbed by things like generators with magnets creating a temporary disturbance that immediately runs towards equilibrium along the path of least resistance, usually a copper wire. Lightning too is a manifestation of the return to equilibrium when potential becomes to great.

    Lightning bolt storm with thunderstorm clouds at night.

    In the end, it’s quite a fight just to keep your atoms from achieving a relatively motionless, sedimentary rest. Humans always lose the fight, but their cells often live on and take new forms like children. Have you hugged your dissipative today?

  • Jostling

    Dave Lysak mentioned humans “jostling” in the furtherment of their goals a few comments back in the last post, a nervous agitation of human souls and cells seeking fulfillment of their energy requirements. I found this video clip of jostling ruthenium atoms in carbon nanotubes and thought it thermodynamically similar, at a smaller scale, of what humans are up to.

    Rhenium atoms in carbon nanotubes.

    You can see that the atoms are unsettled, releasing and accepting photons from each other and from what must be an environment turbulent with electromagnetic wave energy. They jostle and jostle, each in competition with the others to reach that position and bonding configuration closest to absolute zero, which might not be very close zero at all, but closer. Waves are incoming from the environment and outgoing and being passed from electron to electron. If they were chilled sufficiently perhaps the Brownian motion would slow and finally stop. No doubt the mechanism that provides the visuals adds heat to the subject and ambient temperature of earth’s biosphere is not free of turbulence thanks to the sun.

    But what does this have to do with humans jostling or any organism for that matter? It may seem counterintuitive, but humans are also trying to achieve the lowest energy state. They bounce around the environment motivated by greed and dopamine trying to find a configuration of atoms and molecules to help settle into a lower energy state, to help them reach their most stable configuration where significant amounts of energy has been depleted from their bonded structures and exhausted as heat wave energy. But humans avoid their own equilibrium state, lowest energy level, by helping others achieve theirs, by eating and essentially burning them. In the process they build-up their own complexity and avoid low-energy equilibrium with the environment. Like recharging a battery before it goes dead. In accordance with the Second Law of Thermodynamics the total energy in bonds that has moved farther away from equilibrium, become more complex, in building the human dissipative structure, is less than the amount of food/bond energy or complexity that was consumed. Some of the food energy lost from the food bonds is exhausted into the local environment and then into space. There can never be one-hundred percent efficiency or conversion of food to dissipative structure. But the entire ecosystem cannot run down to equilibrium as the sun creates electromagnetic turbulence every day to stir the matter, including and especially chlorophyll, which again captures some of the ample energy in bonds, likely later to be released by some other dissipative structure like a caterpillar.

    The struggle for existence is the struggle to release energy from other matter that still has the potential to reach a lower energy state. Don’t mind eating the pig, according to the universe it’s not in a optimal state of being. If you eat it, much of the embedded energy will be released and your own structure will be bolstered while a certain proportion finds its way into space. But equally, the human is not in an optimal state either. Nothing that lions and tiger and bears and other humans can’t take care of. The whole biosphere would likely approach its lowest energy state if it weren’t for the sun blasting us daily with wave energy that blows the atoms from their comfortable low-energy states. The complex behaviors of humans and other dissipative structures are no different in essence from atoms jostling to reach the lowest energy state. Humans and other organisms do it at a large scale by eating big chunks of energy rich matter and burning it. The universe thanks you for releasing the heat from the pig, even though you’ve bolstered your own out-of-equilibrium structure.

    Squeezing the energy out of fossil fuels is the human’s special project for the universe which has the beneficial side effect of allowing humans to eat much more organic life than would have been possible with the energy derived from their tissues. We can actually eat food that would have traditionally had a negative Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI) throughout all of natural history. Fossil fuels have been a nice subsidy while they lasted but have created lots of damage to the coevolved ecosystem. Humans in their rRNA tool-building capacity are desperately trying to come-up with something additional to eat as fossil fuels begin to wane. Even the organic matrix and been stripped bare and has been depleted of nutrients so that even if fossil fuels lasted, the matrix of industrial growth for human food likely would not and fake laboratory meat and meal worms will not make-up for capacities being lost from the natural environment.

    Idaho potato farmer.

    A farmer (technological RNA) working a field in Idaho that will likely grow taters. The plants will capture the energy from the sun with chlorophyll and produce some starchy sugars to store in the taters. Humans, knowing that there’s a lower energy state potential for the taters, will dig them up and eat them, maybe at McDonald’s, and release their bond energy back to space while bolstering their own structures. It is often said that there are ten calories of fossil fuel energy spent on every calorie of food produced and eaten. Judging by the diesel eating tractor and the irrigation system along with pesticides, processing and distribution, that might be pretty close. It seems like an impressive economies-of-scale operation though, much more efficient than a backyard gardening effort. If humans were to try to accomplish the same feat, planting by hand, harvesting by hand, picking bugs off the plants and carrying water from the nearest river, I’m sure that in the end they would use more energy than they got from the potatoes. Negative EROEI equals starvation. But at least it would be totally organic.

    This is an example of high EROEI living:

    Cheek storage of excess energy, similar to that found in some rodents.

    And this is an example from Madras, India during the famine of 1877 of negative EROEI living:

    This is what happens when we suddenly stop using fossil fuels. People on the verge of bankruptcy, also known as death by starvation in the natural world.
  • MEGACANCER: Coherent versus Incoherent

    MEGACANCER: Coherent versus Incoherent

    Matter is always being moved about on the surface of the earth by energy passing through or staying for a short while before it continues its entropic journey back into space. The incoherent movements like methane seeping from deep sea deposits, tornadoes randomly smashing communities to smithereens and warming oceans killing defenseless coral reefs are a few examples, but it’s not until we consider the coherent flows of energy that we can be both horrified and somewhat entertained by the wicked potential of mother nature.

    The incoherent flow of energy pretty much moves through matter randomly, jostling air and water molecules and stirring a bit of surface matter and eventually ending-up as infrared radiation traveling through the medium of space. It has little coherency beyond a variety of common intermolecular interactions. On the other hand, the coherent flows of energy are not allowed to flow willy-nilly as they make their way to “the cool” to borrow from Eric D. Schneider and Dorion Sagan’s book “Into the Cool: Energy Flow, Thermodynamics and Life”. The coherent flows of energy, the ones that define life, are those that are made to flow in a certain direction, non-randomly, usually through a chain of biochemical reactions in a watery medium. It just so happens that the coherency is defined by information or DNA at the cellular level which happens to code for the biomolecules which spend their days passing the energy baton in furtherance of the survival of the system which they comprise. Never a completely efficient operation, the various non-random, biomolecular jostlings stir the watery medium in which they occur and send waves of thermal waste rippling towards the epidermal shore. The result is that structure is built, nervous systems are defined and the coherent flow of energy results in non-random, energy seeking systems or cellular aggregates on a gradient seeking mission. If you have noticed or participated in the human preoccupation with food and investments you might understand to where the coherent flow of energy leads, to an obsessive effort to acquire yet more energy.

    In the case of humans the energy flow is said to be equivalent to a 100-watt light bulb. The mission for all of that biomolecular coherency defined over billions of years of evolution is to keep the light bulb lit. This is why humans are constantly competing and killing for energy. It’s not like it’s a matter of free will, there are billions of years of evolving DNA and resulting coherent mixtures and movements of biomolecules to make sure the energy is somehow loaded into the maw, distributed and turned into ATP. This is why humans are so preoccupied with accumulating wealth, worrying daily about their crypto, gold, silver, fiat, real estate and homes, each is trying to assure themselves of a continuous flow of energy into the future. Strangely few have concern for ecosystem, the greatest generator of wealth, without which all human light bulbs go out. Most people seem to think that the health of the technological system or economy in which they function as rRNA is of most importance and can guarantee their own organic cellular well-being. The coherent energy flow, defined by DNA has made sure they pay particular attention to things like the next meal, appearance and copulating to fruition like fruit flies, although human ingenuity has created ways to get the opioids without the progeny, after all, raising progeny RNA, even if handed-off to various schools and institutions, can interfere with the competitive tendencies to advance ones career in the technological system. A new energy flow from fossil fuels has advanced human’s new role as rRNA but the feeding frenzy has temporarily blinded humans to the exceptional importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem. The new technological tools have enabled a cancerous pillaging of the natural world. It remains to be seen, by someone or something in the future, if the technological system can replace humans with robots that are not dependent on the ecosystems continuance.

    One-hundred watts. Your brain has evolved to make sure you spend time finding and eating the fuel necessary to keep the lights on.

    One of my grandfathers was primarily old school ecological, didn’t make much money in the technological system, but had eleven children which all survived to become upstanding energy degraders. My other grandfather was more successful in the technological realm, applying tools to the ecosystem to deliver an abundance of energy. He owned warehouses and farm supply business. His three children and farms, stores, warehouses were also all superb energy degraders. From copulator to business operator, the transition from ecosystem entrepreneur defined by coherent energy flow from the ecosystem to technological entrepreneur defined by coherent energy flow from the pool of fossil fuels, has been underway in earnest for at least a couple of centuries.

    Eventually it became apparent that the better life could be had by owning and operating within technological cells whose magnificent new tools could make mince meat of the ecosystem and various energy and resource gradients rather than having many technologically unequipped children that would accept meager returns throughout their lives. Today many will decide not have any children at all, an affront to their DNA, but certainly enabling more time to garner rewards for their own dead-end bodies from the technological, cancerous consumption of everything.

    And the technology will continue evolving and consuming until it reaches limits. What better way to throw back the limits than by applying technology to eliminate a whole population of inferior, half-baked rRNA whose tendencies lead them to a slower, less technologically adept existence. I suppose you could call them useless eaters, useless to the technological cancer. Little did the technological humans realize that the robotic RNA would soon eliminate them just as their ancestors cancelled the less technological Neanderthals. I found the perfect video clip to describe the current state of mRNA technological evolution (see below).

    Those magnificent men with their CRISPR machines. Current state of mRNA technology. Go ahead and get on-board, they’ll work-out the kinks eventually.

    The primary goal of coherent energy flow is to intercept energy or market share and grow. The clueless human RNA, freshly minted from the local school system with specialized information and tool using abilities, finds a cell to perform their daily repetitive functions to get their energy and rewards. The owners of the cell will give them a regular energy stipend for performing their tasks. Most haven’t a clue as to what’s going on and spend their lives on the hamster wheel of little success until their worn-out bodies finally succumb to the ravages of time and the eventual realization that things won’t be getting any better. Those that own capital, the cells and machinery of technological production, gladly use the lives of other humans in the productive process and greedily siphon their productivity, but cannot be wholly condemned as they’re guided by a naturally acquired greed.

    In the video clip below a line worker just can’t figure out his own dissatisfaction with life, a human RNA doing repetitive motion like their organic, cellular counterpart slapping amino acids together. The stakeholders as Klaus Schwab calls them, appreciate the effort as they congratulate themselves on effective stewardship of the technological enterprise and reward themselves with billions earned by the sweat of forlorn human RNA. For thirty years of this torture you may be granted ownership of a tech cell, if you’re lucky. However, the self-organizing winds are shifting and the fifteen years of “retirement” has been deemed too expensive. The ecological human kept grandma and grandpa around, even though their productivity waned and may even have become negative. It was a sort of “thank you” for all those years of hard work. But the new technological human will see grandma and grandpa become a thing of the past as they are put down lest they deprive the technological system of some fraction of energy flow needed for its continued growth and evolution. Thank you grandma and grandpa, job well done, now die. I’ll be sailing the seas on my 500 million dollar yacht while you molder in the grave. There are different rules for stakeholders and when resource scarcity means the wealth pump that served them well during growth will soon go into reverse, they are eager to make genocidal changes to maintain their disproportionate share of wealth.

    A typical human RNA working in a technological cell building transport vesicles to be used to distribute human RNA and goods within the technological system.

    Perhaps the most wicked trick of mother nature is to create us to feel for an unfeeling colony of cells. The primitive eyespot of the protist has given way to two ocular organs and brain that serve the needs of the entire system of trillions of cells. The inputs from these “eyespots” and other sense organs pass into a mass of neural tissue sculpted by evolution to achieve competition, cooperation and greed to assure the unfeeling cells accomplish their goals .Whipped by pain and enticed by pleasure, the brain plays us like a puppet. Our main tasks of which we are constantly reminded are to eat, compete, eliminate waste and reproduce. With any spare time we can use curiosity to develop the analog mind which has paid energy dividends in conjunction with other evolutionary adaptations including a hand which can readily bond and fabricate tools, vocal chords which can represent aspects of reality with sound waves and many other changes in the brain related to making sense of and sometimes distorting the many aspects of reality. The concept of death can hardly be avoided by even the dullest mind although we try our hardest, sometimes practicing religious rituals and holding beliefs that banish the prospect. The illusion of self which operates in the analog mind and plans our next move in conjunction with the motor cortex and is given the responsibility of keeping the cellular system safe is panicked by the inescapable prospect of death. Our entire existence is dedicated to the cellular colony and promoting its success and reproduction. For many millions of years we could not see death, the analog mind was not well-developed. But our evolution into technological function with a more elaborate analog mind has outweighed the negatives associated with death salience and the brain has even evolved to cover-up death while still gaining the benefits of technology. The “self” of humans, more developed than in any other organism, operates and plans in an analog mind and fears its own passing as its cellular system eventually and inevitably fails. There is no place for the “self” to be when the analog mind goes poof and the body dissolves back into the environment. It’s somewhat of a dirty trick for evolution to create us to be useful to a collection of unfeeling cells only to abandon and throw us away in the end – job done. That’s what the technological cells intend to do with us too after our usefulness is exhausted. It seems we’re trapped between two sets of cells, organic and technological at quite different scales. The organic cells are telling us to do one thing and the technological cells are trying to control us in other ways. Dealing with the demands of ones own microscopic cells is enough but many have taken to a job identity and seem to thrive in that environment with short breaks for feeding and eliminating wastes.

    I’ll end here with the motor homunculus which displays relative motor innervation or motor cortex dedicated to specific body areas. The hands or bonding organs and mouth for conveying information are overwhelmingly represented as they have become most important in our new role as technological RNA. But our organic evolution is not fast enough, genetic manipulation and technological amendments await us so we can be improved dissipative structures and eliminate gradients (whatever remains of them) faster and more efficiently.

    By the way, my old website died an untimely death as I didn’t pay the bill within forty-five days. I have copies of past posts, but the associated comments have likely dissolved back into the environment forever. Isn’t that the way things go.

385 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Dissipatives must maintain an energy flow or they will become motionless and return to equilibrium with the environment. The current flow has been maintained by promising even greater flows or returns in the future via debt instruments to those willing to relinquish their resources. These greater future flows will never be realized. Foreclosure will not deliver vibrant technological cells with promises of growth to those holding the paper, but rather they’ll receive the worthless corpses of a past civilization. It’s truly time to fight for what remains, eliminate the competition and shaft those holding dollar-denominated promises for future energy delivery. It seems the “useless eaters” have taken the first pandemic blow in this war. Russia, still maintaining a robust flow of oil and gas is next. If Russia is defeated then China will be girdled. Perhaps the plan of the central bankers and their billionaire generals is to steal Russian assets, hobble and control China, eliminate useless eaters and control a world of diminished prospects with a social credit system and central bank digital currency, all the while maintaining ownership of well deserved super-yachts and island retreats. I suppose if the Russian oligarchs want their seized yachts back they had better get their chips implanted and step in line for the New World Order.


    1. James, there’s no way Russian assets could be stolen, as I don’t think the west can produce another Yeltsin and a nuclear power is, by definition, something cannot be defeated by force.


      1. Judging by the oligarchs and their super-yachts, Russian assets have already been stolen. To defeat Russia another Western banking sponsored stooge would have to replace Putin. Maybe that’s why Lindsey Graham continues to call for Putin’s assassination. Maybe the latest graduate of the WEF young leader’s school is ready.



        1. I thought you meant real assets, that is, oil and gas. Yachts, penthouses and money in bank accounts are always nice to confiscate, but they don’t represent real assets.


      1. “forlorn human RNA”….probably describes a lot of folks at the minute…including myself!!

        Great to have the MegaC back in business.


        1. And even with our current predicament the system continues to “self-organize” guided by the dissipative imperatives of profit and growth, even to such an extent that “hackable” humans will be improved to make them more effective and efficient energy gradient users. Self-organization to oblivion.


      2. Your prolonged absence was noted and lamented, James.

        Welcome back, and I hope all is well in your particular sector of the Global Asylum for the Insane.


        1. Thanks, I’m currently preparing my bunker and awaiting the warm glow of thermonuclear explosions. The pyrotechnic chimps must be itching to release that potential in a never before seen grand entropic finale. I suppose many will go insane as they cannot reconcile their poorly constructed analog worlds with the unfolding reality.


  2. Economists and the Nobel Committee are true-believers in the eternal Megacancer. Never question growth or you may find yourself isolated or unemployed. Professor Tim Garrett suggests we need more Bitcoin mining, energy gradient reduction without the growth in number and extent of dissipative structures. It wastes prodigious amounts of energy without producing more technological mouths to feed, like an apartment building or factory. It’s something like having sex without the baby or eating a cheeseburger in the Metaverse. The view count of this clip seems to indicate that humans would rather avoid the subject.


    1. Good to see you back James.

      Not too long ago I discovered there is no such thing as a Nobel prize in economics. Like other priestly classes before it, economics is a shameless self promoters & dirty dammed lairs.

      There’s No Nobel Prize In Economics. It’s All A Lie.

      “Nope. There are only five Nobel Prizes: three in sciences (physics, chemistry, and medicine), one in arts (literature), and of course the Peace Prize. There is a separate prize called the “Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel,” but Albert Nobel didn’t create it, and it has nothing to do with the Nobel Foundation. And yet everyone thinks it’s a Nobel prize, to the point that the Nobel website now has a section for it.

      Okay, if they’re so connected, it sounds like we’re splitting hairs by saying it’s not a Nobel prize. But some people are mad that economists use the Nobel name to steal prestige. People like Nobel heir Peter Nobel, who says, “Nobel despised people who cared more about profits than society’s wellbeing. There is nothing to indicate that he would have wanted such a prize.”

      I used to get angry about this sort of thing, but the 5 ‘real’ Nobel prizes are fictional too. So are all awards.


      1. We should have the Dissipative Awards for the most accomplished gradient reducers. I think we would find that most are “shameless self-promoters and dirty damned liars.” As soon as the cancer is done, most of what the economists have scribbled will rot along with the technological carcass. “Oh wow, never could have seen that coming.”


  3. Your old posts plus comments are still available* via the Internet Archive, should you wish to attempt to collate them.

    *at least in part, since I have only checked a couple of instances,


    1. I’ve looked at the Wayback archive but still haven’t figured-out how to use it. I’ll continue to look into it.


  4. Even if the Western bankers were trying to establish a post-growth climax system to replace the damaging competition between quasi-species nations (arms race; competition for resources), they seem to want to ensconce themselves with permanent advantages while perhaps genetically eliminating or substituting for the natural drives of the maximum power principle in humans. The current growth and consumption mania must reach a climax state based upon a regular and dependable flow of energy. One world government with population and consumption control in which the desire to own things to signal superior fitness is eliminated and minds are occupied in the Metaverse. Putin, being highly competitive and with a substantial ego, like the Western bankers, may not see the climax state as desirable and why would Western bankers employ such a rainbow tapestry of deviants to carry-out the Great Reset. In any case, forcing the Megacancer into a long-term climax state is a daunting task and out of line with the naturally evolved tendencies of humans. Maybe they can tweak our DNA so that we become dedicated, selfless RNA ready to function and be happy without keeping up with the Jones’.


  5. A world increasingly incomprehensible to humans:

    My plumber told me yesterday about getting an instruction sheet for a pump that just had a QR code on it, saying “look on the internet for instructions”. Too bad that when you are building a new house there isn’t internet.


    1. Maybe a neuralink will help with our deficits. A new house sounds great. I’m living in my grandmother’s one-hundred and ten year old house and I think the kids are regressing from the lead paint or perhaps the asbestos siding. It is a nice, low-cost, comfy cottage though. Floors a little uneven. My son sometimes can swear he’s at sea when he puts his feet down in the morning. Thank goodness for the QR codes because soon they won’t be able to read English. Just ask Alexa, she’ll do it for you. They mostly despise reading in any case. Prime candidates for the Metaverse.


    2. I hate and loathe those QR squares: ‘the calligraphy – or cacography? – of Satan’!

      Faintly reminiscent of architectural Kufic inscriptions in classical Arabic, but anti-human in feel, crude, verging on chaos….


      1. No longer any need to handle that filthy money. Just scan the code and the money comes directly out of your CBDC account. Say or do the wrong thing and you’ll get a special code at your next vaccine appointment.



  6. “There is no place for the “self” to be when the analog mind goes poof and the body dissolves back into the environment. It’s somewhat of a dirty trick for evolution to create us to be useful to a collection of unfeeling cells only to abandon and throw us away in the end – job done.”

    Could these “unfeeling cells” be called bacteria and us, like all other animals and plants, be just seen as nothing more than their cattle?

    A really wonderfull essay, James! So glad to see you back!


    1. We pretty much exist to serve the gross needs of a system of cells through neurological adaptations, one of which is a virtual self capable of planning and rehearsing actions prior to an unconscious counterpart actually making good on the preconceived actions. We imagine doing things in our custom analog worlds and then, when some threshold is met, another less conscious self interacts with the real world through the motor and sensory cortices to move the system. The virtual self and analog world are then along for the ride as the body, having received its marching orders, maneuvers through the real world. The bacteria, virions, fungi, dust mites and assorted parasites that primarily inhabit our surfaces are then along for the ride. Our cells do experience stimulus/response but don’t have a virtual self or analog world to “feel it”. It wouldn’t do most of the cells much good to feel things as they’re locked into place. Our job as models of the system is to feel things and respond for the system. It may be reflexive or we may think about it before taking action. None of the cells that we represent and move around have any awareness of the system self-image they create in the neural tissue or anything else for that matter. We can model our cells, tissues and organs in our analog minds, but cannot feel a single cell.

      The bifurcation between the virtual, thinking self in the analog world and the less conscious operator of the motor cortex can be shown with the game “Simon Says”. Simon says, touch your nose. Simon says, touch your ear. Touch your knee. Simon didn’t say touch your knee. You (analog world being) weren’t paying attention and the motor cortex was activated.

      One of the fascinating things about the analog mind is that the virtual self can speak without activating the motor cortex and can listen to itself although a little tongue movement might get through. My aunt has the unusual habit of trying to form the words that I speak with her lips as I speak them. Somehow her motor cortex is being activated by hearing the words.


  7. Crazy

    Eastern Antarctica registers temperatures 70 degrees above normal, as ‘unprecedented heat wave’ baffles scientists

    “Temperatures 70 degrees above normal in eastern Antarctica have baffled scientists, who say that the “unprecedented heat wave” has already changed the way experts think about the Antarctic climate system.

    “‘It is impossible,’ we would have said until two days ago,” Antarctic climatology expert Stefano Di Battista wrote on Twitter Friday. “From today (March 18) the Antarctic climatology has been rewritten.”

    Jonathan Wille, a researcher studying polar meteorology at Universite Grenoble Alpes in France, agreed.

    “This event is completely unprecedented and upended our expectations about the Antarctic climate system,” the told The Washington Post.

    The extreme temperature increase in East Antarctica, which is home to the coldest locations on the planet, was registered across the region, experts said.

    Temperatures at the Concordia Research Station, a French-Italian research station on the Antarctic Plateau, reached 10 degrees (minus 12.2 degrees Celsius) — or about 70 degrees warmer than average.

    “This is when temperatures should be rapidly falling since the summer solstice in December,” Wille tweeted.

    “This is a Pacific Northwest 2021 heat wave kind of event,” he wrote, referring to the extreme heat wave that affected much of Western North America from late June through mid-July last year. “Never supposed to happen,” he added.

    Russia’s Vostok station — which is located at the center of the eastern ice sheet and where the average high temperature this time is around minus 63 degrees (minus 53 Celsius) — reached a record-breaking zero degrees (minus 17.7 Celsius) on Friday.

    Maximiliano Herrera, a climatologist and extreme weather tracker who runs the “Extreme Temperatures Around the World” website, tweeted that the high temperature in Vostok broke the previous record by nearly 27 degrees (15 degrees Celsius),

    Antarctica’s Terra Nova Bay reached 44.6 degrees (7 degrees Celsius), he added in his tweet, writing that “extraordinary anomalies in #Antarctica lead to historic records today.”

    The extreme weather was also registered in the Arctic, where temperatures were more than 50 degrees (30 degrees Celsius) warmer than average.

    Walt Meier, an ice scientist with the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado, called the situation on both poles “pretty stunning.”

    “They are opposite seasons. You don’t see the north and the south (poles) both melting at the same time,” he told The Associated Press. “It’s definitely an unusual occurrence.”


    Wow! This would be Shocking to sane monkeys, but no such creature exists.


    1. Don’t worry, the human brain will round the edges on that one to provide for a safer and more satisfying existence. “It’s a hoax.” Peter Gabriel is chimptastic. This is probably what Trudeau’s and Zelensky’s analog worlds look like.

      “Stir crazy from the freezer to the boil
      Water’s bubbling, it’s b..b..b..bubbling
      bubbling [x4]like it’s coming to a boil


  8. SO2 – check. CO2- check. Heavy metals – check. Faster than ever – check. Dane Wiggington comments on the diminishment of the forest. A vaccine for the atmosphere, the cure may be worse than the disease.

    Environmental crises at the Permian–Triassic mass extinction

    Click to access End-Permian%20C%20and%20S%20manuscript%20ms%20r3.6_RRN.pdf

    I can remember the ecosystem around the house where I now live as a kid. There were more birds and bugs and the vegetation was more lush. You could smell life in the air in the summer. Things have definitely become puny.


    1. Hey Dave, glad you found the resurrected Megacancer. Nine weeks after a mild case of Omicron I think I’m suffering a little brain fog, those times when you go to do something, arrive at your destination and then ask yourself “What am I doing here?” Maybe the fish oil and turmeric will help. I do wonder if there is cumulative brain damage with repeated infections. I lost smell for a few days but most of it is back. Maybe if I continue writing I can reinvigorate a few dendrites.


  9. Well, Megacancer, (aka James) remains about the only place on the internet that I can find an actually coherent summary, written in plain enough English, of our situation as conscious entities here on planet earth. (“Conscious” should always be enclosed by quotes? I mean most of what we do takes place below some surface someplace. I guess.)

    Anyhoo, as always, I still feel like the “technocrats” and technological civilization (robots and such) in general, are doomed to very short life span, despite their fantasies of longevity. They, like at least 7.5 billion of us, are products of fossil fuels, and flows of other resources, made possible by fossil fuels, of course.

    The latest round of industrial style wars for fuels and resources are getting under way. May God (who does not exist) have mercy on all our worthless souls. I mean, what good are our souls to God (who does not exist) if there’s nothing left to burn?


    1. It seems like the whole show is unconscious and self-organizing with new innovations preserved (or not) based upon their incremental contribution to profit which is the basis of growth and continued existence. Humans may become obsolete based upon more profitable options (robots, automation). But I think you’re right, it all depends on an energy gradient and reliable flow of energy that may soon turn into a trickle.

      It seems to me that the entire animated world is nothing more than pinwheels spinning in the entropic wind as the universe squeezes energy trapped in matter into the aether as waves. Even atomic bonding seems to be an exercise in reaching a lower energy state. Strangely enough, super-massive black holes seem to produce jets of hydrogen atoms in a recycling loop to feed galactic stars. The technological system is a lot like the biological, it tries to profit and grow before the old cells depreciate and fall apart and are unable to process energy. I wonder how our technological infrastructure will reproduce when the energy is gone and there’s not even an adequate way to recycle materials locked in the old structures. I’ll bet our politicians are right on top of this.


      1. ” I wonder how our technological infrastructure will reproduce when the energy is gone …”

        Perhaps this…….

        Nomad Architecture


        We are recording some of the most amazing building projects in the world, but none of them use architects! Sustainable houses built out of ancient traditions which fit perfectly to the ecologies and cultures of their occupants.

        I just came across this cool site 1/2 hour ago.


        1. Nice and organic. Eventually falls apart and barely leaves a trace. But on the tech side, me and Bucky Fuller like the North Face Expedition Dome tents. I think we know which approach, if any, has a future.


  10. I liked this bit by CHS. My only teleological caveat might be is that “nature” is always working towards degrading an energetic gradient, as quickly as possible (MPP). Entities that best support this imperative, within a given set of conditions, continue. Whenever any particular gradient has been sufficiently dissipated, the entities that accomplished that task, disappear. Sometimes, something comes along that interrupts the process, like a meteor, or a Russian invasion, or something like that.


    1. You’ve summarized life in about three sentences. It seems like the Western central bankers/financial types want to maintain the status quo in an altered form. They want to continue to control the energy flow, a New World Order a lot like the old world order. Sometimes old flows are disrupted, like when an explosion is used to put out a burning gas/oil well. I hope they don’t use the thermonuclear explosion method. Once the old flow is disrupted and its users cut-off or killed, a new direction of the flow can be established. I think they do a lot of this already, turning the money/credit spigot on and off and providing nourishment to their special projects while starving others. A Russia/China alliance that usurps energy flows and abandons the dollar will diminish their prospects. As we try to diminish Russia’s energy flow, they try to do the same to the West. Judging by the fertilizer prices and impending diesel shortage they’re having some effect. A social credit system, Vax pass and CBDC would allow them to sculpt things at a much finer scale and practice a little population control and eugenics. Within the past few years you’ve called for famine to occur in the U.S. starting around 2023. At this point that seems like a pretty good call.

      My name is the Petrodollar, King of Currencies;
      Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
      Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
      Of that crumbling paper, boundless and bare
      The lone and level sands stretch far away.”


  11. Within the past few years you’ve called for famine to occur in the U.S. starting around 2023.

    In sept of 2024, over 1 million people will die of starvation along the east coast of the USA.


  12. The neo cons and peace loving progressives did all they could to push Putin. Putin and/or Trump make them go nuts the same way giving a cat catnip makes them go nuts. For a couple weeks there it was an orgasmic orgy of Putin hating and glee at sanctions that only screw the average citizen who they then called (on TV & web) to assassinate Putin . Now if you can hate 1 (Putin) or 2 (Trump) men that much, you can hate & punish them ALL under the right circumstances – cultural revolution 2.0. They already have the cancel culture hit squads (almost red guards) who seem ready & willing to take it to the next level. They’re all inclusive so their name will be The Proud Boys & Girls & In-between’s.

    Island of fools

    “…the Atlantic Alliance countries had failed to do even the slightest amount of planning before their episode of sanctions diarrhoea a fortnight ago. Even an eight-year-old could have worked out that if – at a time when you already have an energy crisis – you sanction a country from which Europe imports 27 percent of its oil, 47 percent of its coal, and 41 percent of its gas, you might need some alternative source if you are to avoid an economic meltdown. But no, it turns out that there was no Plan B.”


    1. Perhaps the only real fear and impediment to absolute control for the deep state network is the thinking white man (Russia/Putin) that could go tribal and eliminate the opposition. The Proud Boys aren’t as much of a threat since you can create July 6th insurrection shows, trap a number of them and feed them to lions to dissuade the others. I think the deep state will continue to destroy Western economies. The final victor won’t be Putin but rather inflation. In any case, especially if there’s no fuel or fertilizer, it all falls down and all the debts disappear (maybe many people too.) Desperate citizens will apply for a small ration of food with their CBDC if they’ve been vaccinated, keep their mouth shut, etc. The deep state has to get the CBDC in place before their reckless economy bashing really does sever too many tech cells and their RNA from food, fossil fuels and replacement parts that they need.


    2. The ‘Consciousness of Sheep’ man is a simpleton, like Tim Morgan ( who only rings his hands over the fate of the poor in Africa – never Europe).

      There was plenty of planning, obviously .

      What the hell does he think all those Foundations and Trusts have been up to?!!!

      Let’s call it ‘Planning with Mal-Intent’.

      Not exactly a novel concept in the history of our species, after all……

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      1. It’s not just the 2 Tims. Most Anglos in the 5 fingers countries don’t care about Europe. And the 4 bastard children of the British empire look at Europe and think we (the people) say, ‘not again’. Not another drop of blood or treasure ever again, “Over there”. As for all the talk about standing with Ukraine, it’s just talk. We don’t care & the ones who talk the loudest care the least. Shopping & sports & movies is what Anglos care about. I don’t give a fuck about Europe and their never ending squabbles. Once the empire brings it’s troops home, Europeans will start slaughtering each other again just like they have been since time immemorial.


  13. Some starvation followed by another pandemic could be very effective at further reducing the useless eaters and speaking of useless eaters, the dogs and cats had better not go out alone. People will have taken the cat and dog food from the grocery for themselves to eat anyway. That’s when a can of beans is worth – anything.


    1. I think that famines are easier to control than pandemics. I think the USA and western Europe are ripe for some good old-fashioned population recalibration, in the form of famine, of course.


  14. “It’s surprising but the stars, thanks to their enormous size and mind-blowing pressure, shine at 5,000 degrees while burning exasperatingly slowly, with the power intensity (ratio of power to mass) of a compost pile.”

    It’s really not surprising at all, if you’ve read Roddier.

    Click to access Thermodynamics_of_evolution.pdf

    Anyhoo, like they say: Fusion, the energy source of the future, and it always will be. Something like that.


    1. Just what molecules on a planet of the universal solvent needed to evolve. Not too much energy all at once and not too little. Just enough to keep the solvent liquid and mix the soup.


    2. I’d be the handsome one in that trio: it’s just that my beard, and so on , fell off due to the radiation poisoning – the dual-wield axes are out of shot……

      I see that after promising you a dark winter of despair in which the un-vaccinated would be falling out of hospital windows, Biden has now alluded out of his senile mental fog to inevitable food shortages in the US – let’s hope that his prediction is out of line with reality too, although I can’t see how it will be. You are blessed to have such a noble and dauntless leader.

      As I walk the streets of the mean town of Cambridge, I like to eavesdrop on conversations: neither impending famine nor fuel rationing figure at all. Just pre-2020 monkey-chatter about relationships, careers and holiday prospects and ‘ Shall we eat/shop here?’ Sex, ambition and consuming are in the air!

      So it’s just me sweeping the still well-stocked shelves clean of jars of long-storage goose and duck fat, and beef dripping, with suet for dumplings, the starving peasant’s pre-1950’s favourite…… Did dumplings ever make it to the US? I never see them mentioned in Hard Times’ videos, which is surprising.

      If it gets really bad, I can do what the school history text-books told us medieval people did and that rub goose fat all over, and sew myself up in my clothes for the winter.


      1. He and his son are a true reflection of the central bankers that foisted them upon us. Biden is doing his dishonest best to effectuate the great reset and solidify the financial gains of centuries into a few thieving hands. There were a few rumblings from the selective service today, a clarification as to what shall be done with conscientious objectors. Perhaps they’ll run the ovens at the FEMA camps or become vaccine guinea pigs. Perhaps the chimpy girls of England will bring back the white feather to embarrass the pacifists and the sane. Anyone prepared to fight for banker’s rights? I’m sure those that were gung-ho for the vaccine will be singing patriotic songs as they sign their tainted lives away at the local recruiters office.

        My wife makes dumpling but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a container of goose or duck fat or even beef drippings. I’m concentrating now on sauces to put on rice which will be a caloric staple.


  15. In anticipation of famine, brought about by the dastardly and recalcitrant Putin, I wholeheartedly recommend you familiarize yourself with tree rat culinary arts, a Kentucky backwoods specialty.


  16. Some light reading on collapse.
    Notice the header photograph showing Dave, Apneaman and Xabier post-collapse.
    This article features the Olduvai Theory, more compelling every day.

    Click to access Trade_Off_Korowicz.pdf

    Playing out at this moment.

    From a comment over at

    “I checked into new hard cases for my bike (motorcycle) and their are only 12 available in the entire continent (specific brand, size, etc.) The kicker is that the bike specific mounting brackets are not available anywhere. There are NONE in N. America.

    We’re just talking about damned motorcycle s**t here, folks.”


  17. I do an occasional Google search for Megacancer, in case something shows up, and what do you know, you are back up in transmogrified form. Good to see you back online. Is there a Kentucky backwoods recipe for mice? We’ve had a few recently, going into our cupboard after grains which will soon be in deficit, thanks to a number of years of poor decision-making by foreign-policy principals in the U.S. government.


    1. Glad you found it GWB. We had a house invasion a few months back and the cat loved it. Gives it something to do. Not much meat on a mouse, but I’m thinking mouse-kebab on the grill.


  18. Notice the header photograph showing Dave, Apneaman and Xabier post-collapse.

    I’ll probably look more like this guy.


      1. ‘Tell Flesh it is but Dust-
        Tell Love it is but Lust;
        And if they any of them should reply,
        Then give them all the Lie’.

        Sir Walter Raleigh, just before losing his head……


        1. And tell them all the vax is safe
          And if any of them should reply
          Then provide them another lie
          Before they suffer and die


  19. I can relate to much of what Gonzalo Lira says. The coherent use of energy usually means following in the footsteps of previously successful dissipatives and not rocking the boat. You must comply to reach the big pay-off. In my previous social circles, just mentioning “saving the environment” was enough to have you excluded. Never tell a social climbing chimp that they must use some restraint to save themselves and the ecosystem. Who gives a damn about the ecosystem when you’re trying to outperform the chimp sitting next to you..


    1. Reminds me of an old Doug Stanhope routine. We’re just born into this bullshit. We have no choice other than to take the cues offered to us, and run with that.


      1. Ha, ha. People are slaves to their cells. Do you want candy or the whip? And your cells are hoping you don’t spend too much time trying to figure things out, but rather find the fastest and safest path to energy and reproduction.


  20. What does a Biggus Dickus, super-competitive hierarchy ape do when they already own a super-yacht and space toys? It’s a fight to see who will become the global silverback. Will the Western bankers accept domination by Russia/China? Not likely, and they’ll sacrifice millions, if not hundreds of millions of superfluous useless eaters in a silverback fight to the death. Some think the West would be easily defeated in such a contest.

    It’s time to consolidate the wealth and the power into the responsible hands of the few (and begin hacking the rest of the chimps to make them more docile and cooperative.) “Put on your masks, put on another mask, stay six feet apart, stay outside, stay inside, get vaccinated, get vaccinated again, don’t mention vitamin D, lose your license if you prescribe Ivermectin, prepare for uniformity and control, a new variant is coming, Remdesivir is your future. Do as we say or we will crush you. We’re watching you. Time-out! Nothing will work unless we first get rid of Putin. Regime change. The Pope was easy. We’ll get back to you.”

    What was not possible before is now possible.


    1. That’s a good name. I was reading the comments below the farming essay and I get the impression that many people think all you need is farmland and you’re good to go. They don’t consider the costs of the inputs and the fact that when all costs are added together there may not be anyone willing and able to afford the farmer’s produce. If a farmer is going to lose money they won’t ship the food to market (if there’s diesel) and incur an even greater loss. Someone is going to get a subsidy, farmer or foodstamps.


      1. Yeah, very few people understand “farming” at all. Most are way too far removed from the process.

        I would go so far as to say that even most farmers, when farming is understood as some sort of stewardship, as opposed to an input/output calculation, don’t understand farming.

        I guess that people like maybe Wendel Berry used to write of some romantic view of farming. It’s not a view that I could ever much relate to. I haven’t read any of his stuff for a longlong time now.

        How to consistently shove 2000 calories/day into the pie hole is the only real question, I guess.


        1. That’s what counts. And when you fail? Your cells get very nasty and then you get very nasty, unless you decree death upon your cells and say “No food for you.” But they’ll be trying to get you to eat until they’re exasperated.


  21. The Dormouse-Fattening Jars of Ancient Rome

    For the plumpest, tastiest rodents.

    “Astute Italians got their rodents mouth-ready by sticking them in a special container called a glirarium or vivarium in doliis (enclosed animal habitats in jars); it was designed to be a temporary home—a rodent Airbnb—where the animal could pig out. Humans would then cook up the dormouse once they judged it to be at prime plumpness.”

    As for growing food, I’ve heard many times that potatoes are the best bet. Most calories per acre or garden plot & you can store them in a number of ways.

    It might be easier to buy as many McCancer Franken Fries as you can & store them up for your post collapse snacking desires.

    Video Experiment: McDonald’s Fries Don’t Mold After 10 Weeks

    “The Fillet-o-Fish had just started to mold, but the Bic Mac remained unscathed. As did the McDonald’s fries. The skinny, yellowish sticks stayed looking as familiar as ever.”

    Make mine Super Sized .


    1. Be sure and order the biggie-sized soft drink to give your gut bacteria a chance, otherwise it will pass right through you unscathed. By the time they were raising dormice to eat it was probably about over for Rome.


  22. When I was down in VA, I had some neighbors who had a more or less self-sustaining herd of cows. The only tending to them, that I knew of, was feeding hay during the winter. I have to guess that at least some of the herd would make it through a winter unattended. So that might be a good “farming” situation. Don’t know.

    “Farming”, without industrial inputs, is unimaginable in this day and age.


    1. Some free range cows sound nice. I saw where some variety of cow was recently CRISPRed to resist climate change. Must be for the well-to-do.


    2. We had a small beef herd (20-25 head ) here for forty years . The climate is monsoonal tropical,so winters weren’t a problem, but the longish dry season can be. ( We are also in a cattle tick area,so the cattle here need to have enough
      Bos indicus to confer tick resistance,unless you want to do a lot of spraying/ dipping.) The cattle grazed the grass
      understory of the native forest. The dry grass in the dry season is low protein,and largely indigestible. The cattle eat it, but without a supplement to enable the rumen bacteria to digest the grass,the cattle lose condition through the dry,to
      the point where some will die ,if the dry season is long enough. The supplement we used was a mix of molasses,urea ,
      protein meal of some type (generally cottonseed or copra meal ),plus salt and some zinc and copper sulphate,plus some ammonium sulphate to supply enough sulphur for the bacterial processes. The bacteria synthesise all the amino
      acids except one (methionine from memory ) from the urea supplement,and the molasses is a readily digestible energy source to build up a high bacterial population to digest the grass. Some people just use molasses and urea,
      but without the missing amino acid supplied by the protein meal ,the cattle still lose condition through the dry,albeit more slowly. The lick I made enabled the cattle to not lose condition. I had weaners gaining weight all through the dry season. Anyway,that is more details than you would be interested in. I was still dependent on the industrial input
      from the urea,etc.
      I used the “carrot ” approach to cattle management. With a small herd,it was easy to keep them docile,feeding some
      molasses in the yards,etc.
      We sold the last cattle in August 2018. We lease the block now to an adjoining wind farm,as carbon and greater-glider
      offset . (Yeah, I know ). They want no cattle on the leased land now.

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  23. I have some close relations who do a type of cattle raising on dry land, thousands of acres. They pump water for them and bring them into a feed lot at some point or another. I have to guess that at least some of those cows will go feral.


  24. I have some personal experience in attempting to create a self sustaining flock of “free range” chickens. I even had some marginal success in the effort. In the end, I gave it up. It’s just too easy to go to the grocery store and buy a nice clean packaged chicken (on sale at $0.99/lb) and a dozen eggs.

    Eggs have gone up a lot around here recently, but I can still get a dozen for under $2. Not for too much longer, I would imagine.


    1. One factor that makes things collapse so fast is that once economies-of-scale operations can no longer make a profit, and smaller operations try to compensate, it only makes the situation worse in terms of energy use/ output. And when it falls to ground level I’m pretty sure most people could not apply their 2,000 calories a day to get 2,000 calories in return. Therefore the dissipative structure returns to dust or atoms and feeds some more successful detrivores. A maggot born into a corpse must be like Western civilization finding a Ghawar. Doesn’t last too long and then you have to fly away and look for another. But none to be found.

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    2. I don’t believe you can buy eggs from free range chickens for $2 a dozen. At least where I live that would cost me six euros. That’s why I chant a daily paean in honor of my four hens, when collecting my three daily eggs. Great people they are!


      1. I had the choice of using garden space for fruit and vegetables, or chickens, and I opted for the former.

        Maybe a mistake, but I suspect the government will probably ban hens on some spurious viral pretext before taking away my garden and house.

        And I can stock up on powdered egg, but nothing compares to a fresh apple plucked from the bough.


  25. Even today, here in suburban CTland, I go to Agway and get maybe half a dozen chicks and raise them up every year. Gives me the illusion of some form of self-sufficiency.


  26. Chris Hedges Russia Today “On Contact” programs kicked off Youtube as reported by Zerohedge.

    I thought his commencement speech was hilarious. He lays it on pretty thick on for the graduates on their day of celebration. “Booooooo, get him out of here.” No one wants to hear it on the first day graduating from the nucleolus ready to begin a long, fruitful career of dissipation.

    Come on Chris, people aren’t here for the truth, they’re here for the energy, however they can get it.


  27. Harari. Cheerleader for the new world order. Putin knows what the sneaky deep staters are up to and refuses to bend over for the likes of Yuval Harari.

    The pandemic and war aren’t working to unite mankind. You’d better bring out the aliens.


    1. I can never understand the likes of Harari, Hedges, Pinker, Chomsky, etc. They always talk as if things can and should be different than as they are. Must be a market for it.

      To me, the USA acted as a loadstone for a world eating, globalized, industrialism. That system is nearing its end, for all sorts of reasons.

      Hedges, Chomsky, et al, characterize this situation as something “bad”. Imperialism seems to be their catch word.

      Harari, Pinker, et al, seem to see this as something “good”, world peace and order and all that.

      All of them seem pretty well fed to me.


      1. The moral brain which was required for tribalism/civilization is always at odds with the lizard brain which is trying to get the job done. Angels and devils. I think the devils are getting the upper hand at the moment.


        1. No time to watch this now, but Harry Vox is definitely a gem. His 2014 interview about the future scamdemic was a big eye-opener.


        2. Ah yes, Nosferatu!

          I was searching the dim recesses of my brain for that, and can’ even plead Vaxx-Fog or Long Covid.

          He is so vile,the catamite ‘philosopher’ of digital enslavement, I’m not even sure that I’d care to sully the pure steel of one of my axes with him, although it is a most tempting shiny skull…..


  28. I read this bit by CHS. I like what he says, and in large part I agree. The $ dollar isn’t dead, yet. But it has been taking some serious hits on the open market. The Russian demand for robles being just one. Plus, I read someplace that Biden has proposed a $5.8 trillion budget for FY 23. How can people not see that this is just funny money, especially when the US government is known for dealing in bad faith?


    1. The West needs Russian hydrocarbons to put behind their failing currency. Putin has decided to put his oil and gas behind his rubles. The new “reserve currencies” will fail again and again as the oil and gas go up in flames.


  29. Motto for Chef James’s Kollapse Kafe:

    ‘Hunger Is The Best Sauce!’

    Rice is rather hard to jazz up, when all is said and done; on the other hand pasta shapes are, in their glorious variety, one of the great achievements of Civilisation.


    1. I leave it to my Thai wife to jazz the rice and I’ve noticed that the pasta selection at the grocery has been rather skimpy for the last couple of months. I could settle for lasagna or some shrimp creole, but it will probably be more like spaghetti with cheap tomato sauce sprinkled with Spam niblets.


      1. Curiously, lasagne sheets were the first pasta type to become unobtainable for several months in 2020. This summer’s task is to learn to make basic types from scratch.

        If you can get hold of canned Italian plum tomatoes, or passata, making the sauce with finely chopped onions will make it much more filling and nutritious. Extra-dried porcini mushrooms also add lots of earthy flavour and last a long time.

        We are very lucky here on the edge of Europe to be able to get hold – still – of lots of good imported Continental foodstuffs; if the upper middle-class, who do not eat much British food on the whole, can hold out, then it should keep on flowing, but not for long probably.

        And if there is a specialist importer in the US, smoked Spanish paprika will liven up that Spam a treat – a little goes a long way and lasts forever in a sealed box.

        Just tucking in to a bowl of true Spanish peasant food: tiny amounts of saffron (bought in big boxes) and paprika turned it from bland to delicious.

        It will be sad when wine becomes unaffordable: my answer then is gin, flavoured with local berries. Distressed apes need intoxicants!


        1. I’ll have to remember that during our next trip to “Jungle Jim’s” , a large international grocery in Cincinnati. Saffron and smoked Spanish paprika will be added to the pantry. A little intoxicant is in order as we all live through “The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” in the former realms of civilization.


          1. ‘Jungle Jim’s’: a surprising name, but if it delivers the goods from such wild, distant and possibly barbarous places as Europe…….

            I look forward to sprinkling some paprika on that protein gunk they dish out to starving Africans, coming soon I suspect.


  30. Dr. Peter Carter says we’ve reached the killing phase of global climate change. Add to that the killing phase of currency debasement, energy depletion, supply chain disruption, pandemics and war. The neck of the bottle is narrowing.


  31. The space surrounding the sun is roiling with electromagnetic radiation and yet it is cold. It’s not until it interacts with matter that “hot” will register. To register as “hot” he radiation must establish electromagnetic turbulence in the matter that breaks bonds apart or at least makes them seasick. The common view is that the sun is shooting particles that hit matter like a game of billiards, but this is not quite accurate. Heat will pass through any matter, not as particles, but as a slowly evening out of turbulence from the point of induction. For humans, too little turbulence results in sluggish metabolism and with too much your molecules can’t do the necessary bonding. Sometimes people will create a little electromagnetic inductance, start a fire, to keep their body temperature in a comfortable range or settle the hot EM turbulence with an air conditioner.

    Typical representation of EM particles impacting a solar probe.


    1. reminds me of the old argument that there is no sound until there is something there to hear it. Or there cannot be a subject without an object. That kind of thing. I guess.


      1. It’s sort of amazing that our metabolism is tuned to function in a very narrow range of temperatures or “turbulence”. A little too hot or a little too cold and the connections don’t get made.

        Here’s a link to some temperature projections and impacts:

        I suppose everyone that thought moving to Florida and Texas was a good idea, may have to relocate, especially if the grid becomes unstable. I can imagine a scenario in Texas or Florida where a hurricane knocks-out power and everyone subsequently gets cooked. Home generator and AC business might be a good bet in both of those states.


        1. ‘It’s sort of amazing that our metabolism is tuned to function in a very narrow range of temperatures or “turbulence”.’

          to me, it’s amazing that there is “something” instead of “nothing”. But here we are… I guess.


          1. It seems to me that the “something” is all related to energy gradients trying to equalize through various structures. But even if it equalizes and apparently there is nothing (there wouldn’t be any humans to ponder it anyhow) then there would still actually be just as must something, you just couldn’t see it. I’m just happy being a part of the overall universal effort, foul as it may be among competing cellular structures.


        2. Very interesting interactive display. One can see in how much deep doo-doo your county is in. Our county (Maryland suburbs of D.C.) looks to have decent prospects. Even if sea-level rise grows by, say, 200-300 feet, we’ll still be away from the new shoreline. The big problem in our back yard are all the vines and poison ivy. My favorite garden implement is a machete.


  32. From the comment section at, Henri writes:

    “It’s Beyond My Control….”

    “When I watched “Les Liaisons Dangereuses”, I like to think of Vicomte de Valmont as the raw personification of capitalism, hypocritically bemoaning addiction to fossil fuels and industrial exploitation…and the sobbing, horrified crushed Madame de Tourvel
    as suffering humanity regretting their blind faith in the capitalist system that lead them to their cruel doom.
    see if you can relish the dialogue in that context:”

    And what does it mean “It’s beyond my control.” It means that the social/moral brain is failing to override the dissipative desires. The morality only goes so far as to smooth relations among people so that they may accomplish cooperative dissipative tasks, mate and raise children without victimizing each other. Empathy for the environment or other animals is largely missing from the human brain and even empathy for other humans is seemingly vestigial.


    1. Who can resist the rustle of silk skirts? He truly had no choice in the matter.

      First coal – then gas and oil, nuclear – released humans from the strict constraints of the solar cycle and seasonality.

      They still did their very best to break free, particularly under ambitious rulers, but that ended in over-shoot and collapse on the local or regional scale: if not too severe, as in Roman Britain, they could fire things up again after a few centuries had passed.

      The best chance of exercising restraint is generally on the local level: the wood here, for instance, was probably well-managed for hundreds of years, principally because clear-cutting rather than planned harvesting schedules would have ended life in the villages asap.


  33. In summary of our situation, it seems that the deep state has installed a fully controllable puppet regime (Biden and Harris), unlike Donald Trump (little control) and Vladimir Putin (no control). The objective is to replace the failing Western financial system with a Central Bank Digital Currency that will enable complete control of the system metabolism and all individuals. Genocide or population control is an immediate and long-term, essential goal of the managers. In this way demand, especially consumption by useless eaters, can be ratcheted down as energy supplies slowly dwindle while still maintaining their centralized, behind-the-scenes control and power. The deep state and affiliates, like Pfizer, will profit in this effort. Aaron Russo was apprised of the situation many years ago via Nick Rockefeller. Rockefeller, in one part of the longer interview, said in effect that the United States would be sucked dry and discarded.

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  34. The sanctions will be “worth it” to the Western bankers.

    Do you think they’re being a little extreme with their zero fossil fuel approach? Why didn’t they do this thirty years ago? Because there was still profit to be made with slave labor. Now its time to lock down and eliminate the slaves.

    The people sacrificed on 9/11 were worth it too.

    And the SARS-Cov-2 and Vax victims, they’re worth it.

    No matter how many people starve over the next few years, it’s going to be worth it, to the bankers.

    “……….to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.” = Rockefellers.

    The super-yacht boys will control every transaction in the world metabolism. But first they have to bring Russia into the fold and eliminate a sizable population of useless eaters. It will all be blamed on Putin.


    1. The whole mindset will change, has shifted. The mind set used be demand creation, it has shifted to demand destruction. The only question seems to lay in how to manage the narrative. Who gets thrown overboard? and how is that justified to the global hive mind. Of course, at some point catering to the hive becomes unnecessary. It just becomes a matter of who can grab what. I guess.


      1. Too many dissipative structures and not enough to dissipate. Houses, factories and their RNA multiply like yeast cells on a petri dish until the energy is depleted. I like to imagine the life that once occupied dead houses when the flow of energy was there. The only flow that remains is the wind whistling through broken windows. Soon we may see many more dead technological cell on the landscape and wonder about the RNA that once made a metabolism there.

        dead cell


  35. How dare that dirty chimp besmirch the noble snake by wearing its likeness on her shoulder. There is no adder that comes close to matching the deviousness and heartlessness of a psychopathic human.


  36. I guess they say that truth is the first casualty of war. All I can say is that the amount of bullshit being propagated in connection with this war seems way over the top. Like all of Vietnam and Iraq 1 compressed into one month, something like that.

    Some people must be feeling vulnerable. I guess.


  37. Remember Joe Jackson? I like Joe Jackson. I heard that he was coming to Boston in May, so I looked at tickets. $160/ea, for the cheap seats. Add a minimum of $250 for a room. Another $200 for food and such. Maybe $200, for misc. bullshit. So, maybe $1000 for two people to go to Boston and see Joe Jackson. Fuck Joe Jackson.


    1. That’s an iconic song of the time. Funny how songs are linked to other memories of places. Brings back memories of driving too fast in a SAAB turbo after the bars shut down when I was about twenty-two. But thanks Joe Jackson for a good song even though I now can’t afford to support your career, or drive fast in a sports car.


      1. What’s wrong with the Beatles? Must be b-b-b-b-ack in the USSR. Can’t have that now can we. I can’t wait for Metaverse total mind control, it’s gonna be better than real live TV. And yea, fuck Youtube.


  38. Hello James, good to see that they haven’t suicided you yet.

    A point of fact that I’ve learned through the years. If someone is commenting on the “situation”, like national or world events, almost always they have no power over it. Conversely, the people in power never comment on the situation. They just make whatever decisions they can.

    Ergo, you can ignore most everyone on the internet, youtube, etc. Even if you agree with them. They are just giving opinions. They have no real control over events.


    1. They tried with the Omicron but I’m back for another round. Unfortunately their decisions are guided by a self-serving techno fantasy. Even with a mass genocide they’re only trying to free energy for the continued existence of their “fourth industrial revolution” nonsense. They aren’t solving any of the systematic problems, just trying to buy time for the survival of megacancer lite. Generally speaking, human dissipatives only pay attention to what evolution has trained them over millions of years to pay attention to – politics, social standing, sex, food, chimp gossip, money and more recently obtaining a job as an RNA in the techno cancer. I wonder how many more generations this toxic chimp cancer can persist. It surely won’t last another generation, but will the technological dissipatives be able to decouple from the organic world which they are destroying. Those profiting from the “fourth industrial revolution” will continue to believe in the fourth industrial revolution. It’s just the way dissipatives are – greedy.

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  39. Contemporary, bureaucratic corporate capitalism was a creation not of Britain, but of the United States and Germany, the two rival powers that spent the first half of the twentieth century fighting two bloody wars over who would replace Britain as a dominant world power—wars that culminated, appropriately enough, in government-sponsored scientific programs to see who would be the first to discover the atom bomb. It is significant, then, that our current technological stagnation seems to have begun after 1945, when the United States replaced Britain as organizer of the world economy.

    Americans do not like to think of themselves as a nation of bureaucrats—quite the opposite—but the moment we stop imagining bureaucracy as a phenomenon limited to government offices, it becomes obvious that this is precisely what we have become. The final victory over the Soviet Union did not lead to the domination of the market, but, in fact, cemented the dominance of conservative managerial elites, corporate bureaucrats who use the pretext of short-term, competitive, bottom-line thinking to squelch anything likely to have revolutionary implications of any kind.

    If we do not notice that we live in a bureaucratic society, that is because bureaucratic norms and practices have become so all-pervasive that we cannot see them, or, worse, cannot imagine doing things any other way.

    -David Graeber


    1. I think the medical bureaucracy and Homeland Security/FEMA may be the last big ones to develop, unless we get the panopticon/vaccination bureaucracy for a short while. And the military bureaucracy is an absolutely huge one. They burn a lot of energy and don’t produce anything, so they’ll have to be involved in eliminating useless eaters and useless nations to justify their existence in the future. I think that has already begun. There are so many things humans don’t see in this self-organizing, life-destroying, energy quaffing system.


    2. I tend to agree with the argument that other than the internet there has been no great ‘innovation’ strides since the the early 1970’s. Is it a coincidence that’s when the US hit peak conventional oil? I think that explains some, but not all of it.

      For urban & suburban dwellers life seems to be the same routine for the last century. Get up according to a clock, eat breakfast (a corporate invention) commute (bus, light rail, drive) to place of employment, put in 8 hr shift. Rinse & repeat 5 days a week for 48 to 50 weeks per year. Only recently (pandemic) have a significant number of corporate zombies been allowed to work from their home computer cubicle even thought the ability to do so has been doable for 25 years. Add in the 12 plus years of education routine that precedes the work routine and we have close to 5 generations of N Americans whose lives have largely consisted of pretty much the same school-work routine while the entire time one of the culture’s favorite buzz word has been ‘innovation’.

      The golden quarter

      Some of our greatest cultural and technological achievements took place between 1945 and 1971. Why has progress stalled?

      “Yet there once was an age when speculation matched reality. It spluttered to a halt more than 40 years ago. Most of what has happened since has been merely incremental improvements upon what came before. That true age of innovation – I’ll call it the Golden Quarter – ran from approximately 1945 to 1971. Just about everything that defines the modern world either came about, or had its seeds sown, during this time. The Pill. Electronics. Computers and the birth of the internet. Nuclear power. Television. Antibiotics. Space travel. Civil rights.

      There is more. Feminism. Teenagers. The Green Revolution in agriculture. Decolonisation. Popular music. Mass aviation. The birth of the gay rights movement. Cheap, reliable and safe automobiles. High-speed trains. We put a man on the Moon, sent a probe to Mars, beat smallpox and discovered the double-spiral key of life. The Golden Quarter was a unique period of less than a single human generation, a time when innovation appeared to be running on a mix of dragster fuel and dilithium crystals.

      Today, progress is defined almost entirely by consumer-driven, often banal improvements in information technology.”


      1. Good point that there’s been little innovation in our daily routine construct. I have a great distaste for alarm clocks. I suppose in the natural world it could be said that innovation ended when the cells became multicellular organisms. Nothing much new inside the cell, just variations on a celllular theme like hundreds of brands and varieties and shades of lipstick. There can be many forms and fashions, but in the end they’re all just dissipatives trying to use energy to profit and grow as fast as they can. Humans depend upon their tech cells to make a profit and provide a wage that is exchangeable for human RNA food/energy. They get up and head for their respective cells every morning to perform some tech metabolism in exchange for a cell to live in, a transport vesicle and some special eco-derived energy to feed their own cells. They still haven’t recognized that it’s a linear, one-way trip that’s about over. Maybe they’ll figure it out with the up-coming famines, but I doubt it. Peter Thiel today said it’s time to dump fiat and replace it with Bitcoin. Problem solved. I thought he was smarter than that.


        1. Maybe some allowance has to be made for the fact that he was speaking at a btc conference….playing to the crowd?
          I’ve heard him make many excellent observations over the years….
          I think that people like Thiel and Saylor are impressive individuals in many ways…..but when I hear the likes of them talk about the bright future built on the blockchain…btc…..I wonder if they are energy blind or they know something I don’t?

          I get the sense that, these techie types look at techn0logy as an incredibly deflationary force, and that because btc has a fixed supply, it’s value or purchasing power will only increase over time as more people adopt it.
          As opposed to how things are now……central banks with their printing presses continue to inflate the money supply….rendering each individual dollar increasingly worthless…..


          1. He was smart enough to create a bolt-hole in New Zealand although the Maori may eat him in the end. The complexity and stability to support Bitcoin is an order of magnitude greater than handing-out fiat to people to enable metabolic activity and exchanges. And in a future of less energy flow all currencies will lose value unless they are limited in supply even faster than the depletion of energy. Those lucky enough to have a big purse of Bitcoin may take some purchasing power from the government, say for the military, but would likely spend their fortunes on equally ridiculous things like private jets, mansions and super-yachts while most less fortunate struggle to keep a bowl of rice on the table.


            1. Whatever replaces fiat….I want to see the return of sound money…..scarce money…..borrowing and spending should “count” for something.

              I wonder if the end of the gold-backed dollar was a factor in the decline of innovation? You could say that financialization really took hold in the ’70s… began attracting more and more of America’s best and brightest….chasing money as opposed to finding one’s calling?

              I wonder if testosterone is a factor in taking the road less travelled? From everything I’ve read, T levels have been declining in developed countries for decades….

              When I look at the current state of affairs….the conformity….cancel culture….helicopter parenting….the suppression of truth…..the unwillingness to take the pain now…..I think…low testosterone….


              1. Ideally money should grow with the growth in the economy but government likes to impose a broad-based tax on money holders by creating it a greater rate through credit and hand-outs than the economy is growing. The U.S. has been taxing the world for quite a long time. I’m not sure about low-T and shying away from the competition and achievement, but it sounds reasonable. Some people want to be “number one” in everything they do. Some people are put off by the substantial amount of cheating, copying and stealing of intellectual property or institutions taking to big a stake to make the investment in time and education and money. Video games seem to have a better return on investment.


  40. Steven Pinker – “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined” and Eckhart Tolle – “A New Earth”.
    Really? You can take the dissipative out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the dissipative (without genetic neutering.) Dissipative shysters and con-men everywhere, just ask Hunter “Jungle Boy” Biden and his Ukrainian Azov friends.


  41. These planets don’t seem very far apart but the solar insolation and presence or lack of atmosphere makes their surface temperatures very different.

    Venus, Earth, and Mars on November 18, 2020, as seen via the NASA-ESA Solar Orbiter (SolO). This image was captured from about 155.7 million miles (250.6 million km) away. That’s in contrast to our sun’s distance from Earth of about 93 million miles (150 million km). In this image, the sun is located on the right, outside the image frame. Image via ESA/ NASA/ NRL/ Solar Orbiter/ SolOHI.

    Average temperature Venus: 864F
    Average temperature Earth: 57F
    Average temperature Mars: -80F

    We’ll escape to Mars as soon as Earth’s temperature reaches the brutal level of 60F. Better conserve a few fossil fuels to make that happen and maybe take some with you to stay warm. Because of its thin atmosphere the highest temperature at the equator on Mars might reach 70F, but at night it might plunge to -100F at the same location.


  42. I thought that this bit was kinda funny. I also thought it to be an apt illustration of just what a fucked-up society it is that we live in. I guess that there are a lot of people out there cheering on its demise. I can understand their perspective.

    How did it ever get to this point? Surplus energy in action? Is this what evolution finally leads too? Well, I have to guess that it is, cause here we are.


    1. It could be he has low-T as Jon F mentioned above, but we’re left with the conundrum of him still wanting to be “number one”. I think many people will do anything to further their personal success, even latching on to seemingly insane beliefs and narratives. If that brings them food/energy, reproductive or some kind of psychological success then maybe its not so insane (at least for them). Women have been dressing-up in suits and have been mimicking men for many decades now.


    2. It feels like the time is right for Penelope Spheeris’ next documentary:

      “The Decline of Western Civilization Part IV: The Trans Years.


    1. Thanks. Our regression continues. It won’t be done until we’re all genderless work drones instead of real live, reproducing animals. The chimps should have stayed in the jungle. Go too much further down this road and you get trapped in a cell watching the Metaverse.


    1. That’s hilarious. The palm readers are arriving at the same conclusion. “You see, your lifeline ends here, at the intersection with the ascending methane line. But until then I see only happiness for you. You can pay the receptionist at the front desk. Goodbye.”


  43. As an old guy (66, this coming week) I hope that the current system lasts maybe another 10 years. I rely pretty heavily on SS and Medicare. But to be realistic, I doubt it. There’s just too much working against it, aside from demographics.

    I feel bad for my kids, who are busy having kids of their own right now. They still, in some strange ways, believe in the bright and shiny future stories that were developed and promulgated in the ’50’s and ’60’s.


    1. Happy Birthday early. You still have a long way to go to reach your life expectancy. Your benefits may last a bit longer, but be gradually watered-down. No wonder they’re trying to kill-off the old folks and opening the borders to the South. It reminds me of the other solution to inadequate growth -build roads. In this case it’s “let in immigrants and growth will come.” Let’s combine the two, put immigrants to work building roads and we’re sure to get some growth. I suppose that advice comes from some economists that don’t know jack shit about anything. In other news, this Great Reset amounts to knocking Humpty Dumpty off the wall and fracturing a bunch of supply lines. They never intended to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again. I’m afraid the Social Security and Medicare offerings at the fossil fuel buffet will soon be empty and there aren’t any more coming from the kitchen.

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  44. At the Bitcoin symposium they bring forth more New World Order shills including Eric Weinstein and Avi Loeb (of alien rock floating through space fame), to promote the currency for freedom lovers everywhere. They’re well aware that this will be wrapped into the Central Bank Digital Currency project and blockchain. The plan, as it seems to me, is to create so much panic, chaos and fear with famines, pandemics and war that everyone will beg for admission into the new digital prison where their fate will be sealed.


  45. The shit show is so absurd that TPTB lie and tell the public they are lying, but it’s for a good cause.
    The plebs don’t even blink.

    In a break with the past, U.S. is using intel to fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn’t rock solid
    “It doesn’t have to be solid intelligence,” one U.S. official said. “It’s more important to get out ahead of them [the Russians], Putin specifically, before they do something.”

    “It was an attention-grabbing assertion that made headlines around the world: U.S. officials said they had indications suggesting Russia might be preparing to use chemical agents in Ukraine.

    President Joe Biden later said it publicly. But three U.S. officials told NBC News this week there is no evidence Russia has brought any chemical weapons near Ukraine. They said the U.S. released the information to deter Russia from using the banned munitions.

    It’s one of a string of examples of the Biden administration’s breaking with recent precedent by deploying declassified intelligence as part of an information war against Russia.”

    “they had indications suggesting” That’s the new standard of evidence.

    If Trumpy runs in 2024 they will use these “new and improved standards” on him. They don’t even pretend anymore.

    The CIA’s Mop-Up Man: L.A. Times Reporter Cleared Stories With Agency Before Publication
    A Los Angeles Times intelligence reporter routinely submitted story drafts to the CIA for review.

    “Email exchanges between CIA public affairs officers and Ken Dilanian, now an Associated Press intelligence reporter who previously covered the CIA for the Times, show that Dilanian enjoyed a closely collaborative relationship with the agency, explicitly promising positive news coverage and sometimes sending the press office entire story drafts for review prior to publication.”

    ” In addition to Dilanian’s deferential relationship with the CIA’s press handlers, the documents show that the agency regularly invites journalists to its McLean, Va., headquarters for briefings and other events. Reporters who have addressed the CIA include the Washington Post‘s David Ignatius, the former ombudsmen for the New York Times, NPR, and Washington Post, and Fox News’ Brett Baier, Juan Williams, and Catherine Herridge.”

    Ok kids, if you want to grow up to be a CIA agent you need to work on your creative writing skills.


    1. They did the same during the Iraqi war, claiming that Saddam had huge stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction when all along it was the U.S. that possessed them (and probably used them.) Even in my neck of the woods, down at Avon army base, they still have massive amounts of nerve agents rotting away. It was probably the U.S. and England that assisted Hussein in using chemical weapons in the war against Iran.


      Saddam Hussein and Donald Rumsfeld discuss their shared objectives. Had to hang him rather quickly later so he wouldn’t have time to spill the beans.


  46. Good morning James!

    My favourite Appalachian blogger, a splendid woman, came out with this today:

    ‘You gotta be crazier than a Gooney Bird not to see what’ happening! If you can’t see after two years, there’s no fixing stupid. And here’s a question for ya: Why is no one doing anything to make things better?’

    Why indeed…….


    1. They are going to make things better by eliminating millions, if not billions of humans, cars, jet flights and tech cells. Oh yea, as in Shanghai they’re going to get rid of all of the doggie and kittie dissipatives too, but not the private jets and the super-yachts. The Gooney Birds are large aquatic birds like the Great Blue Heron. I worry more about the Looney Turds.


  47. More of Harari telling Klaus Schwab how the peasants don’t stand a chance in the modern age and how the benefits of technology will accrue to the rich. Just put the AI in charge of the CRISPR machines and the natural, unsuspecting humans will not stand a chance. It’s time for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Time is running out. We rich bastards have everything else but immortality. We want it. How dare the universe create such opulent beings in the skulls of humans, such as ourselves, only to discard us like rubbish upon an unbeknownst expiration date.

    This is the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the useless eater cats, dogs and humans.

    They should realize that death or equilibrium seems to be the goal of the universe and that the formation of dissipative structures is a temporary imposition upon matter which would settle into its own equilibrium if not thrown into motion by electro-magnetic turbulence.


      1. The tide is turning. They could always give them a “get out of jail free card” for getting the vaccine. Maybe they would become part of the forty-percent increase in death rate in the 18-64 cohort. It’s just going to be a matter of who gets shot first, snake bite or lead, pick your poison.


  48. I liked these articles, easy reading.

    I have to think that some of the cows and horses and such will go feral, evolve into something else, maybe something bigger. A million or some years without humans or a major asteroid strike can do wonders. I guess there’s some pretty healthy populations of feral pigs out there already. I guess.

    Anyhoo, I guess that the real moral of the story is that humans are really good at stripping the world of all sorts of resources. That’s what we do. That’s what we have to do. No choice in the matter. The last paragraph of the third article is just so much blather.

    View at


    1. Those massive mammals were like fossil fuels on hooves and primitive man loved to eat and copulate and make spears and traps. Some things never change.


    1. We’re experiencing a bit of a heart attack, but the blood is still pumping. Sometimes it seems the brain wants to stop the heart to kill-off a bunch of useless eaters, not realizing that it’s all interdependent. Things may be a little better, depending on you perspective. You may be able to go for weeks or months without seeing another human and instead of having your life molded to function in a tech cell, which can be ungodly tedious, you can spend your life growing plants, hunting, fishing and fighting with neighboring tribes. Same things we did before the fossil fuel bonanza.


  49. good stuff from MB. I have nothing really to add. The only thing that comes to mind is something that maybe G said some point or another: “Nobody even does anything anyway. It all just a bunch of bullshit that happens to be happening. You happen to be part of it all.” Something like that…


    1. “Too lazy to be ambitious,
      I gradually left it all up to fate,
      In the sack, three handfuls of rice,
      By the stove, one bundle of firewood,
      Who cares about delusion and enlightenment?
      What use is fame and wealth in the world of dust?
      Inside my hut, the evening rain on the thatch,
      Both legs stretched out in idleness.” – Ryokan

      I would substitute, “Under my umbrella, the waves pounding the shore, both legs stretched out in idleness.”
      The truth is happening all around you all the time. The human dissipatives are too busy running their evolved chimp programming to notice.


      1. James, you’ve reached Enlightenment!

        Sit still on a fallen tree in the forest and all is revealed, if you have eyes to see.

        I doubt Uncles Bill and Klaus, or mankind’s fake friend Elon have the faintest idea about the meaning of that poem that – wired all wrong to start with.


  50. Klaus Schwab with a message for today’s impressionable youth. He seems to be making a few cognitive leaps, like how do you keep most people alive while abandoning fossil fuels. Oops, maybe that’s where the snake venom comes in. Everyone must get the snake bite. I would recommend double-needle syringes with forked tongues. If the first shot doesn’t work, you must attend an evangelical religious service. One church elder has survived 118 boosters while others die with the first shot.

    Sure enough, it’s all in Mark 16:18 of the Bible. “… they will take vaccines in their arms, and if they take the Remdesivir, it will not harm them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and will give them another booster.”

    When they are finished and if they have not died, they will feel the elation of Lord Fauci and be born again, worthy in the eyes of the Lord and able to withstand any demonic force.


  51. In this video presentation Dr. Fleming suggests that Dr. Ardis is confused by papers indicating that SARS C0v-2 may have evolved partially in a snake reservoir. But that doesn’t seem to be what Ardis is promoting. Rather Ardis is suggesting that the bioweapon SARS Cov-2 has had venom peptides inserted into it.

    This is the paper that Ardis refers to:

    “Conclusions: The presence of toxin-like peptides could potentially be connected to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Their presence suggests a possible association between COVID-19 disease and the release in the body of (oligo-)peptides almost identical to toxic components of venoms from animals. Their involvement in a large set of heterogeneous extra-pulmonary COVID-19 clinical manifestations, like neurological ones, cannot be excluded. Although the presence of each individual symptom is not selective of the disease, their combination might be related to COVID-19 by the coexistence of the panel of the here detected toxin-like peptides. The presence of these peptides opens new scenarios on the aetiology of the COVID-19 clinical symptoms observed up to now, including neurological manifestations.”

    In a comment above I suggested that the peptides may have been used in the vaccines as adjuvants or immune system stimulants, but I’m not sure whether the venom peptides were spliced into the vaccine mRNA. I recall that Dr. Paul Cottrell, after doing a blast analysis in February of 2020, stated that the viral genome contained a cobra toxin sequence as well as rabies toxin.


      1. He’s a very smart and respecting person and seemingly wants to get to the truth. I only wonder if he’s being influenced to lead people off on a tangent. I recall seeing “jelly-like” blood being extracted from people at their injection sites. A lot of people saw that as a hoax. I just found this link which shows that snake venom causes blood to turn to “jelly”.

        The death rate among those 18-64 is up forty-percent with most of those succumbing to heart attacks, strokes and other blood coagulation issues, including a large number of professional athletes.

        Also, Dr. McCairn and Dr. Fleming showed the desaturation of the blood when vaccine was introduced on glass slides, although it may be an unrelated toxic effect. Why would Fleming jump off on the prion tangent when his own work showed the desaturation of the blood? I suppose we have to stay tuned.

        Here’s a video on the “jelly blood” at the site of vaccine injection:


        1. Hard to know…looking in from the outside…..I’m sure that there are some big egos and strong personalities amongst the anti-jab/anti-mandates cohort….would be very unfortunate if infighting breaks out…..

          Venom in the water got all the headlines……but if Ardis had emphasised that…. effective treatments against venomous snake bites….are equally effective against C19…..doesn’t sound so outlandish…..

          Going back to Dr Fleming…..from my perspective, he was very prominent Mar 20 – Sept 20…..I would guess he then focussed on building the “crimes against humanity” case with Fullmich….in 2021 his public profile withered while many others such as Ardis grew theirs…..into 2022, Ardis announces the virus/jab is snake venom….I would imagine that Fleming and others are secretly pissed…..that a chiropractor is throwing a spanner in the works….even if Ardis is vindicated to some degree in the future…..I don’t know….conjecture on my part….


          1. The problem is that Ardis’s venom claims sound to the average person like whack-job territory, whereas our familiar heroes in the struggle – Yeadon, Malone, Lawrie, Mc Cullough, Geert, etc, – make sense to a reasonable person once the spell of propaganda is broken.

            The principal tactic of the vaxx fraudsters is to equate all claims about the vaxxes in order to discredit the most authoritative and conservative critics by association: ‘So, guess they turn you into a magnet, too?’


            1. Hindsight….allowing the Stew Peters’ production to air first…and calling it “Watch the Water” was a huge mistake…sounds like a Wes Craven knock-off….if you can take Ardis at his word, he felt that his life was in danger….this seemed to fuel his determination not to discuss his ideas with the more learned folks- such as the ones you mention – prior to publication. This secrecy has worked against him. Time will tell….and the shitshow continues…


    1. So they kill the real dogs and let loose the loudspeaker robot dogs. Can’t the Fourth Industrial Revolution do better than that? How about a EMP hand-gun to shoot the drones and robots? It may actually be time for WWIII to snuff this parade of stupidity forever.


    2. My dog does it without words: his power of indicating his exact wants and expectations without words is phenomenal, stupendous! But then, I get the message as I am – almost – as smart as he is….


        1. Almost their, James.

          I can imitate a ‘wuf!’ sound I once heard one dog give another as an order, as far as I could tell, – it works!

          And mimic a muntjac barking in the mating season, well enough to fool the dog who then goes looking for it or barks back.

          Do a great rook’s caw, too. What people did before TV, I guess………


          1. I think they have at least three-fourths of our brains. That makes them good enough to make part of the family. The last fourth of human brain sent us on the path of terminal cancer.


  52. At one point in my life, I had the smartest bravest dog that I could ever imagine. He knew that hawks would kill chickens, and that I didn’t like that. Would track hawks across the sky, sit and bark at them if they roosted near the chickens. Never backed down from any stray dog, or any other critter, that might enter the fence line. Got himself bit by a rattle snake while trying to get rid of it. His head and neck swelled up to the size of a watermelon. But he recovered.

    But he did like to roam. There was no stopping him if bitch anywhere in the vicinity got in heat. One day we found him dead in the ditch in front of the house. Hit by a log truck is my guess.

    I like dogs, but they’re too much trouble, in my current situation. I stick to cats.


    1. It’s a human jungle out there with all kinds of traps. I have memories from the age of three of an old three-legged farm dog at my grandfather’s farm. Its name was “Tripod” and my father had to carry me from the car into the house as it gave me the terrors. Another farm dog got its leg in some kind of animal trap and had to have it amputated – Tripod number two, while the other dog got minced-up in the neighbors grass mower. Not too long after that the same farmer was pulling a stump out of the ground with his tractor and it turned over on him. That was the end of him. Another farmer I knew got his leg torn off with the spinning shaft of a combine or similar implement. But back to dogs. The only reservation I have at this point is feeding our dog. It weighs at least eighty pounds and puts away a lot of meat, especially pork.


      1. There’s the Robert Frost poem about a young farmer losing his arm in an accident, and the family – being realists – are rather relieved when he dies: better than life as a cripple.


        1. It’s strange how damaged or missing body parts are most noticed when the greatest damage is within the skull and manifested by all types of strange practices and beliefs. I imagine at least fifty-percent of humanity would have to be thrown into the chopper for reconstitution at a later date due to mental infirmity just to reestablish
          an acceptable level of sanity. But nature ignores a lot as long as you can cover the basics.


          1. ‘The snake loves her children’ as the old proverb has it: so Mother Nature loves her crazies – all the same to her.


    1. I’m just here to dissipate corned beef sandwiches with kraut. Usually my brain says that’s enough. I wonder about that progenitor cell, the one that gave rise to multicellular life. It never really died as its protoplasm split again and again for hundreds of millions of years. Even a nuclear holocaust will fail to end the cells. You shall live on.


  53. You shall live on.

    But in the wrong configuration. Or, even without a configuration. And it’s not like I would even want to continue in this configuration, or some other, or without.

    It’s all so disappointing and frustrating, and silly. I’d say.


    1. That the universe uses cells, related to each other like cousins, to create different arrangements of those cells that eat each other, can only indicate that there is one all important goal in the universe – elimination of energy gradients. It’s the same reason that humans became RNA, to produce the tools to burn everything, and do so with reckless abandon. As the zero-sum environment develops, they’re even seemingly willing to smoke each other with nuclear weapons in order to claim the remaining gradient. The universe has loaded us with behaviors that promote survival as long as energy is available at a suitable EROEI. So here you are. It must mean your parents had something to eat. It seems like these structures will be arising again and again until the gradients are gone and that could be a very long time, although humans seem to be exhausting their potential. I’m going to come back as dark matter, nothing would want to eat that.


    2. Ezra Pound might have agreed about alternative configurations – why bother?

      ‘So-Shu dreamed,

      And having dreamed that he was a bird, a bee, a butterfly,

      He was uncertain why he should try to feel like anything else,

      Hence his contentment.’

      Of course, he knew nothing about Trans-Humanism…..


  54. Anyhoo, I’ve been keeping myself busy with making a new chicken coop. I’ve got six new laying hens. We’ll see which ones get to lay eggs, and which ones go into the pot. I am God, to my chickens.


  55. I’ve always thought about having chickens. You could do a lot worse than having a basket of eggs. But in Thailand the local rooster thought sunrise was at 4:00 A.M. Neighbors might not like that, although when I was a kid there was a coop a couple of hundred feet from where I am now.


    1. here in CTland, land of the endless suburb, roosters are forbidden by law. Hens only.

      For some reason that rule reminds me of the local school system.


  56. George Gammon is trying to get the gist of it but being a dedicated dissipative he cannot come to admit that the growth in wealth must stop. Like Milton Friedman featured in this video, he believes that people will vote-in solutions with their dollars. Free market adjustments and adaptation are preferable to a centrally planned future as the Great Reset represents. Unfortunately, the energy supply won’t just flat-line as George believes, it will fall off a cliff. We won’t be waiting around for people to get wealthy so they can decide not to have as many children.

    “I’m hungry Daddy, can we go to the zoo today? Sure honey, maybe we can score a little Leopard while we’re there. They say it’s a free market now.”


    1. That were exatly my thoughts, when i saw this video a couple of days ago! The free market will not outwit thermodynamics!
      The video ist gerat- except the last minute!


    1. And think of all the unhappy vampires. Yuk! I’ve been alive for a thousand years and I’ve never tasted such foulness.


  57. Worked on the fried chicken gradient today. Stored some in bonds for later use and made some waves, big ones in the gaseous atmosphere from moving around and little electromagnetic ones. The ambient temperature was about 70F, perfect for eliminating the heat waves after breaking a gazillion bonds at 98.6F without getting too much heat in return. It was a comfortable situation, no sweat and no fan either. Been thinking about survival, investments and getting more energy and that in itself liberates a lot of heat. Fortunately the EROEI is still positive. My brain, under the influence of dopamine reinforced memories, said “eat pie gradient” and so I did. That will be going straight into bond storage, commonly known as fat. Holidays are great. Bless us oh Lord for these thy gifts…………………………………

    Chicken gradient


    1. fried chicken and pie, don’t get much bettern’ ‘at.

      I had lamb chops on the grill and pie yesterday. Had to go to the meat counter and buy an already dead and cut up, and packaged lamb. Not quite the same as a blood sacrifice to God, or whatever, but it’ll do. My GF made a bunch of vegetable side dishes to go along with them, says they’re “healthy”. Whatever the fuck that’s supposed to mean. I sampled them out of politeness.


      1. My great grandfather used to raise a lot of lamb, so my father liked having leg of lamb for Easter. I purchased a 15″ iron frying pan to use on a rocket stove and was anxious to make good on my investment by frying some chicken. We may get back to lamb next year or perhaps some plump bugs in bernaise sauce.


        1. Great fried chicken!

          You see, the Great Re-set just brings out hidden talents, just like it promotes rapid onset cancers and reactivated latent viral infections.

          What’s not to like? !

          xx Klaus

          PS We’re adding ‘Bugs in Bearnaise Sauce a la James’ to our 2025 Cook Book – thanks James!


          1. I recommend full ticks, picked when ripe and steamed with asparagus. They’ll burst in your mouth like juicy blueberries. Asking humans to eat insects is like asking a lion to make a living eating voles. In the meantime, there’s some sort of issue with shipping fertilizers by train in the Mid-West United States (deliberate, like so much these days). They’re going to force us into the cattle chutes for vaccination and admission to the well regulated feed lot.


              1. The guns will have to be sold at the pawn shop to get money for food or turned-in at the government kiosk in exchange for a block of cheese.


    1. A fantastic use for surplus energy, even as the fertilizer and energy are cut-off, the billionaires need a place to live. I would add a dirigible airship docking station on top so billionaires and their families could hop from skyscraper to skyscraper without ever risking contact with the unwashed below.


      1. Manhattan’s current tallest tower, 432 Park Avenue, already has a lot of problems due to its height. None of its occupants like it. Floods, stuck elevators, noisy trash chute, swaying and creaking…

        But I’m sure they will have fixed all that for this new one. Maybe a giant canvas sail could be stretched across the two towers, to see how it would hold up in the next breeze.


        1. Or a giant wind turbine in the gap to make it “green”. If they had any sense at all they would attach a water slide to the top of the building and run it to the East River. During the week it could serve as a trash chute and the billionaire children could have fun on the weekends.


  58. Since there won’t be any fertilizer, I suppose we won’t have any need for farmers. In England they’re offering a lump-sum retirement, while in the U.S. they’ll pay you not to plant crops. There will also be more biodiesel made available for cars which means it won’t be available for humans. Did you ever wonder why China bought-up large stockpiles of food before the starvation? Perhaps they’re just good planners and prescient, knowing in advance that the bankers would create a chaotic situation to force their Great Reset.


    1. RT really don’t have to invent anti-US propaganda anymore, do they?

      That bunny should appear with all ‘world leaders’, just to make the point clear; better still give her a seat on the UN Security Council and her own jet to fly to Davos.

      One has to admit that installing an obviously senile president after a rigged election without the whole nation rising in protest is a master stroke, excelled only by having him publicly pushed round by a giant rabbit in a dress…..


      1. Americans are fed and entertained, they will never rise to protest. I know, I’m one of them.

        By the time they are not fed and entertained, there won’t even be an America to protest against. It’s brilliant. I regret surfing the web and listening to the doomers this past decade. I could have just lived life.


  59. I thought that this was a pretty good series of videos by Sid Smith.

    His general optimism bias, as presented in the first video, like life itself is maybe somehow worthwhile and is worth preserving, is a bias that I do not share. But a most people carry it around, so there ya go.


    1. That was really good. I knew Sid had a great understanding of things from some previous lectures. If only the universe could totally eliminate the matter gradient, besides squeezing the energy out of heavier and heavier elements that it rolls into balls or planets and stars, then it could finally reach equilibrium and die. But it will likely always have some atoms to squeeze.


    2. “Planets orbiting their suns is an example of energy passing through and interacting with physical matter and changing form as it does so.”



      1. I guess he’s getting at the idea that the planets heat up and cool down and that the energy passes through them in various ways and does stuff (work) while passing through them. Gravity (a complete mystery), which keeps them in orbit, among other things, acts as a facilitator to the process. That maybe what you’re objecting to in Sid’s sentence, not sure. Something like that.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. The point I was trying to make is that motion can take place without an increase in entropy. A planet orbiting around a sun is an example of this. A photon travelling through space is another.

          It could not be argued that nothing is happening in these cases, so not everything that happens results in an increase in entropy, as was claimed. All transformations do, however, result in an increase in entropy.


          1. It seems to me that all mass is being forced towards a lower energy state, except that most mass has bound energy that cannot be easily accessed and degraded. That which can be released ends-up as EM wave energy which itself can be degraded or split into less energetic waves. Gravity seems to be an attempt to force mass out of existence or eliminate the gradient that exists between very low pressure areas and high pressure areas (matter). Like a high pressure column of air flowing into a low pressure column in the atmosphere, except it works in reverse with aether? flowing around small particles and then larger and larger until planets and stars take shape and if the pressure on the large orbs is great enough it ignites and works on eliminating the hydrogen gradient. The earth captures some of that wave energy in the molecules that make life, but those bonded atoms have not reached their lowest energy state and various dissipative forms take advantage of that, basically eating the bonds and releasing the energy as EM waves with a little kinetic behavior to find more energy. But eventually the burning dissipation of the giant orbs stops and the unburnable crumbs collapse down in relatively dark space.


            1. I disagree on with the “forcing” part. Entropy increasing is simply due to the random motion of energy and statistics. Every transformation that occurs could, in theory, happen in reverse , but the odds of atoms, molecules and photons moving in just the right way as to cause a decrease in entropy are usually so tiny as to be effectively zero.

              Gravity is something different. Nobody really knows what causes matter to attract across space. What I wrote in the first paragraph about transformations being reversible is only true if the transformations were not aided by gravity. Humpty Dumpty couldn’t re-emerge in whole on top of the wall because gravity would prevent this.


  60. Is Sam Vaknin working for the Deep State? In this video he strongly vilifies the mentally ill. Is it time to lead them to the gas chamber in the on-going genocide? It’s pretty apparent to me that all humans are mentally ill or at least mentally dangerous. Another reason for professionals not to question the Deep State (the paragon of sanity, ha, ha) lest they be committed to the looney bin.


    1. There was a video on YT in which someone did an expose on Vaknin, during which he was formally assessed in person by a shrink: they concluded that he is in fact mentally ill, and only masquerading as a narcissist, an assumed persona.

      Not sure about gas chambers or Swiss pods, but I make it a rule to have nothing to do with depressives as they are psychologically contagious, and one can’t help them in any case.


      1. Sometimes depression may serve a useful purpose as when the environment has no rewards. In that case it may be better to save your energy. And then there’s the person that knows things are going to turn out, full of optimism bias, just keep going. I suppose that’s a better strategy until you find your search hasn’t turned-up any food, mates or similar rewards. Then you can be depressed or say to yourself “tomorrow’s a new day.” Maybe Elon Musk can implant a chip in the profoundly depressed. I wonder if a cannibal in search of rewards during a famine is mentally ill or just hungry.


    2. Brings to mind the lyrics from the track “California Uber Alles” by Dead Kennedys (1979)

      Verse 1:
      I am Governor Jerry Brown
      My aura smiles and never frowns
      Soon I will be president
      Carter power will soon go away
      I will be Fuhrer one day
      I will command all of you
      Your kids will meditate in school
      Your kids will meditate in school

      Verse 2:
      Zen fascists will control you
      100% natural
      You will jog for the master race
      And always wear the happy face
      Close your eyes, can’t happen here
      Big bro on white horse is near
      The hippies won’t come back you say
      Mellow out or you will pay
      Mellow out or you will pay

      Now it is 1984
      Knock knock on your front door
      It’s the suede denim secret police
      They have come for your uncool niece…..


  61. If I were to use some snake venom in a vaccine or bioweapon with the goal of inducing sterility, I might use Russel’s Viper venom, a cause of delayed hypopituitarism (3-20 years post bite) which interferes with sexual maturation by damaging the pituitary gland. Strangely enough, Russel’s Viper venom has a strong affinity for the ACE-2 receptor which is also well-represented in the pituitary gland.


    I just read this comment from “Drifter” over at Apparently he is a physician.

    “Haven’t seen this with all vaxxed, but some, yes. 33 y/o patient today. Hottie. Now, she looks like her pituitary is failing.

    More media gaslight, with a dollup of obfusation– yah, it’s a total mystery:….

    I have had 4 cases of liver failure last year– three blamed the vax, the 4th died before I could talk to her.”

    Denninger Post:

    Others are commenting about how people, especially women, are ageing rapidly and losing hair, a symptom of hypopituitarism.

    Well, it only takes one search and you can see that hypopituitarism causes hypogonadism which results in premature aging.

    Another comment from Denninger’s: “40 Year old daughter. Vaxed and Boosted… health care worker… All the doctors in her practice strong belief in the vax. Anyway, she went FULL STOP menopause.”


  62. As a depressed man, I’ve come to terms with it and learned to handle it. Not everybody does.

    Studies show that depression shows the same brain activity as low social status. Depression is a way to protect yourself from other people, but also protect other people from you.

    A depressed person shrinks from life and protects himself, but at the cost of not living life, and perhaps later suicide. The non depressed person lives life, but at the potential cost of their life.

    So the non depressed male goes out and rides motorcycles and fights other men, etc. He’s living life. But oops, he just got hit by a car or another man pummeled him, now he’s in a coma. The depressed man sits behind a computer screen, he’s protected indoors, safe, comfortable, but you are constantly wondering why you feel like crap.


    1. I pretty much stay away from people which makes me a tribe of one (and I’m number one in my tribe.) It makes me feel good about myself. I think Martin Butler could provide some good therapy. Someone else can go for the gusto, I prefer the finer things in life.


      1. Martin Butler – yeah this dude’s got it, he’d be a brilliant therapist, especially his stuff on Gurdjieff, enneagrams and Sacred dances ala Isabella Duncan. Ties in nicely with T. McKenna’s promotion of psychedelics. I think y’all onto something special here!


          1. I hadn’t heard of Isadora Duncan, so I found this video of an acolyte doing one of her dances. If it releases lots of opioids, I might try it myself, but my variation would be the “Wuhan Bat” and it would involve biting the spectators. That would manifest quite a variety of brain chemicals. After a dance like that her cells will certainly demand a Whopper with fries (can’t afford those any more) or perhaps some nectar.


            1. Darling Isadora died when her long and utterly aesthetic scarf got caught up in the wheel of her car and strangled her…..


                1. Exactly how she travelled: rather fun, until…….

                  But in a way it was a stylish end: beautiful clothes, fast car.

                  How should one dress for the Swiss suicide pod, I wonder?


                  1. Definitely white robes. It does have a streamlined spaceship like design for that final transcendence. I suppose that once your self-image is no longer extant, the cells can be removed and be fed to the vultures. There must be some balance between the systems.

                    up up and away


              1. An unfortunate detail of her biography. I happened in Nice which was not so nice. A variation on the French exit one might say.


            2. I like it. It has potential. As a content creator you might want to consider an online venue where you get paid for your cosplay. It’s an honest way to earn your crust. Or whopper and fries if you must. Can you sew?


                1. Well there ya go. Why should Sabine Hossenfelder prancing around as Cassandra have all the fun? Lucky you, Kentucky has lots of caves for a scenic backdrop. I think the stars are aligning on this. Maybe, let’s just spin this fantasy out a bit, maybe Sabine will see your vid and be so impressed she’ll let you join her superfluid dark matter group.


  63. Some time ago I was depressed. Went to shrinks and analysts, all kinds of drugs and therapies. One analyst did tell me that I was a “stark realist”, maybe a “depressive realist”. So that diagnosis was maybe the one thing that helped me. I kind of came to realize that I’m not necessarily the crazy one, the world is fucking nuts.

    Now, mostly I just don’t give a fuck. Life is better. Just as stupid as always, but at least it doesn’t bother me too much.

    I think maybe it was T. McKenna who said something like: ” It’s no sign of mental health to be well adjusted to a sick society.” Something like that. I can’t find the quote right now.


    1. Growing yourself into oblivion does seem a bit off, but it does happen a lot in nature, unless some other species eats enough of your members to prevent your suicidal course. Some societies practice infanticide because the newborn are small and helpless and can’t defend themselves. Currently some group is practicing surreptitious adulticide or even killing reproductive cells before they get a chance to share DNA. Consider it chemo or herd management. I suppose a cancer never thinks twice about whether the growth can continue forever or not. Maybe someone is putting on the brakes before we hit the brick wall. Quite insane that we couldn’t do it voluntarily, but garnering and consuming resources is a sign of fitness under normal circumstances and we’re programmed to do it.


  64. From an interview with Michael C. Ruppert at

    Let us take at the end of this interview a look into the future. Ten years from now: Give us your best case scenario, please.

    “There is a mass awakening of human consciousness; the equivalent of mankind taking the red pill from the movie The Matrix. We stop chasing an impossible notion of infinite growth and begin to change our minds about life and what it means right now. We accurately, clearly and fearlessly accept and embrace the crisis and begin implementing available solutions today. We stop feeding the economic beast which has no option but to kill us in order to save itself. Maybe instead of four or five billion people starving and or dying in resource wars, or in nuclear exchanges over resources, we can reduce that number to two or three billion and also identify, redefine and preserve the best parts of human civilization for the generations that follow. We find a way to live in balance and true sustainability with the planet that gives us life and all the life that we share it with.”

    The Great Reset: pandemics, starvation, sterilization and war. We won’t be going back to a world where the defining goal is “pursuit of happiness” or adherence to the Maximum Power Principle.


        1. Happy Birthday! Oh, I forgot to plant a seedling this year. I’m going to take my Tesla to the home supply and buy one, shipped in from a tree farm in Michigan. I’ll drop-in a little fertilizer produced in Louisiana and put a plastic sleeve around the base so the weed trimmer (made in China) doesn’t girdle it. If it’s growing crooked, I’ll put a piece of hose and wire (made in China) around it and attach it to a stake that came from the forests of British Columbia. Then I’ll water it with chlorine and fluoride tainted water. Happy Birthday Earth!

          Liked by 1 person

        1. Those people must be rich. My wife’s friend bought an 8-piece bucket or box of KFC with two delicious side dishes and it cost thirty dollars. I can buy about sixty large drumsticks at the grocery for the same price.


      1. I think it’s real, but my friend’s dad would say, “Why cultivate something on your face that grows wild on your ass.” But a pre-pubescent face somehow wouldn’t work in the back-to-nature Ozark prepper culture.


          1. Had to look that one up. Manzilian, hmmmm. Why tolerate a pubic jungle when you can proudly sport a more cultivated garden. The furrowed rows await planting.


  65. If given enough time (industrial society keeps going long enough), I have to think that bioweapons will be part of our future. How to control the end result, how to keep them on target, prevent them from mutating on their own, that kind of thing, seems inherently problematic (impossible?) to me. But what do I know?

    I still believe that most worldwide depopulation will be the result of widespread famine, despite the wet dreams of biotechnologists. But that’s just me.


    1. CRISPR creates so many new possibilities. The New World Order is out to control the cancerous ape. Only some consumption and growth, like surveillance and AI, is desirable. The remainder is just incoherent metabolism. All energy sacrifices must be to the tech Gods. And if capsules attached to birds won’t do it then a mandatory vaccine program will. They must have created some effective cereal crop pathogens too. Those are probably on deck.


  66. They must have created some effective cereal crop pathogens too.

    There’s an idea with legs. Someone, somewhere, will latch onto that idea and run with it. If we don’t get Russian wheat, then neither will they. Something like that.


  67. Of course, the problem remains, once it’s out there, it’s out there. Ther will be people who think they can control it, but they’re only fooling themselves. Not that that ever stopped anyone from doing anything. So there ya go…


    1. Many people have an ego that demands “success” even if it ultimately destroys them or interferes with the ultimate goal of reproduction. They’re legends in their own heads even though by all important measures, they’ve lost. They destroy themselves and everything, but in the end they were “important”. Ha, ha. Yea, they’ll continue to do stupid things.


  68. Just some more ag equipment porn.

    In VA, I have a Korean made tractor, must be 30 years old, maybe 45 HP, 4w drive. It was specifically made with the idea of being used and rebuilt as needed. I’ve been amazed at some of the things I’ve done with that tractor. I had to go down there and get it running a few months ago. If left to their own devices my daughter and son-in-law will shrug their shoulders and say: “well I don’t know…”

    The world is run by assholes and populated by retards.

    Anyhoo, it has a backhoe attachment. So, I have to think that it will be used to dispose of my corpse when the time comes.


    1. “Honey, how do you operate this thing. Do they have these in the Metaverse?” “I’ve never seen one and I can’t figure it out, we’ll just leave him out behind the barn. Mother Nature will take care of it.” “Great idea. We’d better hurry, my battery’s running low.”

      I could use a digger of some sort. I’ve been digging-out our crawlspace, which doesn’t provide enough room to crawl, with five-gallon buckets and shorty shovel. I’ve been putting the clay in a raised bed out back as a bonus.

      “The world is run by assholes and populated by retards.” Could we combine that into asstards or assturds or maybe tardholes or tardigrades?


      1. Children are little enough for the crawlspace, surely?

        Started them in the mines here very young, and it never did them no harm.

        Sit back on the porch and have beer with some fried chicken, while they show their gratitude for having been conjured into existence by you…….


    1. The only way we are smarter than the original RNA in our cells is that we have an analog mind and can imagine and actively parse the information to arrive at innovations. Otherwise we’re just captive actors in a thermodynamic play whose brains have evolved attributes to make sure we greedily seek energy and wealth and reproduction. Peter Carter should not be too worried, there have been many CRISPR advances along with more conventional weapons to deal with human overshoot. They’re being deployed now.


    1. Looks like some interesting articles but no one wants to examine how humans became the “very special animal”. They would have to become conscious of why they jump out of bed as the alarm clock rings, rush around to get to their business cells, spend eight hours manipulating matter and information to pump some product into the circulation. Would they be so anxious to spend much of their lives in school preparing to become a specialized RNA just so they can join an extinction bound thermodynamic Megacancer? Perhaps they don’t even have a choice. The process will continue with better and better tools, feeding growth, until all is eaten and collapse ensues. To make a voluntary move backwards against the economies-of-scale means a certain percentage of the population will be deprived of sustenance (and it is happening now). The tech tribe, in the pursuit of precious energy, may even decide to eliminate the “useless eaters” or bearded bible/torah tribals, but it won’t save them, the same dynamics will be applied between tech entities which will eventually bring the machine to a cataclysmic end .


      1. “You’re cute. What do you do?”

        “I’m a specialized RNA”

        “What’s that? Some kind of nurse?”

        Mutters into drink “I consume gradient”

        “Is that some kind of new drug.? Never heard of grady- But I’m willing to try anything once!”

        “….Megacancer. We are….”

        “Mega,,,Meagan? Who’s she?”


        “Oh you’re an oncologist. In that case the next round is on you”


      2. “…no one wants to examine how humans became the “very special animal”

        I agree James and the ideas you lay out in your blog are fascinating. Most people don’t want to know what they are because the reality as you tell it is subversive…dark, cold, physically deterministic and some might say inhuman. It’s ego diminishing, disempowering. Makes the external world look hostile, indifferent, mechanical. People like to think they have agency, that society has agency, that they are center of the universe. What you’re saying undermines that comfortable view. Brings to mind Kuhn and the Structure of Scientific Revolutions. I wonder what will be taught in Anthropology textbooks decades from now? That is if we make through the bottleneck.

        The ideas expressed by you, Francois Roddier, Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, Tim Garrett have given me a framework for understanding physical reality and my place in it. Seems kinda obvious now that I think about it. I’m part of a universe of cause and effect, a thermodynamic process taking place. There is pleasure and suffering. Pleasure equates with greater material throughput & increased survival prospects. Likewise there is suffering when things go in the opposite direction.

        Strangely enough it’s made me feel more connected to the Cosmos and more empathic. We’re all struggling to keep the fire going.

        “I conceive a man’s body as a kind of flame … and the intellect is just the light that is shed on the things around.” D.H. Lawrence.


        1. The more pieces of the puzzle you can place, the more obvious things become. I’ve been thinking more about the electromagnetic turbulence created by the sun and the EM waves crashing against and interacting with matter and its subsequent rapid dissipation “into the cool.” I was going to buy a solar irradiance meter just to keep-up with the various direct and reflected turbulence levels, like an extra eye. Ken Wheeler on Youtube has a lot to offer regarding radiation, matter, magnetism and so on which is the foundation of everything. His channel is called “Theoria Apophasis”. He doesn’t dwell on thermodynamics or evolution but does cover magnetism, electricity and fields very well.


          1. Jeez….I dunno….there’s a whole website


            devoted to exposing this dude as a fraud and delusional (The critics do not identify themselves)

            “Ken Wheeler claims to be the only person in the world to correctly understand magnetism, to have discovered a Grand Unified Theory of the Universe, and to have published the only accurate translations of the Greek philosopher Plotinus and of the Buddha, among other false convictions.

            The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th Edition (DSM 5), lists a condition known as Delusional Disorder, Grandiose Type. The central theme of this condition is, “the conviction of having some great talent or insight or of having made some important discovery.”

            He has no expertise, accreditation or qualifications in any of the fields he opines on.

            I guess that puts him in the company of most ppl, tho his subject matter is decidedly esoteric.

            I bet Sam Vatkin could pigeonhole this bird – he’s good at that kind of thing according to him. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assert Ken is not a ‘covert’ narcissist since he’s on YouTube. Personally I’m not sure what he is, although an expert in iconography, along the lines of the fictional Robert Langdon might have some insights based on his tattoos.

            Anyhow since the APA has historically never been wrong about anything I guess I’ll pass on this guy.


            1. I don’t agree with everything that Ken says, but much of it is thought provoking. I especially like the hyperboloid/torus structure for pressure mediation which Ken uses magnetism to explain. Any point source of mass should invite one of these structures, from atom or subatomic particle to black hole. It’s the structure that would be expected if pressure mediation focused on a single point from all directions. It also gives spin. A black hole seems to be an extreme example of this pressure mediation.

              This is Ken’s diagram of the hyperboloid/torus circulation:


              This is a depiction of a black hole showing galactic jets and plane of inertia:

              galactic jets

              Approximately forty-two percent of energy falling into the black hole is lost in the jets as gamma rays, x-rays, positrons etc. before it can be “eaten”.


  69. Is Tucker running interference for the genocide program? Black vehicular fatalities up twenty-five percent because of cops not enforcing laws? I would bet on vaccine reactions behind the wheel.


    1. I would bet on vaccine reactions behind the wheel.

      No, the excess deaths occurred in 2020, before the vaccine rollout began.


      1. I see where the vaccine roll-out started in December of 2020, so vaccines are not a good explanation. Maybe they were passing out from mask-induced lack of oxygen. So cops enforce mask mandates but don’t pull reckless drivers over because they’re black? Because of Floyd? Something’s not making sense here, but then again a lot of things don’t make sense.


        1. It would be beneficial to look at the vehicular fatality data with more granularity before drawing conclusions —identify relations among the different attributes of the data set. For instance, were the fatalities made up of a disproportionate number of delivery drivers? Presumably the probability of getting in an accident rises with the number of hours spent on the road. It could be as simple as that.


          1. Yes, that is what Tucker is getting at. Ironic that in trying not to appear racist, the police “cause” more black people to die.


  70. It seems to me that Harvard Astroguru Loeb is on the payroll like Harari. He now wants to recover alien technology that crashed into the Pacific Ocean. He also had great interest in an alien space rock that drifted by recently. Will the “aliens” unify mankind? Will it be enough to establish a global CBDC? Wouldn’t those earthling dissipatives like to get their hands on some “alien technology” that would allow them to tap into an unimaginable treasure trove of energy. Will Musk, Bezos and Branson battle it out for galactic supremacy?


    1. I’m afraid the EROEI of a human RNA is going negative. Starvation of all types will commence. Much of the technological energy usage will dwindle as human RNA put all resources into food/essentials. System population reduction management will be tried but those on the receiving end will likely overwhelm the administrators. Population contraction will continue by pandemic, vaccine regime eugenics, starvation, chaos and war. Only authoritarian regimes that rule with an iron fist will be able to administer death in an unfair and partial manner. The world will become a war zone. The territory has been charted and it passes through a bottleneck.


      The survivors will inherit an exhausted and damaged world peppered with radionuclides. Crypto won’t work in that world, but gold will make some real purty ear rings.


  71. Electric and magnetic fields, perturbations in the aether flowing along a path of least resistance or conductor, at least until the battery is dead. When charge equilibrium is reached the circuit is dead.

    Steinmetz and Ken Wheeler are both familiar with these facts. Here is an illustration by Ken Wheeler:

    Ken Wheeler

    “Power is not IN THE WIRES or ALONG the AC lines rather BETWEEN (dialectric) and AROUND (magnetic) the wires.


    1. Yeah, all kind of interesting. It’s significance, other than as a curiosity, kind of escapes me. But that’s just me. I have a degree in engineering, from a million years ago. So, I did do a little “higher” math type stuff at one point. I have to say that after differential equations it all became kind of gibberish, to me. I just wanted to go build stuff, make stuff (I no longer care.). I just wanted and needed a tool kit of sorts.

      I did, at one point or another, reproduce and understand Newton’s (basic) methods for deriving the calculus. Once you see what he did, it’s not all that hard.

      I guess that in order to progress in certain fields, one has to be able to “do the math”. I know that I kind of maxed out early on. It’s not that I can’t understand or visualize the principles, but the math is beyond my capabilities.

      C’est la vie.


  72. Like the human dissipative, the fields and electricity flow represents more thermodynamics, entropy and pressure mediation. I certainly don’t have the tools describe it with mathematics but perhaps the AI super analog mind will be able to do it. But for what purpose? Why do we need an AI super analog mind anyhow? To unravel the secrets and complexity of the universe? Maybe those that can’t think want something to think for them, to find a way further into Pandora’s Box. The universe is simple. The mathematics, for what it’s worth, is the more complex thing.


    1. I still don’t get the Jewish Zelensky allied with the Azov “Nazis”. Are the Azov the Isis of Ukraine? Trained by CIA to pester the Russians?


        1. Looks to me like young men without a family or tribe that want to belong to something positive (if becoming cannon fodder is positive.) Like becoming a member of a gang that takes a territory and expropriates wealth from the area.


          1. The Jacques Baud interview that Dave Lysak linked to above was pretty accurate. The U.S./NATO have been whacking the hornet’s nest since the 1990s. When the USSR collapsed, Russia got our dregs up front – the pyramid schemes, the diploma mills, the Moonies, the grade-B Hollywood reruns, the Stresstabs billboards, you name it – the bottom feeders wasted no time setting up shop. Then at the top end, there were Ivory-Tower fatheads like Larry Summers pushing economic shock therapy and privatization. The Warsaw Pact went away, but NATO didn’t. There were prominent Russia experts that warned against NATO expansion – George Kennan, Jack Matlock, Stephen Cohen – why, even that evil booger Henry Kissinger came to realize that NATO expansion wasn’t such a hot idea. Even now, there is still a lot of support among the Russian public for Putin, because he pulled Russia up out of the chaos of the 1990s, put a stop to the most egregious of the oligarch looting, and got Russia onto something of an even keel. The current governing class in Russia came of age during the USSR, have a Soviet mindset, and have long memories, but it’s not like we can vote them out of office via regime change. The U.S. has a collective national case of attention deficit disorder, we can’t remember what happened last year.


  73. “Are the Azov the Isis of Ukraine? Trained by CIA to pester the Russians?”

    If you’re interested, JB provides some background on the Azov’s. JB seems pretty knowledgeable and disinterested to me. He sure knows much more about the situation than I ever could. But who knows (if he’s disinterested)? Everybody has an agenda of some sort.


    1. “So, the West supported and continued to arm militias that have been guilty of numerous crimes against civilian populations since 2014: rape, torture and massacres. But while the Swiss government has been very quick to take sanctions against Russia, it has not adopted any against the Ukraine, which has been massacring its own population since 2014. In fact, those who defend human rights in the Ukraine have long condemned the actions of these groups, but have not been supported by our governments. Because, in reality, we are not trying to help the Ukraine, but to fight Russia.”

      Maybe the Western bankers are goading the likes of China and Russia into destroying the Western useless eaters through pandemics, supply chain disruptions, famine and war. Regime change in Russia would be a nice side-effect. Maintaining control of energy backing of currency and disbursement of such is key to maintaining supreme chimp power.


        1. An excellent interview and don’t forget the comments.

          “So, basically the oil companies and the US are going to let the third-world countries go into a crisis. If they default on their bonds, then the United States and the bondholders get to treat Latin America like they treated Argentina or Venezuela and grab whatever assets they have outside of their country. Like Venezuela had investments in the United States and gold that it left in the Bank of England that were grabbed.

          There’s going to be a huge asset grab. That is supposed to be how this unfolds, and the most obvious assets to the grabbed are going to be in Latin America and Africa. Maybe some Asian deficit countries. So, this is the weakest link, and that’s why there’s this fight within the IMF at the upcoming meetings, to create these special drawing rights to give them money on the condition that there is a class war.

          So, what we’re seeing, really, isn’t a war between NATO and Russia. It’s a class war of the neoliberals against labor across the world to establish the power of finance over labor.”

          The wealth pump can’t be allowed to reverse and empty the coffers of the capital holders. The RNA are supposed to work tirelessly to make the capital valuable and profitable which will enable capital growth. As energy becomes a scarcer input for the industrial cells, the human RNA will have to “suck it up”. No labor negotiations for you. This will end in slavery or quasi-slavery.

          “AARON MATÉ: And so, do you think that there’s a threat of an even worse hunger crisis in this world, one that we’re not talking about and should be preparing for it?

          MICHAEL HUDSON: A threat? That’s the objective! Yes, of course. That’s what they’re aiming at. If you read what Klaus Schwab says at the World Economic Forum, he said there are 20 percent too many people in the world, especially in the Global South. This is what all the big foundations are for. The billionaires, they all say, ‘We’ve got to thin out the population, there’s too many consumers that don’t produce enough wealth for us.’ If they produce wealth for themselves, that doesn’t count because that’s not for us and we don’t get it. So, yes, that’s not going to be an accident. Obviously, anyone who looks at the basic economic trends can see that this is inevitable—and you have to assume that this was discussed as part of the whole big neoliberal plan of the Biden administration and the Deep State behind it.”

          The pandemic and vaccine programs along with regular famines will be perfect for creating a steady attrition in the ranks of useless eaters. Maybe put the Clinton Foundation and the Bill Gates Health Initiative in charge of caring for those down and out. Grind them up as fertilizer and send them north. No longer a burden on society.

          May 3, 2022 at 10:56 am
          Thanks so much, Yves and Company, for posting this, along with, earlier, the Mearsheimer lectures and, today, the excellent interview with Jacques Baud.

          All of this, even sifting out some of the prejudices and shortcomings of the writers/speakers, leaves me deeply unsettled. The US seems to be run by a clique of psychopathic ‘mean girls,’ who have been threatened by a newcomer; one who is richer, has a fancier car and house, and is attracting all the football players. Knives, both verbal and steel, are drawn and no quarter will be given. And no thought for the collateral damage, which could include the splintering of our already fractured federation of States. Along with nasty and brutal ideological ….. I can’t find a word that is not already ‘loaded.’

          We are witnessing a vendetta against a nation that happens to occupy a large land mass (larded with desirable resources from fossil fuels to lithium to agricultural land) wedged between two other emerging nations who are not as well-endowed and are natural markets for these resources. Wow, what a powerhouse a coalition of China-Russia-India would be! No wonder the mean girls want to destroy Russia.

          Today it’s fossil fuels and lithium, tomorrow it’s water. And, waiting in the wings, if not already on stage, climate disruption.”

          Humans will fight over “who’s number one” chimp-style until everything is consumed and destroyed.


        2. The conversation in that article seems to track pretty well with my own thoughts. Or maybe vice-versa, my thoughts track pretty well with the conversation.


  74. Good bit by Marx/Orlov. It reminds me of something that I’ve always said: “Ideology is always a product of conditions, never the other way around”. Something like that.

    D. Orlov

    A Marxian View of Collapse-Consciousness

    One of Karl Marx’s better-known quotes is “Being determines consciousness.” Before it can be understood, “being” has to be unfolded to the physical conditions of daily life of society and “consciousness” to public consciousness—all the stuff that goes into it, including laws, rules and regulations, administrative procedure, public morality (or lack thereof), the sort of value-signaling that is required for entry into polite society and all that sort of mental furniture and pious claptrap. It sounds quite a lot pithier in the original German: “Das Sein bestimmt das Bewusstsein”—that old bearded guy sure had a way with words!
    Marx was all about social progress of the revolutionary persuasion. In his tidy view of human affairs, a wave of economic progress in the systems of production created a superstructure of human culture which over time became ever more constraining; then a wave of revolutionary change would sweep away the prevailing social order, making room for a new wave of economic development. Thus we had the progression from slavery to feudalism to bourgeoisie to proletarian revolution (I would include both the communist and the trade-unionist varieties)… but then, rather unexpectedly, it’s back to bourgeoisie, and then, once the physical resource base becomes depleted, then back to feudalism and, finally, back to slavery.
    As I mentioned, Marx was a great believer in social progress and so he didn’t think far enough ahead to resource depletion and collapse—but I did, and pretty early on I hit on the idea that when it comes to collapse Marx had it exactly backwards: it das Bewusstsein that determines das Sein. The first to go is the belief in the continued existence of the status quo, and that this loss of faith propagates through the entire technology stack of social consciousness, top to bottom—financial, commercial, political, social, cultural—in a sort of psycho-socio-economic domino effect. At the time, I knew better than to drag old Karl into it, sensing accurately that members of the bourgeoisie would be less thrilled to have me as their dinner speaker if I compounded the sin of being Russian by sounding like a Bolshevik. But it’s such a neat idea—that regress recapitulates progress—that I believe that old Karl must be given his due (yet again). And so, with no further ado…
    “The mode of production of material life conditions the general process of social, political and intellectual life. It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness. At a certain stage of development, the material productive forces of society come into conflict with the existing relations of production or – this merely expresses the same thing in legal terms – with the property relations within the framework of which they have operated hitherto. From forms of development of the productive forces these relations turn into their fetters. Then begins an era of social revolution. The changes in the economic foundation lead sooner or later to the transformation of the whole immense superstructure.
    “In studying such transformations it is always necessary to distinguish between the material transformation of the economic conditions of production, which can be determined with the precision of natural science, and the legal, political, religious, artistic or philosophic – in short, ideological forms in which men become conscious of this conflict and fight it out. Just as one does not judge an individual by what he thinks about himself, so one cannot judge such a period of transformation by its consciousness, but, on the contrary, this consciousness must be explained from the contradictions of material life, from the conflict existing between the social forces of production and the relations of production. No social order is ever destroyed before all the productive forces for which it is sufficient have been developed, and new superior relations of production never replace older ones before the material conditions for their existence have matured within the framework of the old society.
    “Mankind thus inevitably sets itself only such tasks as it is able to solve…” Karl Marx, from the Introduction to “A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy,” 1859.
    And what happens when the number of the tasks mankind is able to solve dwindles down to nothing, driven down by resource depletion of various sorts? What sort of Bewusstsein is best suited to this situation? The surprising result is that what works best is any sort of fiction that makes the regression seem not just benign but beneficial, purposeful and moral. Let’s work through a few particularly nice examples of this mechanism in action.
    Problem: Oil depletion causes aviation kerosene to be in ever-shorter supply
    Solution: Kill international tourism
    Das Bewusstsein: Everyone must stay home because of a certain sublethal flu virus; failing that, everyone must stay home because of the Ukraine; failing that… what? Another stupid virus? Oh, puh-lease!
    Problem: The US middle class, while it existed, created a whole lot of pampered idiots that need to be replaced with migrants who are willing to work for food
    Solution: Keep the pampered idiots from reproducing
    Das Bewusstsein: Explain to them that children are bad for the environment, that being child-free is so much better, that there is a rainbow of genders out there (most of them, incidentally, quite sterile) and that chemically and surgically castrating children is a matter of defending human rights.
    Problem: Energy prices go through the roof (because the damned Russkies have refused to give away their natural resources for free)
    Solution: Cut energy use
    Das Bewusstsein: You must cut energy use: to emit less carbon dioxide, thus saving the planet… while switching from Russian gas to Polish coal, so scratch that… to deprive the damned Russkies of the foreign revenue they need to keep on slaughtering those poor innocent Nazis that the Americans organized in the Ukraine (like they did with ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and the Mujahideen in Afghanstan before that…). And if all those missed showers cause you to smell like a goat then that’s because you are working on this new scheme (German government-approved, mind you!) of self-cleansing using beneficial bacteria that infest your skin. And if the office smells like a circus, then everyone just has to work remotely.
    Problem: American military full-spectrum dominance has become a sad joke
    Solution: Sell off all those useless weapons any way you can and keep the defense contractors busy for as long as possible so that they can continue to provide kickbacks to the politicians
    Das Bewusstsein: The poor innocent Ukrainian Nazis need lots and lots of weapons to fight the terrible aggressive Russians. NATO members have to send their weapons to the Ukraine, then order more from US defense contractors. Some of these weapons only exist on paper, some are completely useless, some the Ukrainians (who are incorruptible as all hell) sell off to various countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and the rest the Russians blow up before they reach the front or claim as trophies if they do reach it.
    In all of the above examples, we should not expect the status quo to remain fixed for very long. Before too long, the fiction becomes impossible to maintain, the population grows restless and we obtain a “revolutionary situation.” To quote from Vladimir Lenin’s “Mayovka of the Revolutionary Proletariat” a revolutionary situation obtains:
    “(1) when it is impossible for the ruling classes to maintain their rule without any change; when there is a crisis, in one form or another, among the “upper classes,” a crisis in the policy of the ruling class, leading to a fissure through which the discontent and indignation of the oppressed classes burst forth. For a revolution to take place, it is usually insufficient for “the lower classes not to want” to live in the old way; it is also necessary that “the upper classes should be unable” to rule in the old way;
    (2) when the suffering and want of the oppressed classes have grown more acute than usual;
    (3) when, as a consequence of the above causes, there is a considerable increase in the activity of the masses, who uncomplainingly allow themselves to be robbed in “peace time,” but, in turbulent times, are drawn both by all the circumstances of the crisis and by the “upper classes” themselves into independent historical action.”
    You may want to keep an eye out for these conditions, and also keep track of just how stale your Bewusstsein is getting as collapse draws nearer and nearer.


    1. I’m afraid that in a state of rapidly declining energy that will be made worse by the chaos of fighting over what remains, a revolution will only provide a brief respite from decline, if any. It might be best to keep in mind that, if you have a territory and can defend it, the sun provides for free about 1,000 watts per meter squared on a clear day for plants, photovoltaics and heating. As we return to hunter-gatherer conditions we can at least feel good about saving the environment as long as they don’t season our rice soup with cesium and strontium. With Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Walensky, Zelensky, Hotez etc. and other Deep State affiliates, I think we have already reached a point of indignation.


  75. The justification of the scope and complexity of civilization’s conduits and radiators (dissipative structures) stems from their efficacious nature in reducing energy gradients. More specifically, they’re capable of releasing the kinetic and loosely held bond energy from atoms, if you set aside the instigated fission and fusion reactions which are impressive but limited. Humans, as dissipative structures, are most happy (dopamine, opioids) when they are being successful in diminishing gradient in a variety of ways, the most salient being eating, copulating and raising children. Other enjoyable dissipative activities include conspicuous consumption in burning the fossil fuel gradient which requires humans to play their role as RNA within the technological cells. It may seem counterintuitive, but the emergence of complexity in the form of conduits and radiators (negentropy) is always associated with an even greater increase in the degree of entropy. Even the dissipative structures become regular meals for other dissipatives as their atoms can exist in a lower energy state.

    Humans think that they have free will but their volition is the volition of the universe refined over billions of years of releasing sunlight captured in organic tissues. Even “gravity” and electromagnetism are dissipative forces, attempting to squeeze the energy from the atoms and achieve the lowest energy state. Considering that contrived famines are just around the corner, much suffering and sadness will accrue to the unlucky human dissipatives, maybe so much as to result in their deaths and disintegration. But those that see themselves as the stewards of the technological dissipatives seem to think the sacrifice of humans is justifiable to ensure continued evolution and development of technology, leading to an artificial intelligence that will surely overcome all obstacles to continued dissipation, including death. But the steward’s deaths are assured and AI has had plenty of time to emerge prior to our impending energy dearth. The universe will rid itself of technological civilization and the wished-for AI faster than an asteroid impact on a Saturday night. If humans were conscious and able to curb their unbridled dissipative tendencies, they might just have a chance, but it seems that super computers, five-hundred foot yachts and private jets among other objects will be taking their place in the sediments, a rather deep layer, one that glows in the dark.

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  76. I was just imagining the tremendous amounts of energy necessary to maintain physiologically acceptable temperatures within buildings for human RNA and the additional amounts necessary for their homes. The volumes and mass to be heated or cooled far exceed the energy for instance to keep the human body at 98.6F. But sometimes the temperature inside reaches equilibrium with the temperature outside and things are pretty acceptable. That won’t be the case in Texas over the next few days or recently in India. In due time there won’t be enough energy to heat or cool the buildings at all. Passive solar should have been more widely applied in the past. Soon there won’t be enough energy to retrofit, let alone replace the existing structures. I can imagine little organic rRNA working in cells and talking amongst themselves about replacing all of the roads (arteries/veins clogged and crumbling) and piping (lymphatics/nephrons) in the body, replacing worn joints and cartilage etc. only to experience the lights suddenly going out, the metabolic machinery coming to a halt and the onset of a rapid decay as bacterial and fungal marauders appear to steal the copper, amino acids and everything not bolted down. A heart attack. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Apparently the technological DNA is entirely deficient in seeing to its own reproduction. Why bother? The fossil fuel energy stocks that made it all possible will not be reproducing themselves anytime soon either. No energy gradient, no need for living and reproducing conduits. Humans might as well go back to being organisms that worked-out their problems a long time ago and have little problem in reproducing, all supported by the energy of the Sun.


    1. I guess that most all activity on earth is still supported by the Sun. It’s just that in the case of industrial humans, it happens to be in a fossil form.

      I spend a lot of time sitting and looking out the window, petting my old (22 yo) cat. My GF often asks: “so what are you thinking about now?” My most frequent answer is “nothing”. Which is never a lie.


      1. Like a dog looking over the edge of the sofa, thinking about ’nuffin…….

        Mine always looks quite happy doing that, for hours on end, I must say.


    2. My Kurdish Iranian friend told me that in the mountain villages they used to spend all winter lying under a quilt in a small room with no windows, talking and eating, – too cold to get up unless really necessary. Thick walls, body-heat….

      A girlfriend gave me an authentic thick Nepalese duvet, and the hot water bottle is still slightly warm after 24 hours, incredibly efficient. Almost longer than she stayed warm towards me…..


      1. They threw away many of the blankets here when they developed Florida for the “Snow Birds”, but perhaps in the future winters will be spent under the covers.

        willy wonka


    1. Ha, ha, but it was some good music. Wish I could just think of nothing. I figure if I turn over one more rock I’ll be satisfied with what I find. I’ve been thinking about the interaction of wave energy with the various surfaces of matter and the absorptions, reflections, electrons and the like. Others have investigated it for centuries but I can’t get a good feel for it until I run a model in my head. What a waste of time for a dissipative. I should be out grubbing money to keep the furnaces stoked. But to see all of the wheels turning does make for a richer experience. My grandmother that lived on the farm had a couple of Siamese cats that lived to about nineteen years. From what I can tell they were mostly good for using the furniture as scratching posts. Once one jumped on my aunt’s lap and pinned her to the wall, face-to-face and wouldn’t let her move. “Stay away from the cats.”, they would say as they lit one after another of Salems and Kents while I sat on the floor suffocating while watching “Wild Kingdom”. But I always managed to sneak out the door to do some bug collecting in the overgrown yard. Bugs are getting scarce now although I’ve seen a couple of May beetles this year. And so it goes.


  77. As usual, I kind of like the latest post by CHS.

    The charts at the bottom seem particularly telling. Management and administration, what he calls “complexity”, seem to be pretty much out of control.

    I have some, a small “some”, experience with town budgets and administrations and such. The “education” budgets of most towns around here typically dwarfs the budget for all other town functions combined. “Education” administrators and their various assistants typically earn well into the six figures. If one tries to question this, one is usually shouted down by a chorus of “But it’s for the children.”


    1. The dissipatives are going to eat each other. The ones at the top of the pyramid like to arrange things so that energy continues flowing upward. The ones in the middle will be consumed or will learn to drop out or run away. The ones at the bottom will grab whatever crumbs they can. When the pyramid’s foundation has been sufficiently undermined the complexity will collapse. And God forbid that a flow from the top to the bottom becomes established. The chimps will be killing each other for their fair share which is always more than the next guy, they already are.


      1. PayPal closed the accounts for Consortium News and Mint Press because of their publishing “false, inaccurate or misleading information”, and may confiscate the cash in those accounts:

        NATO officials are going to work at TikTok – think of all the impressionable young minds to influence:

        The beatings will continue until morale improves. War is Peace. 2+2=5. The next step the system will take is seizing bank accounts, not just PayPal or GoFundMe.


        1. Most humans aren’t interested in the truth (a bitter pill) but they do have vacuous brains ready to entertain all kinds of ideas. The “Crown”, “City of London”, the “Fed” and Blackrock will kindly provide content via Netflix and other venues while their big tech bouncers send truth crashers to the curb. They can’t just come out and say, “We want at least half of you useless eaters to die since we can’t afford to feed you and give you medical care with declining energy. Most of our investment is in China now and we don’t need you. You’re a burden, a worn-out donkey that needs to be put down. As soon as we take over Russia we’ll have control of China and the world and our digital tentacles will creep into every aspect of your lives.” The officially sanctioned message is “Putin bad, vaccines good, Ukraine is winning.”

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  78. Humans and other organisms are little more than long, drawn-out lightning strikes, settling a temporary and local imbalance in the aether. The entire potential for their growth and behavior exist as part of the on-going remediation of disequilibrium in the universe. As soon as fossil fuels are burned to turn a magnetic power turbine, the created imbalance seeks equilibrium along a wired path of least resistance at the end of which are various appliances that create motion and heat that act to restore equilibrium or at least bring it closer. Humans likewise eat and burn fuel, but instead of a haphazard and sudden equilibrium as with a flash of lightning, they move about in a complex environment never fully discharging themselves to equilibrium, but seeking new gradients to channel through their bodies to exhaust into the environment like kinetic energy in gases and liquids as well as radiation. Humans also seek the path of least resistance or greatest profitability as they funnel high density energy gradient back into the aether. The universe preserves the conduits that are most effective at finding energy, preserving their own structural integrity and making copies of themselves.

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    1. “…they move about in a complex environment never fully discharging themselves to equilibrium, but seeking new gradients to channel…”

      A really nice way of putting it.

      I plead guilty your honour!


  79. Six years later. Why invest in supply expansion when you can invest (bioweapons, explosives) in demand destruction. Peak Prosperity podcast with Alice Friedemann on “When Trucks Stop Running”.

    See podcast towards bottom of page.

    You can get a paperback copy of “When Trucks Stop Running” on Amazon for $52.30 or the Kindle edition for $35.00 On Amazon there have been fourteen reviews since its publication. Now that trucks are at risk of not running, this book could become popular but there will have to be some deflation in the price.


      1. At the End of the World, I’m paying no more than £3-7.50 for a second-hand book – and the owner of the shop usually gives me about 30% off that.

        The rest of one’s money should go on wine,women, song and art.

        Although I’m now rather doubtful about the women part, given shedding………so more treats for the dog.


        1. I know that over the course of my lifetime I invested a lot of time, effort and money chasing after pussy. I’m pretty much done with that.


    1. I never could decide on what to be in life. None of the technological RNA vocations were appealing. After spending their youths in the rRNA schooling nucleolus, most people will choose a career in which they specialize in reading, interpreting and manipulating a narrow range of the technological DNA. The specializations became narrower and narrower. Who wants to report to a cell for the remainder of their lives to do repetitive motions, especially when the whole effort ends-up as a rotting heap in the end. Sure, the human RNA get a bit of the energy to keep them functioning, a home cell, a transport vesicle and perhaps a few vacations before their worn-out and retired husks await a cancer diagnosis. I do much prefer contemplation. Thank goodness for the diurnal turbulence provided by the sun to manifest such wonderful complexity in the biospherical matter. It does keep one entertained.


      1. I never could decide on what to be in life.

        Join the club. We all become (are?) nothing by default.


        1. My own personal existential dilemma has boiled down to two very interrelated questions:

          Did I search in vain for some intrinsic meaning to all this bullshit?


          Did I always know, viscerally, that it was all bullshit? And thus, never gave a fuck to begin with?

          Such questions will haunt me to my grave. Unless I can somehow acquire a stable of hot willing women and one trillion dollars. Then, I definitely won’t give a fuck.


          1. I think there’s an old Slavic folk saying that sums it up: Too soon old, too late smart. Something like that.


            1. Some people never build the puzzle, they just run on dissipative programming handed down through time from one generation of gnarly beings to the next. But if you start building the puzzle, you don’t want to stop until you see the whole picture. And in some way you figure that if humans knew where they came from and what they’re doing, they would stop being so self-destructive. But they’ll never become so enlightened so as to abandon their cut-throat pursuit of wealth. I would even say that they’ll shun enlightenment so as to continue with their dissipative ways which are very rewarding to their brains. Eventually they’ll eat the ecological chair they’re standing on and the technological rope will hang them. Oh well, next. I wonder what the tidal periwinkles are doing today. Sure hope they don’t develop a novel form of DNA and build technological tools to decimate the oceans. Not a chance, humans beat them to it. I imagine that planets like ours only suffer one megacancer in their billions of years of evolving life. Twice would be exceptional I expect.


              1. I think that most people just use the pieces that they’re handed at birth. They fit them together as best they can, while ignoring the fact that they just don’t fit together really well.

                To live and die without thinking too hard about the whole mess, and what a mess it is. This is not a bad strategy, I’d say.


                1. I liked this comment (because it parallels my own thoughts):
                  AnonymousMay 8, 2022 at 5:51 AM
                  “I am a Licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Part of my training was in Harbin, China, when China was just opening up to the West. I know and understand the Chinese perspective as well as any Gweilo can. Xi, knows exactly what he is doing and it has nothing to do with zero Covid policy. He understands that the West has declared war on Russian and then they are coming to destroy China. These are the only two countries who stand in the way of Klaus Schwab’s great reset, and as such they must be crushed and bend the knee to the NWO. Xi, is locking down to destroy the supply chain. He knows that this will make the West collapse, because China makes everything now, and the West makes nothing. Yes, he will sacrifice some Chinese with this lockdowns, but in his mind it is a price worth paying. He walks a fine line: lockdown just enough to destroy the supply chain, without causing a widespread rebellion.”

                  I might add that XI might be playing footsie with the Deep State to also help crush the West. The central bankers must make everyone malleable and eventually desperate for a solution. If the Deep State eliminates Putin, China will be number one at the trough of the remaining fossil fuels.


              2. Once, in a London restaurant, I’d been telling a friend interested in history about the Venetian maritime empire – origin, rise and fall, etc.

                He gestured at all the apes talking, stuffing their mouths, quaffing and ogling, and observed that as far’ as they were concerned it had never existed, and they weren’t a bit worse off for their ignorance’, which hadn’t hindered their attaining to the prosperity – due to the rise of the industrialised global empire – which allowed them to be in that room eating their fill.

                Quite right!

                Dogs are, usually, much nicer though, and beautiful to look at and stroke – I can say that about very few human beings. …..


  80. Dopamine and opioids have worked for hundreds of millions of years. My dog doesn’t need to know anything about the world to eat and copulate. Humans aren’t too different.


  81. As long as you can consistently shove 2000 cals/day into the pie hole, there’s really not too much of a reason to think about it too much. I’d guess.


      1. Ha, ha. I suppose curiosity is for finding new gradients. Technology is about finding the means to exploit them. Some might say that curiosity without gradient exploitation is just a waste of time. Which is it going to be, the hot tub or a plate of cheeseburgers. Life’s full of tough choices. Maybe both.


  82. A year ago, Mike Adams was speculating that the Biden Administration (Deep State) was colluding with the Chinese to hobble America. The Deep State does seem to be working from the inside to shut down food and energy production at the same time China is shutting down supply of parts coming out of Shanghai.

    Now, for some unknown reason, Ukraine is shutting down one-third of European natural gas supply. Wouldn’t China and the Deep State like to see the West and Russia destroy each other so that a more China friendly Deep Globalist State could emerge? Yes, yes, they would. There’s only so much pie left and all of the whiners in the West will be crying to “make America great again” or “make Germany great again”, or “make the English great again”. Well, forget about it. All of the new investment is in China and there will barely be enough to feed China as the others slowly starve. Zero-sum contest, the West and Russia will be on the negative side of the ledger.


    If there’s ever a nuclear war, count on the U.S. and Europe to be conducting nuclear response exercises with all defenses disabled.


    1. The outrage is amusing.

      The people who would readily say that a party, bar or restaurant (or even a hot tub) is far too crowded take exception when just the same principle of assessment is applied to the Earth and their place on it.

      I suppose it does rather diminish one’s sense of self-importance and beguiling, fascinating uniqueness.

      But they may have a point if they suspect certain billionaires are excited by the thought of empty and utterly private vistas.


      1. You would think that Meadows was the grim reaper with scythe instead of a scientist expressing ideas and concerns. “He’s a witch, burn him! He speaks against all we hold true and sacred.”


  83. All because sperm wants to join egg to make the greatest dissipative ever (as evidenced by all the meals, vacations, possessions and the like featured on Facebook pages everywhere.) Humans – tools for gradient reducing universe. Martin Butler would likely agree.


    1. How to get what you want without conforming to various expectations?

      Give up all desire?
      Somehow align your desires with the expectations of others?

      I know that for some time I tried to model myself after Diogenes. After a while, it just wasn’t worth the effort. Some type of calm acceptance that you are one of the fucked up social monkeys may be an answer. Not sure. Don’t know.


      1. The fact that you want something is because you’re a dissipative that comes from a long line of dissipatives that were successful in finding an energy gradient and releasing a flow of energy through their bodies. The body and mind take whatever form is successful in releasing energy from gradients in support of their structure and reproduction. Others may be better at finding and releasing energy. You’re supposed to feel bad about your social standing and compete more vigorously. Most people are captured by their programming and must live like the bugs, the birds, the vermin and the chimps, even if that means going through life in a state of misery because some other chimp is being more “successful” running the default human programming. But it can be satisfying to give life and the chimps the middle finger and move beyond the robotic preoccupation with energy and mating within the matrix of cultural norms. In the final analysis they’re all unsuspecting tools of the universe directed by evolution to release energy from gradients. They have no free will. Most will unnecessarily suffer. In many ways, humans are insufferable.


        1. I guess that the biggest successes (resource identification and exploitation) were always a result of cooperative efforts of some sort. Within that cooperating group all sorts of monkey business takes place in the jostle to see who gets what. Taking part in that jostle of monkey business has always been a problem for me. I’ve had to find a lot of work around solutions over the years, to get what I want.

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    1. Interesting that the waste heat from burning fossil fuels is already 10% of the warming from extra CO2 in the atmosphere. I had always imagined it was far less significant than that.

      I believe Tom is far too optimistic about human nature, our ability to change and the amount of time we have left. Maybe his position requires he does not appear too doomerish.


      1. Maybe that’s why he has a fascination with newts. Keeps his mind off of the human predicament. You can’t go wrong with newts.


    1. I think that Sri Lanka is a pretty good preview of things to come in the farming world, when farmers simply can’t get the inputs that they need to produce.


      1. Or the EROEI goes negative and they just give-up. At that point, when the human RNA begin dying-off, cells are dying etc. then collapse can’t be too far away.


        1. Someone in the US mentioned finding bees dying or dead on the ground this year: to my horror, I have seen several such here in the last few days.

          I look a lot at the ground – flowers in the country, avoiding dog shit in town – and have never seen this before.

          It has been very dry, perhaps a cause? Or are the little buggers just giving upon Poison Planet?


  84. “What will avail in the face of these treacheries and hardships? Oppose. Refuse. Resist. This is getting personal. How many of you not fully entranced by media psy-ops are willing to just say “no, and no more”? ” JHK

    Yeah, I think that JHK has kind of gone off the deep end. I mean, just what are people supposed to say “no” to? The other day, I went to get blood work done for my yearly physical. They said “you have to put on a mask in order to come in.”
    So, I put on a mask. I should say “no”?

    During the lockdowns, I had to put on a mask to go into the grocery store. If they impose that again, I should say “no”?


    1. How about just trying to survive the “March of Folly”. I do appreciate some of the mental imagery Kunstler’s writing evokes:

      “Are there three less charismatic characters in all world history than that above-named trio of human worms? What are they going to do to make Bill Gates look like a Leader-of-Men? Dress him in the raiment of a Napoleonic hussar: gold-frogged tunic, epaulets, leopard-skin cape, knee-high boots, and plumed bear-skin shako? Nigga, please….”


      1. Hussar motto:

        ‘A good horse, sword, wine, and a pretty woman!’

        I doubt Gates has had any acquaintance – or would know what to do with -any of the above…..