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Brick Wall, Cliff, End of the Road

The universe loves an effective dissipative structure because it enhances the flow of energy towards equilibrium. Humans are one such dissipative structure that enhances the flow of energy towards equilibrium. Humans have recently evolved to become rRNA, identical in function to rRNA found in their constituent cells, that function to build technological cells, distribution systems and various tools to enhance energy flow, mostly from fossil fuels, but also from hydroelectric  nuclear and organic sources. The cooperative human dissipative structure is called civilization. The metric of success is found in the volume and rate of release of trapped energy into the electro-magnetic milieu or aether and the efficiency in reproduction of the dissipative structure.

The Great Orb of Dissipation keeps things stirred-up on Earth’s surface. Matter constantly falls towards equilibrium on Earth’s surface but never reaches it for long before it gets stirred again.

If in the mutations of information a more effective dissipative structure can be found, it will soon gain a decisive edge over other dissipatives and replace them. Entire systems and their human constituents seek to maximize energy flow and growth. You could say that the universe selects for greed and that even the cooperative efforts of mankind are a type of greed meant to open new energy frontiers and maximize flow. The desire for the successful release of energy from atomic bonds or nuclei is so great that the incidental damages are often overlooked. Humans, like all evolving dissipatives, are laser focused on self-promotion and increasing the flow of energy through their own bodies and through the technological cells they work within, hoping in the eternal competition to maintain and reproduce their own structures through the creation of entropy. It is because of this prime directive of the universe that many considerations and constraints were simply never put on the drawing board. Even with the recognized imminent peril of ecosystem destruction, growth and energy flow are sought and individual humans spend much of their time trying to invest in the fastest growing and most profitable dissipative structures. Kinder, gentler dissipatives will be unable to overcome the more greedy, cavalier types.

Greedy dissipatives celebrating a killer day trading the market.

It is for this reason that energy exhaustion  will soon be accomplished by the technological energy consumers. The entire ecosystem of dissipative structures, like the technological  system, creates paths of least resistance for energy flow comprised of selected dissipatives. The ecosystem can never be in overshoot because it is limited by its daily budget of solar turbulence. The technological system can overshoot because its growth is funded by release of energy from finite fossil fuels and those  orchestrating the growth are only interested in the self-satisfaction of having a greater energy flow and number of dissipative structures than the competition, something instilled in people’s brains over many millions of years of competition in the ecosystem. The greed works well in the ecosystem which has natural checks and boundaries, but not in the technological system where unfettered growth and consumption leads to rapid depletion of finite energy stores. Humans seems unable to curb their appetites because they are dissipatives that have evolved to be, or attempt to be, number one in the competition for energy flow and reproduction. They will even likely struggle to maintain the doomed system as long as energy flows through it instead of pulling back towards a more sustainable position. Humans will be unwilling to take a voluntary retreat in wealth, energy flow or hierarchy in anticipation of energy deficit which is itself denied as a possibility. Meanwhile two-hundred thousand human dissipatives more or less, are added to the world’s population each day and each would like to eat well and participate in the civilization of technological cells that produce a wide variety of consumer goods and comforts as they dissipate energy. In the developing zero-sum situation it seems increasingly unlikely that adequate energy will be available to satisfy newcomers when the existing stock of dissipatives will themselves be dying en masse from energy starvation.

This is what it looks like when the dissipation is over. There are a few plants that seem to be making a living from the sun’s input.


304 thoughts on “Brick Wall, Cliff, End of the Road”

    1. ‘Grief counsellor’ must be a great gig these days. I should get the certification…….

      What is the great glowing red globe showing exactly, James? The earth turning to Hell?


      1. It’s showing massive dissipation of energy trapped in atoms and released as turbulence or wave energy that strikes the earth and keeps the shit show running. “The earth turning to hell?” From what I can tell at this point in time, it has always been hell with everything trying to eat or take advantage of everything else to keep their heads above equilibrium water.


    1. “We” equals Deep State bankers. Their running of the worldwide slave plantation is paramount and worth the lives of all humans, except themselves.


    1. That’s interesting in that they wanted to save tires. They may ration food the same way using a smart phone and social credit scores. But what they really wanted to do was save ammonium nitrate for making bombs.


    1. Something else to amplify cancer and infertility risks, and polish people off all the sooner? Just what DARPA ordered! The killer cowards strike again……


  1. I just read Steve Ludlums last post at Economic Undertow from September 1st and it’s this weird anti-Russia article. Steve doesn’t write frequently but he usually writes well. This time though his writing reads like CNN or the BBC.

    People who are victims of propoganda become perpatrators. Confirmation bias kicks in and they embrace the official lies as their personnel opinions. They never realize they have lost situational awareness and consider all alternative explanations enemy propoganda.

    Z Marks the Spot


    1. Steve has lost the plot but his blog is a great wealth of info.

      I would sum up Steve’s view as “the entire world industrial economy sucks, but we Americans will become car free and the best democratic republic once again”

      That’s more or less his view, which I disagree with.


      1. “the best democratic republic once again” LOL

        We were a slave holding republic before industrialization. I guess in a way we are getting back to that.

        Westerners are heavily indoctrinated against dictatorship as a means of upholding oligarchy.


    2. So much bullshitus blather. All you have to know are the actors like Zelensky and Biden, the corrupt politicians trying to get a piece of the action and the bioweapons labs built on Russia’s border. Russia is the aggressor? The MIC needs big, bad Russia for profit and growth.


  2. Yeah, the biggest advantage in being a bit of living matter, is that is can find ways to release heat energy from both inanimate and other forms of animate matter. That’s what life, ie, animate matter,does. Inanimate matter, most of the bullshit out there, can do nothing but sit and wait for it to happen.


    1. Most of the matter continues to settle as close to equilibrium as possible. If it has a chance and the activation energy to jump to an even more settled state and make some waves in the process, it will. “Gravity” is just another means to equilibrium. Some of that inanimate stuff will cycle through dissipative structures and become “animate” for a short while. The sun provides the energy necessary to reload the pinball machine or wind the clock spring as electrons are knocked out of their comfortable shells.


      1. Some long time ago I used to run into people who would jabber at me about “neg-entropy”, mostly apostolic Christians, if I recall correctly. I don’t see the term bandied about much lately. Maybe I’m out of touch.

        Their main point seemed to be that plants disobeyed the laws of thermodynamics and grew spontaneously, at the behest of God. Something like that, I guess.

        Of course, I was young and naive. I would try to explain things like an atmosphere that slowed the release of heat energy from the sun which allowed various molecules to form. Over time, these molecules unavoidably developed better means to capture and store this available energy, etc. etc. etc. Complete waste of time, this all just part of God’s plan, including spontaneous growth…

        Of course this is all very true. It is God’s plan to have one thing kill and eat something else and all. Seems that way.


        1. Nothing is in charge. The universe is just flowing, flowing, flowing and addressing energy imbalances. If your dissipative structure and behavior can derive nourishment from whatever source, you get to be. Not that anyone really wants to be, it just happens as the energy continues flowing. Mommy and Daddy are enthralled to sex and want to raise youngins. Evolution wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re probably the universe’s best chance at creating a generic atom smasher for releasing the energy trapped in matter. We could grow all over the universe like a trillion year cancer until the whole thing collapses. But I say why bother. But even then, evolution would create dumbass dissipatives that want to eat and conquer the universe. Won’t be biological organisms though. Extinction puts dumbasses out of business.


          1. Yes, nature, evolution, all this bullshit, all winding its way down stream, looking for shortcuts (cue the humans), into nothing. God’s plan.

            trust me when I tell you, I do not “believe in God”, Christian or otherwise. But I certainly do understand the appeal. I certainly do pray, even though it’s never done me any good.


            1. Yeah, my mom used to say that her religion was the most important thing. In a world like this who couldn’t use a God going to bat for you. Satan is there to explain all of the bad things that a good God would never let happen. The virtual self in the brain can imagine a lot of realities that are preferable to the reality of biology, physics and chemistry, like a Harry Potter novel where power comes from the end of a stick and everyone has some. I suppose most people would like to live in a dream of some sort as reality can be a somewhat wicked experience.


    1. I’m sure it’s electric. Probably be useful for a quick getaway to Bora Bora. Range: 8,630 miles. Los Angeles to Bora Bora is 4,103 miles. Seats the whole family up to 18 passengers.


    2. I kinda like Elon, not that I know him personally. I hear he’s had like 11 children with 8 different women, something along those lines. That seems admirable in my view, which might be considered perverse, my view that is. Go for the gusto, or not at all, that kinda thing.


      1. He seems to be just another billionaire general of the bankers, there to carry-out an agenda. He should name one of his children Gustego Musk, a dissipatives dissipative.


        1. Elon ‘Just because you obliterate the ant-hill it doesn’t mean that you hate ants. They are just in the way.’ Musk.

          I’ve got a road to build to the stars, out of the way earthling ants!


          1. I agree with Elon, just get out of the way. I’m OK with that. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, get out of the way.


    1. “U.S. provided capabilities.” Well, that’s all the Russians need to know. Raise interest rates and reduce consumption amongst the citizens while funding foreign wars with an interest free blank check.


      1. Similar to what the English kings did to the peasants in the 14th century in order to fund their attempt to claim the whole of France.

        But it was a more primitive financial system, and so they defaulted on the debt to the Italian bankers.


        1. when I had a bunch of chickens I had to find ways to get rid of excess roosters.

          For awhile I would slaughter them and butcher them. Too much time and work, too little return. I never really minded killing animals. The butchering of any animal is hard and dirty work, IMO. It makes me happy that I can still go to the grocery store and get a nice dead clean plump plastic wrapped chicken for $0.99/lb (on sale of course).

          After a while I found a small market for them. I would gather them up and sell them for a couple of $ each. Not exactly sure what people wanted them for, never asked.


          1. I suppose they could be used as alarm clocks or to keep the hens happy or if you have a pet python to feed they might come in handy.


            1. yeah, kinda funny. I could never tell a rooster from a hen, until they were at least half way grown. If you know anything chicken sex, I think you’d agree, it has nothing to do with keeping anyone “happy” or pleasure of any sort. That was one of the problems with having too many roosters, they’d harass the hens. Familiar situation. Alarm clock? Yeah, I’ve always hated alarm clocks.

              There are very good reasons to cull excess males, I’d say.


  3. Some interesting comments

    R R
    18 hours ago (edited)
    New Zealander here. . She has also set legislation to take our water assets from our local councils/rate payers (us) and hand the management over to the private sector who will charge not only every user in NZ more, but another charge on our food producers.

    New Zealand Prepper
    18 hours ago
    It’s good to see so many new Zealanders. In the comments, earlier they were talking about breeding more efficient animals, they mean breeding the ones who burp And fart less With other ones that burp And fart Less. Yes also happy to see You looking into our country and exposing our WEF, young leader jacinda who is routing our country.

    Anne Humphrey
    4 hours ago
    Have just watched this right through and agree with all that was spoken. I’m an 82 year old born in New Zealand as were my parents. I am horrified to know that our very small country has ended up in the hands of the nasties who rule the world. I am more horrified to see a woman has fallen so low in her guardianship of our citizens. That New World Order is now so close everyone who does not believe what is occurring are going to feel scared when it all becomes official. I truly hope I have passed away before it becomes official. Thanks for your honest views regarding NZ.


    1. And it’s all based upon the pretext of saving the environment when it’s actually meant to maintain fortunes and the slave population. Neither will be saved.


      1. Yep: they’re going down with the slave galley. The only question is timing.

        Hariri says that ‘technologists can build an ark for elites’: this Ark is obviously the re-modelled bio-digital state, with them sitting at the Captain’ tables not a bunker or spaceship, though the might be dreaming of the latter.


        1. They have to be pretty stupid or they wouldn’t have let it get this far, or greedy, wanting to use the slaves to the last drop of oil and then dispatching them when the time came. They’ll find they don’t have an economy to stand on.


    1. But, but, mRNA vaccines are a great technology. We haven’t worked-out all the kinks, but that’s O.K., there are too many useless eaters anyhow.


    1. This is so patently obvious to anyone familiar with immunology, it makes one wonder why they injected that stuff into people. Hmmm.


    1. The Ukraine is a great place for biolabs and assorted work too shady for United States soil. You just have to depose any politicians that are too close to the Russians or bribe them. There’s enough corruption in Ukraine to fill everyone’s pockets.


    1. While Canada becomes host to a whole gleaming new giant Moderna plant…..

      ‘We’ll experiment on you with our toxic potions: then, when the damage is too great, you can just fuck off and die – we’ll help you on your way with that, too!

      Reverse Nuremberg Trials: the surviving victims are rounded up and hung.


    2. Why don’t they do a medical immigration. Drive to anywhere in Michigan and load-up. Maybe they just want to off those too frail to travel.


    1. I liked this comment:

      Nov 6
      edited Nov 6
      “Fuck amnesty. I want accountability.”

      Me too. I’m not a Christian, don’t turn the other cheek, or forgive my aggressor. I want revenge.

      For going on three years, I’ve been banned from theaters, restaurants, and museums; obliged to wear useless goddamned masks in doctors’ offices and supermarkets; I’ve even been excluded from my yoga class. For what?

      I will not be satisfied with anything less than some public hangings—starting with Fauci and including the Governor, Mayor, and Schools’ Chancellor of New York. And that’s just the top of the list!


      1. Lacks imagination.

        How about: all assets confiscated, down to the great-grandchildren, a nice Old Testament touch, esp for Rochelle.

        Then I’d take them, perfectly well, and tell them they are going to be vaccinated with the real stuff (revived if they get anaphylactic shock, a clot, etc) ; then dosed with Remdesiver; and. finally, put on a ventilator whether they need it or not.

        Then unplug them, rinse and repeat, until they die or are crippled.

        Can it be called torture if we apply their own best practice protocols?


        1. A modern version of the rack but being drawn and quartered might be most appropriate to account for those that lost their limbs to blood clots.


          1. Oh, I’m sure we could fit in some amputations, too: pity about the painkiller shortages……

            It needs a soundtrack to drive them bonkers in their moments of lucidity:

            ‘We will only be safe when we are all vaccinated you sometimes have to be cruel to be kind safe and effective for most people let’s blow up the system you only know the side effects when you inject its just nerves this has been identified as misinformation you will be happy moving at the speed of science’ on a loop?


  4. As the house of cards falls, you must realize the elevation of complexity from which the leveling will take place. Every day beneath the human skin generations of highly complex “eaters” in the form of cells are living and dying under the auspices of the “I” in the brain which the cells create by building to DNA specification a nervous system that surveys and responds to the environment. At birth the “I” is nearly non-existent, but takes form over the years as autonomy is reached. The primary role of the “I” or ego is to find ways to shovel food into the buccal cavity where the system of cells takes over breaking down and distributing those foodstuffs to all cells for energy production and maintenance of system infrastructure. The secondary but equally important task of the “I” in the brain is to find a mate and see that sperm meets egg and that “love” holds the mating pair together while new systems are being raised.

    While completing this life cycle, the human must fend-off viral, bacterial and parasitic infection, predators and other humans while maintaining homeostasis. At some point infrastructural integrity is lost, homeostatic and metabolic needs cannot be met and the projection of self in the brain and the memories it inhabited disappear while the body awaits a slower process of degradation. Not having the benefit of oxygen since the breathing centers in the brain have ceased functioning, the cells begin to die and their molecules become disorganized. In a natural setting, the fungi, bacteria, vultures, beetles, maggots and the like would make-off with the building blocks and use them for energy and growth.

    From the atomic to the molecular to the cellular to the organism to the human’s technological society, immense amounts of energy have been consumed to create and maintain the complexity. But complexity has an Achilles heal in that it always degrades under the influence of energy flow. Comlexity is not at its lowest energy state and will always tend towards equilibrium or the lowest energy state that can be achieved. The complexity, as specified, rusts in effect. Proteins become cross-linked, information becomes corrupted, etc. The only option at some point is to rebuild from either the original or chromosomaly reassorted information. Human technological society is better able to do repair on its infrastructure but cannot reverse all degradative processes which lead the matter closer to equilibrium. The organic system simply cannot see, electromagnetically, all of the possibilities for damage and therefore mechanisms for repair cannot be evolved or applied.

    When technological civilization collapses, likely from some deficit in energy procurement, the collapse of complexity will start with the technological cells and metabolic tasks of human rRNA working in those cells. Food distribution to cells (fossil fuels and food for people) will become spotty or cease altogether. Metabolic work will not be done and technological death will ensue. Many rRNA humans, dependent upon the massive fossil fuel eating system, will still be alive when the electricity goes off, using small stored caches of food. Much of the help of the technological system in maintaining homeostasis will be lost as environmental control (heat/AC) are lost along with the hygienic adaptations of water flow and waste removal. Technological cells in the form of houses, factories and offices will begin to deteriorate with some, like stick-built homes, deteriorating more rapidly than others like concrete and steel structures. All will be subject to some intrusion of molds and insects which will increasingly open avenues for water damage. Without food and the protective environment of the operating technological cells, many people will be unable to maintain homeostasis. In consequence of the damages inflicted upon the natural world when the technological organism was alive, on-going damage from climate change and a desperate consumption of biomass at the failure point, it is likely that human population will go from a massive overshoot to an undershoot of the natural carrying capacity. That number may be as low as thirty million well dispersed humans. Cities will be untenable since the concentrated energy necessary for their existence will no longer exist. Not even a city the size of ancient Rome will exist since even it had the benefit of virgin resource and energy stocks during its growth. Post technological humans will inherit a polluted and depleted world.

    Don’ think it can happen? It happens all the time in nature and human technological society is simply another of nature’s experiments which, like millions of experiments before, seems destined for failure to reproduce, energy starvation and extinction. Just to be fair, be wary of your “leaders”, they may have your preemptive extinction in mind to serve their own or some other group’s survival needs.


    1. Good stuff.

      I’d say that our leaders have about the same chance of survival as the rest of us, which always adds up to zero. Thier offspring, if they have any, will be born into a world where blatant lies and cheating will not be covered up by layers of civilizational complexity. Whatever advantages they may have now, will be gone. It will be much more of a put-up or shut-up type world.

      But I have to guess that some will figure out ways to game the system, as simple as the system might be. Cheating and lieing will remain valuable survival tools, no matter what.


        1. And let’s not forge….drum roll…….Self Deception!

          Among the most powerful survival traits of them all.

          ‘Cheer up, it won’t be so bad! We’ll win the next battle! With the baby comes the bread! They’re not all evil! They’ll think of something!’ etc

          Of course,it might only just help you to keep going to the next day, but what is there except the next day?

          And not even that if you have a vaxx-damaged heart.

          Mc Cullough says dawn is the crisis time…..


      1. I kinda think that globalists, central bankers, and techocrats are in different camps. There may be some, maybe a lot, of overlap, but they are not unified in any substantive fashion, lots of friction. I’d say.

        It’s all tribal.


        1. Maybe one can see them like the various factions in the Nazi state, broadly co-operating, but also jostling and competing: some were waiting for Adolf to pass on and then seize supreme power, others actively building a parallel army like Himmler and the SS, and Goering building palaces, robbing Europe and indulging in weird fancy dress…..

          I think Catherine Austin Fitts said that in the blink of an eye they could all fall out and try to destroy one another, which sounds about right to me: an alliance of thieves and murderers without honour…..


          1. pretty much every alliance that’s ever been is a matter of convenience, convergent interests, based on some set of conditions that are always changing. Everything falls apart. I’d say.


          2. Oligarchies produce uneven disjointed strategy for governance because nobody is in charge. They reward increasingly unbalanced perspectives.


  5. Damage from the vaxxes must be widespread: in just two random YT videos the makers have clear signs of possible injury: a fit sporting German ‘survivalist’ lady, young mother, with a sudden serious heart condition coinciding with the vaxx campaign in Germany; and another young mother, with stage 4 lung cancer out of the blue. Non-smoker,too.

    Doctors ‘puzzled’ in both cases.

    Neither has made the connection, not in the videos anyway.

    What are the odds?


  6. Hmm, the polar opposite of psychopathy would seem to be ‘Williams Syndrome’ – you just want to hug everyone and feel unconditional love for them.

    Survival value: ZERO.


    1. My dog is much better adapted: wag your tail and maybe they’ll feed you.

      But be prepared to run if they reach for a stick or stone…..


  7. Down to about twenty-five visitors per day. I suppose enlightenment isn’t in vogue. Being an rRNA, getting a practical RNA education, a job and a paycheck seems to be the preferred and natural course in gradient elimination. After all, you don’t get any of the opioid eliciting spoils of cancer growth unless you’re in a tech cell functioning in the Megacancer (aka civilization). But as a biologist, it’s still entertaining to watch the rapid conversion of ecosystem human beings into technosystem RNA to be shaped and managed for maximum profit and growth and even to be replaced by more capable and easily programmed robots. Too bad the energy gradients that fuel all of this self-organizing stupidity will soon see a reverse trend and a return to a more robust Neanderthal simplicity.


    1. The hardest thing today is to find the motivation to keep working, observing, questioning reality, when the only reasonable attitude is to say fuck everything and everyone, I’ll have a drink or walk the dog instead.
      I’ve completely given up on the whole enlightenment business, having concluded that normies have a natural horror of natural light and prefer, need, to live in the dark. The part of the myth of the cave that Plato left untold was that when the prisoner returned to the cave to enlight the others, he was stoned to death.


        1. I hope of course you have your drink at the Megacancer speakeasy, with the twenty-five habitués, since there are not many more places in this world where a drinker can soberly consider the finitude of whiskey, wit, and the other good things without attracting the attention of the morality police.


      1. I am afraid it is more than just packaging, the dissipatives will only indulge with adequate dopamine and opioids and my product is deficient in both. Maybe I need a happy ending.


        1. Well, if you’ve got something to sell, let’s just call it “enlightenment”, and you want consumers (what else is there?) to buy it, packaging goes a long way. I’d say.


  8. See us an elite audience.

    John the Baptist drew the crowds, but lost his head.

    Jesus only had 12 followers: you might still be global one day, James.


  9. Life is basically chemical reactions occurring within an aqueous solution confined by a membrane. The type and frequency of reactions are mostly determined by DNA information. The cells have the same requirements of any other organic dissipative which is to acquire energy at a profit, grow and reproduce. In the competition for energy it seems a constant winnowing-out of inefficient or ineffective forms or “selection” will occur. The selection pressure strongly favors effective and efficient acquisition of energy.

    If those reactions within a cell are constrained by the desired effect of obtaining energy and using it efficiently, then is it too far-fetched to believe that humans, cell colonies held together by connective tissues, have a mental repertoire that is equally constrained by the need to obtain energy and that those who stray from the “true path” of energy and reproduction are soon eliminated. The two greatest obsessions of humans seems to be acquisition of wealth and mating as is the case with all organic dissipatives.

    If this is the case, then human “free will” must be free only in it’s service to the goals of energy acquisition, wealth accumulation and mating success. I think this is exemplified by the doctors and others so willingly giving vaccinations during the Covid pandemic. Most reluctance to go along with the program was extinguished by providing “incentives”, something the dissipatives have evolved to desire even if by claiming the reward damage is done to the recipients of the vaccines, damages which are conveniently ignored or explained away as having other causes. Who wants to read the vaccine insert or make a VAERS report when the money is rolling-in. Human competition for energy and mates results in infliction of damage, mental and physical, upon other humans. Can one be surprised that a high-paying occupation would attract an unusually high proportion of wolves? I think not. Not only damaging vaccines are administered, but harmful treatments for various ailments are routinely prescribed because they’re big “money-makers” for the doctors and the hospitals.

    The ruthless behaviors are evolved and hardly controllable by the medial prefrontal cortex or moral compass of the human brain. Only by the threat of withholding everlasting life and dropping into a devilish inferno has some nasty behavior been curbed with minor infractions being excused at the confessional and major ones being rewarded with jail time (unless you’re a banker). As the façade of religion drops away will the wolf come out to play? Me thinks so. And it will accelerate the collapse of civilization as the competition for energy becomes more “no holds barred.” The current Ukraine war and war against the useless eaters are energy wars and if you’ve had the “vaccine”, you have essentially already been “shot” and wounded (unless you were lucky enough to draw a blank or misfire). Undoubtedly the enemy is already reloading their weapons and we’re all on the front lines.


    1. I’m surprised Whitney Webb was let into the country to do the interview with Glenn Beck. She’s only one cut above Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, she’s dug up so much dirt on the system. I think she’s been living in Chile lately.


        1. Whitney knows full well exactly which toes to avoid treading on.

          The others came too close to the core lies and players in a way that could not be ignored.

          Nor is she a spook, as far as we know, so cannot be viewed as a ‘traitor’. God help whistleblowers. One wonders what will happen to those DOD doctors….


  10. It’s kinda like, so what is the message? You’re a tiny little robot, kinda like an RNA molecule, but acting out (being a robot) on a slightly bigger stage (relatively speaking)?

    I mean, I’m OK with that. Me and maybe, I don’t know, a couple of million others, out of 8 billion or so. Figure the ods…


    1. If you want to “sell this to the masses”, so to speak, you really need to hire a PR person of some sort. Or something like that…

      Maybe the Bagrahm has some names.


    2. I’m afraid the masses or most people aren’t up to the task. What if they became conscious of the algorithms making them resource grabbing, copulation automatons? That’s just it, they can’t become conscious and neither can most of the “elite”.


  11. I guess that my own thoughts around the vaccines are that so many people wanted to believe in them, that they just had to work.

    Kinda like, so many people want to believe in God, he just has to be there somewhere, and prayers have to work.

    Or, Russia Gate, so many people hated Donald Trump, and the fact that he had actually won, he just had to be guilty of something, anything would do.

    I’m sure there are many more examples.


    1. And the dissipatives at Pfizer wanted to believe they could kill a bunch of people with a highly profitable product and get away with it. In their brains there was a loop playing: “Money, energy, money, energy, more fucking, energy, money.”


  12. Just in time, a new vacation destination for the overworked ape – Icon of the Seas.

    Are you a worn-out rRNA and tired of working day and night in a cramped techno cell breaking down gradient? Do you have a good job with one-week for vacation and want to make your life worthwhile? Then we’ve discovered something wonderful for you! Forget Vegas, forget Disney World, forget the massage parlor down the street, it’s time to set sail on Icon of the Seas!



    1. Well, we are all, immersed in a paradox, of sorts. If we want something to happen, we must make it happen. But, we have no control over anything, not even ourselves.

      Kinda funny, when you think about it. Most have no sense of humor. I’d say.


    2. Soon, the cruise ships will be big enough to stretch all the way from Miami to the Bahamas without leaving port… Looks like a bit too much stimulation for me. Not sure I’d want to be on board that thing in rough weather – looks a bit top-heavy, especially with all that swimming-pool water on the upper levels.


      1. Maybe the Saudis are up to the task. A great way to finish-off Ghawar. They can call it NEMO to go along with their super-duper city NEOM, a Disney fantasy for all.


      2. What the hell is there to see off the coast of Norway? Seems like those waves should be the most exciting part of the North Sea.


    1. Yeah, everything is “critical”, I guess. More like some more stupid bullshit, that’s bound to happen, or not. I’d say.

      Just another dumb bitch with her panties in a wad. Now that’s critical. I’d say.


      1. Not critical at all, just gradient reduction playing out (GDP going up at an increasing rate to GDP going up at a decreasing rate to GDP not going up at all.) I imagine that after the financial system lets go they’ll shoehorn us into a CBDC and social credit with a little culling around the edges, if they don’t just create a lot of chaos instead. But that will be a temporary condition. We’re in the growth stagnation phase now that kills the financial system and all the future claims on energy. The existing corpus of civilization will become increasingly difficult to feed and impossible to replace with something new. Warfare and “pandemics” may put an end to much of it pretty fast. It seems that the West is the first hog to the slaughter.


    1. Perhaps he can congratulate Bibi’s Mossad buddies for the excellent demolition work on 9/11. That shit had me fooled for years.


  13. From “Germ” over at

    “Just beneath then surface there’s a silent slaughter.

    My tennis partner’s son died “suddenly” last week.
    Totally out of the blue, totally unexpected.

    It’s an ongoing silent, yet sudden, slaughter.

    ” suddenly of ‘natural causes’ “


    1. I tried to watch it, and I usually like Dave Chappell, but most of the pop culture references, went right over my head. Also, the audio in general was not that great, at least on my end.

      My guess is that DC thinks he can go off on Jews because he’s black, and has been at this stuff for a long time? Not sure. Personally, I think that all groups, of all sorts, are just as fucked up and stupid as any other group of monkeys might be. But it’s almost like they take turns in getting lucky, or something like that. One day, it’s the white people’s turn, then the jews, then the blacks, then the asians, then around and around and down the drain they all go. Something like that…


      1. The financial and Muslim, Christian Ponzi schemes originated in the Middle-East a couple of thousand years ago. Just dissipative trickery, including the rules and laws disallowing criticism of “the Jews”. The Aztecs and Mayans had their own royalty or priestly Ponzi schemes. Funnel money up the pyramid. Likely a feature important to the rapid growth and what will be a rapid demise of civilization. And the beat goes on until it doesn’t. The current schemes will not likely be displaced, but will simply disintegrate along with most of the pyramid.


  14. There are so many liberal vegan shit heads at reddit collapse it’s infuriating. Here they are complainng about “big meat”.

    I can’t believe people don’t understand that hunting and gathering is about megafauna mammals that we hunted into extinction. Thus forcing us into domesticated animal agriculture to maintain necessary meat intake. They think we invented fire to cook fucking bananas and apples. Fire use is about our carnivorous use of anabolic energy. Cooking meat with fire reduces the energy load on our metabolism when digesting meat, thereby increasing surplus energy value.

    Fat is more than two times higher in caloric density than protein and carbs. Hence why your body wants to store fat and not proteins. That’s how you get by without eating more than one meal a day or a meal everyday, through high fat consumption. The easiest place to find fat is on animals. Most of the vitamins and minerals are stored in the animal’s fat along with the organs and bone marrow.

    Also there are ten of the top nutrients found only, or in appreciable quantities, in meat:
    Vitamin A (Retinol)
    Heme iron
    Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
    Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)

    Then there is the whole problem of insulin resistance and the “diseases of civilization” cause by high carbohydrate, starch, and sugar intake. All of which strongly suggests that plant foods are not the ideal food for humans.

    So to sum it up we were not sustainable even as hunter-gatherers, having hunted all our sweet megafauna meat into extinction. Civilization and agriculture was forced on to us because of our unsustainable hunting and procreation.


    1. I like steaks and hamburgers, with an occasional kidney or liver thrown into the mix.

      I live with a woman who thinks, somehow, that plants are healthy and meat is not. But, when I bring home some steaks or sausage, she’s happy to eat it. Does my black and broken heart some small amount of good, not much..


      1. It’s the bread on that hamburger that will screw up your insulin levels not the meat. Lettuce is one of the plants low in carbs, starch, and sugar so no problem. Our modern obesity epidemic is a plant based one with the worst offenders being grains and sugars. Pretty much anything that will turn into sugar in your body after metabolising is what people should be worried about, not meat. As long as your insulin remains low your body will melt the fat away by metabolising it.

        That fat does not make people fat is very counterintuitive to what everyone has been taught since 1956. Ever since then people have become fat phobic leading to the rise of eating disorders in women and an insufferable amount of western vegan bullshit.

        Of course your woman still eats meat becasue it’s instinctual. Give a toddler a choice between plants and meat, see what happens. Only a vegan has enough indoctrination to choose plants all the time.

        Somehow plants also got wrapped up in feminism so women think of plants as feminine. Maybe they’re right since men do all of the hunting and women see more colors than men. Never the less they still need those animal nutrients.


        1. One wonders how many female Vegans choose it because subconsciously they want to be thin, but it sounds so much better to say that you abhor killing?

          Nothing a dog likes better than to share the fat from a juicy marbled steak or a leg of lamb with me.

          Sensible creatures, and with exercise as hard as iron muscular.


          1. Many eating disordered women start off as anorexic or bulimic and then transfer over to vegan because veganism beyond one month duration isn’t acknowledge to be an eating disorder, which it is. So its actually quiet common.

            This is reinforced by the incorrect but common knowledge that too many calories cause obesity. Fats are high in caloric density so people avoid them.

            On top of all of that there is also the popularity of some Dharmic religious philosophies that abhor animal eating for karmic reasons. This tends to heavily influemce the New Age group which is disproportionately female and frequently linked to yoga culture, also disproportionately female. They see themselves as achieving a higher “vibration” through the avoidance of dead flesh and animal cruelty. They then get to virtue signal about it in a sanctimonious and self-rightous Mother Teresa like manner.


    2. When I look at all the prehistoric Indian artifacts found on our farm, I find spear points, arrowheads, knives but no Salad Shooters.


    3. As at Gobekli (?) Tepe, which appears to show very early organised agriculture and ‘temple’ buildings, alongside intensive hunting. Fascinating site.

      Agriculture wasn’t a mistake, it was a necessity.


      1. Yep, they really will turn off money, utilities, etc.

        Perhaps only to a few at first, in order to spread fear and ‘nudge’ compliance- just like the talk about ‘camps’ for the non-vaxxed; but if that doesn’t work to stampede people, they’ll do it en masse


    1. They pumped my beautiful diabetes I friend, 25, full of the poison before she could blink, because she is ‘vulnerable’ and needed protection.

      Priority customer AZ and Pfizer.

      All we can do now is try to keep their crap out of her young daughter of 2. They will no doubt try to get her with the RSV and Covid vaxx because she is ‘living with a vulnerable person and an infection risk’.

      Still jabbing pregnant women enthusiastically here: beyond disgusting.

      They couldn’t do this without all the mindless minions in the lower reaches of ‘healthcare’, who are as guilty as Bourla and Bancel, and our Chief Medical Officer’.

      And all they get is a few extra £’s as a fee, if that.


  15. Like

    1. How many, if any of those double-plus shocking Al Qaeda beheading videos were genuine – if any?

      I only paid close attention to one, and lots of things didn’t add up even to my non-expert eye.

      Now we are told in Boris’s words that the war with Russia is a ‘Manichaean struggle of good against evil’. He ‘passionately believes it’.

      Pull the other one, fat clown actor.


        1. What amused me was that he conceded that ‘a lot of people in India, Africa and Asia don’t share this view.

          Most of the bloody world, then, Boris!

          And why? Because you are lying, as you lied about ‘Covid’ before presiding over the murder of your own citizens.

          I believe his arm was twisted, but he’s still a criminal.

          The ‘West’ ie the murderer banksters, has managed to make undoubtedly ‘authoritarian’ (but what state isn’t?) Russia look like a beacon of sweetness, light and high civilisation.


    1. Yeah, I didn’t watch the video, so I’m not sure exactly what it’s on about.

      But, anyhoo, I’ve long liked the idea of us being in an aether of some sort. I’ve long and often asked, or stated, bepending on the circumstance: If space/time can be “bent” by matter (gravity), then it must be made of something. I guess? IOW, it’s not just a vacume with some EM waves, and some quantum bullshit appearing at random. It must be “something”. I guess.

      My further guess is that we’ll never get to know what it is. At least I won’t.


  16. A brief note on exosomatic energy. Many thinkers still claim we’ve gone from endosomatic use of energy to exosomatic and that it still stands. But in reality the exosomatic use of energy ends when it’s use is brought into a cell, like bringing a camp fire into the hearth of a log cabin. No longer exosomatic, it’s endosomatic once again, just like humans that were once exosomatic only to become endosomatic rRNA inside of homes, offices and factories. Get those hands busy people, slap those amino acids together and don’t forget to attend your continuing education classes. Evolution moves so fast these days.


  17. In need of control the bankers have fast tracked those technologies necessary to set-up a control grid. Cell phones, 5G, extensive satellite coverage and even Facebook, Twitter etc. are all fast-tracked for establishing control. Both Democrats and Republicans (Mitch McConnel) can be bought. CBDC, social credit and more vaccines for the goy cattle come next.

    Harry Vox does seem to know what’s going on:


    1. Can’t view it, as apparently an ‘incitement to hatred’. But not of Russians, I assume. James, can’t you post something innocuous and progressive like puppy play SM porn? Always this hatred-filled misinformation filth!

      Well, the holding pens for the goy cattle are being set up here: cities are to be divided into, say, 5 districts,and movement between them by private automobile severely restricted.

      We are meant to have ‘everything you need’ in each district, but if not will just have to put up with it.

      Holding pens first: slaughter pens next?

      It will start in Oxford, so that will be exciting to monitor in 2023.

      ‘Citizens of Zone 5! Your utilities and services will be restored as soon as possible! Rations are on their way! Until then, shelter in place securely or get zapped at the Zone Perimeter! ‘


      1. Just more palavering by Harry Vox. One of the problems with people is that they became just smart enough to function as RNA in the system and this also gave them an appreciation of the inevitability of death. But they weren’t smart enough to recognize the false promises of the growing ponzi schemes, religious and financial. “The cancer is growing, hallelujah, our salvation is at hand.” Can’t blame them really, our specialness seemed to be a gift from God, and it was. What’s more special than a organism that takes the function of a molecule, creates new tools and proceeds to eat everything? Nothing more special than that except maybe an organism that can voluntarily impose limitations. But God said, “Why would I entertain limitations when I’m into rapid gradient busting? I’ll have the Jews make money until loans can no longer be made and all resources are consumed. They work for me because they’re good at it.”


    1. Milley knows the U.S. has been hobbled on purpose (vaccines, oil reserve depleted) The West must collapse. In the end, maybe Bill Gates will export food to China while Russia feeds them energy. It’s a brand new world and in a zero-sum world someone has to lose.


      1. Hence the urgent need to incorporate Russia fully, neutralising Russian nationalists; which the interloper Trump interrupted to their great annoyance.

        China sustained as the main global manufacturing centre, but contained and resource-dependent, unable to launch conventional and bio-warfare for world supremacy.

        Europe unable ever to break free, ally sensibly with Russia and China, and condemned to political and societal collapse from energy starvation.

        The US likewise hobbled, if not fully collapsed? You might still be around in 20 years, James!


  18. I kinda liked this quote that I pulled from JHK’s blog post this morning. There is never any going going back. We can only go forward. Which, of course, inevitably, can lead only to suffering and death.

    We have pretty much burned our bridges at this point. Unless you’re prepared to mindfuck yourself, and gaslight yourself, and confess, and convert, there’s no going back to “normal” society (which we couldn’t go back to anyway, on account of how it doesn’t exist anymore) — CJ Hopkins


    1. The frightening part is not that we can’t go back, but that we may not be able to go forward. I think I’ll play video games until the end.


    1. With a daughter like that, death has much to recommend it.

      Just like converts to religions and cults, or 1930’s Communists, renouncing their families and bourgeois beliefs.

      It’s all going to end in a paroxysm of murder and madness – nothing new, really…….


    2. White males are on the wrong side of history, for the moment anyway. I think that the pedulum of opinion has swung about as far to the left as it can. But maybe those are just the wishfull musings of an old white dude.


    3. I get tired of the colorful hair freak show. These people can’t compete, so they try to stand-out with their clown hair and tattoos.


  19. These guys are finally getting to the meat of things by bringing in oil politics and not just discussing ruling class conspiracies from a left wing perspective. They still dont know about peak oil and overshoot but maybe they’ll get there eventually. I doubt it. They still support vaccines.

    I’m getting tired of the mostly right wing perspectives on collapse. The right-wing luddites are more likely to acknowledge collapse, conspiracy, and depopulation. Of course they are signs of the apocalypse and the return of Jesus Christ. On the other hand the progressives keep trying to bring about the “great society”, the “rainbow nation”, the “multi-polar world order”, and the “REAL democracy”.

    So much hopium on the left. Somehow secular fantasies are more delusional than religious ones.


    1. One has to admit, this is a lot slicker in presentation than the 1940’s camps.

      ‘And when you come to realise that, whatever efforts you make, your carbon footprint is still way too big, be assured we have the ultimate solution – the luxury, net zero, suicide pod. So, don’t ever feel your personalised zero-carbon goal is out of reach. We can do it!’


      1. I’ve been putting carbon in the atmosphere in earnest the last few days. Highs about 35F and lows about 21F. Not that cold, but the house I’m in has no insulation or vapor barrier. It’s like trying to heat a tent. I excite the air molecules and the walls immediately put a chill on them. I won’t need the pod, they’ll find me as a frozen stiff.


    1. The Jews have earned their place in dissipative history. If it weren’t for their uncontrollable greed the rest of us wouldn’t have gotten the loans to build-out this Megacancer in record time. But all good Ponzies eventually collapse when they reach the limits to growth.


  20. Like

    1. Pretty much all the Jews I know around here (many.many) are somewhere between liberal and far left on social issues. Finacially, they’re all pretty conservative. Some will admit (in private, just to me) that they support Trump, but they vote Biden anyway. If I was a Jew, I’d vote for Trump, just because I feel he’s more likely to support Isreal. But I sure don’t know that.

      None of it makes any sense to me. I voted a couple of times, maybe 30 years ago. I still feel kind of stupid and dirty from the experience.


    2. “Look Bibi, I bring you a goy popular with the slaves. He does a lot of God talk popular with the slaves. We’ll bring him to heel and then he will do our will. “


  21. I don’t understand why anyone would think that any cryptocurrency is worth anything to begin with. But there’s a lot of things out there that I don’t understand.

    Maybe a couple of things that I do understand work to explain a lot of things I don’t understand.

    1. People are greedy.
    2. People will find ways to believe in just about anything that they want to believe in.


  22. There’s an attendant at a local store, obviously male, who would dress himself up as a female, and expect to be addressed as such, I guess. In any event, I always addressed him as “dude”. As in: “Dude, do you have such and such?” He was upset for awhile, I guess. But I’ve recently noticed that he’s gone back to dressing and acting as a male.


    1. I have been kind of puzzling around in my brain about how it is that Great Britain is still a functioning entity. I guess that thier corruption (“financial services”), for lack of a better word, and the military support (strong arm, “muscle”) of the USA, in their corruption, kind of keeps it going. I guess.


    1. “7. Eating too many saturated fats”

      They are still pushing this nonsense since 1956. It was never true. That study was paid for by Proctor and Gamble to defend Crisco’s plant-based margerine against animal-based butter. The same doctor’s who said smoking was safe.


  23. Again, as always, after reading JHK, I have to think: None of this will happen. DT will not be charged with anything. The Repubs will not impeach Biden. “The People” will not wake up to the Covid scam. Etc. No one will be charged with anything.

    There may be some sort of very large financial hiccup in early 2023. It will be part of a larger unraveling of the financial schemeing that has taken over the industrial west. But again, no one will be charged or held accoutable in any way.

    You’d have to indict the system. Not going to happen. The system will fall apart due to lack of enrergy and resources. The population will be reduced to something well under 500 million, over the course of the next 50 or so years.

    No one’s to blame for any of it. Finger pointing is a child’s game, driven by envy and a false sense of righteousness. I’d say.


      1. I tend to disagree. At the core of things, nobody “does” anything. We are all just part of the shit that happens to be happening. Everybody just does what they’re prompted to do at any given moment. It just seems like the best the thing to do at the moment, so that’s what they do. It may piss other people off, but that what seems best to them at the moment. If it pisses enough people off, they may make rules about it. Because that seems like the best thing to do at the moment. On and on, no way out. None that I can see anyway.

        So, AIDS came from a virus enhanced by green monkey, I guess. Covid 19 came from some bat virus floating around in a lab, I guess. Shit happens, I guess.

        Good luck in finding someone to blame in either case. Won’t happen.


        1. From what I hear, hell’s fire is an orgy of dissipation. Perhaps our own eagerness to transgress any and all moral behaviors in order to dissipate is Lucifer’s entertainment.


    1. We are the most successful “species” on the planet because we evolved to become rRNA and create new tools to access fossil fuels and previously unexploitable things like uranium and biomass that previously had an EROEI that was too low. Successful like a cancer (and programmed to go for the gusto with our dopamine and opioids).


  24. After watching “The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire” I came to the conclusion that I’ve been unfair to the Jewish bankers. It seems there exist an equal or greater number of dodgy English bankers doing dirty deeds. But should we be surprised considering the Maximum Power Principle? We now have the uncivilized Jewglish bankers (useless eaters) against the uncivilized Juggaloes and Pink Hairs (useless eaters) of the world. Who will win this battle of the dissipatives? The Jewglish bankers have certainly landed the first blow with their virus and vaccines, inducing the mindless rabble to inject themselves with a slow acting poison and sterility agent. First round to Jewglish bankers. Unfortunately the Jewglish bankers and their American Deep State have infiltrated almost every office, including those initially meant to serve and protect the Juggaloes and Pink Hairs. Meanwhile on the Eastern Front the Jewglish throw lives away in the Ukraine like Cantor Fitzgerald employees free-falling from the upper floors of the World Trade Towers, all in hopes for a controlled demolition of Putin’s Russia.

    Which dissipatives will get the energy? It seems like the German’s and English and most of Europe have been knocked-out early in the game, but it was all for “the greater good”. The Saudis still have some but seem intent on wasting it internally on projects like NEMO which will end-up as just another dead fish. The Russians are preparing their nukes in defense of their stockpile. Meanwhile when listening to my AM radio I would occasionally come upon a Quebec station speaking French and various Hispanic stations speaking Spanish. But now I’ll have to add a Chinese station. Seems odd to have a station broadcasting Chinese on the AM band. Maybe it’s some of Trudeau’s friends setting-up shop. After all, once the vaccine die-off is over there will be more lebensraum for everyone, or at least for a chosen group, the ones that are obedient, work hard, love social credit scores and don’t ask questions.

    city of london

    Look here, the City of London has caught one of the enemy useless eaters.


      1. I think the Jesus figure is saying to himself, “Forgive them, they know not what they do.”, like you might do for a dog that kills the neighbors pet rabbit. A pretty astute saying even today.


      1. The inflexion point like when your kidneys begin to shut down and the bowels stop working and you can no longer eat. At that point the discontinuity can’t be far away.


      2. Yes, ‘discontinuities’, exactly right.

        Tim Morgan, despite his obvious intellect, is too civilised, too English – and of a certain generation – to get it right.

        He also lives, comfortably, on a pleasant holiday island island in the Med: perhaps not the best observation point.

        He is very foolish when he makes it clear that he thinks governments will generally ‘try to do the best thing’ for the governed, even if their policies are in error.

        How can one be so naive at his age? And he is not as ignorant of history as most.


  25. I thought that was a pretty good prayer by DP. I know I pray all the time, not that I believe in God or anything like that. But what else you gonna do?


  26. Just a little more blather about central banks, money supply, supply manipulation, etc. I guess that my take away is that “everybody” thinks in terms of money and debts, not energy and resources. They developed these (bad?) habits during times of largess. Those times are over, but they’re still stuck with their old habits.

    For example, just after the war, the BoJ bought up a bunch of destroyed assets at face value, as if they were not destroyed. So, in an era of growth, the asset owners were able to turn these assets around, make them productive once again. This, of course, was an early example of what we now call QE. But the days of easy, world wide, growth are long gone. So QE dosen’t work anymore. But the mental habits remain. I guess.


    1. I wonder how many more times we’ll rebuild war or hurricane devastated areas. Until the homeowners, businesses and municipalities can no longer afford the insurance? Lost job, insurance dropped, house destroyed, the end. Move along. Although, if you have a mortgage, insurance is required. I would hate to be caught in that financial vise.


    2. I guess that my other take away is that because”finance”, money manipulation has taken on such a large role in the world economy, largly replacing what might be called the “real” economy, the manipulation of goods and services, it is finance that must be protected. Which just seems natural, and, like all human endeavors, doomed to failure.


  27. I kinda think that there’s some large % of people who think themselves as being “good”, no matter the situation. It’s kinda like: If something “bad” happens, it’s someone else’s fault. If something “good” happens, then it’s a deserved outcome of some sort. That seems to be a common logic.

    At least that’s my observation.


    1. Primo Levi’s account of life in Auschwitz is valuable for its view of raw human nature.

      Greeks robbed people in order to survive , for instance, but never murdered them directly: other races strangled or suffocated their victims without pity.

      He observed that the ‘hut leaders’ – who were almost always civilian criminals – often chose a few people to whom they were kind, gave extra food and good clothing and so on: they seemed to need to feel that they were in some way decent and good, and had used their temporary power to help someone.

      The Communists didn’t care what happened to ‘non-believers’, and, as group, had a higher survival-rate. Their favouritism was systematic and ideological, and they also thought of themselves as the good people.


    2. Even as they do dirty deeds to get energy and are quite greedy, people must convince themselves that they are “good” in order to assure themselves a place in heaven. It is important to be good, but also important to compete for the energy, not always playing nice or by the rules. If the “evil” becomes too great then one can go to the confessional and ask for forgiveness and leave some fuel for the church in their will to maintain the church in their existence as a dissipator. The church will make an appeal to God directly for their own trespasses. If you are not sincere, then God will hit you with a lightning bolt.


  28. It’s another national day of dissipation: Black Friday. Hurray!

    Dissipative structure: a temporary arrangement of atoms and molecules which increase the dissipation of energy in a local environment. The above average flow of energy is used to build and operate the structure until it is no longer functionally able to dissipate energy.

    Needless to say, almost everything we build and do is of this nature. Human beings are arranged to dissipate other biological organisms. The homes, restaurants, schools, hospitals, factories, baseball stadiums, transportation vehicles and so on are arranged to dissipate fossil fuel energy primarily, but also nuclear, gravitational, solar, wind, and biomass to a lesser extent.

    The competition for energy is a sight to behold as humans bash each other to get the lion’s share of meat, to be number one, to be the “winner”. But are they really winners? It seems to me that they are only the universe’s tools to maximize energy dissipation and have been programmed through evolution to behave in this way. Is the winner really the winner, or just an overworked tool sent on a fool’s errand to chase a carrot until the structure accumulates enough damage to lose its functionality. I believe this to be the case and therefore the biggest tools are the ones that work tirelessly to consume the most resources with over-sized homes, private jets and mega-yachts. You go get it boys and girls, you stupid tools. But how else could it be, they have no agency to change nature’s programming. Nature wants greedy dissipators and invented dopamine, opioids and a virtual self to make sure nothing was left unburned.

    Surely the humans will ignite everything that is possible to burn and succumb to starvation even before their bodies incur the damages of old age. Those that try to ring-fence a supply of energy for personal dissipation while others starve will be the first to be made to share. Those that try to save future dissipation through accumulation of currencies or shares in industrial dissipative structure stocks will, in due time, find the cupboard bare. For nature it’s just a matter of business and humans can easily become just another obsolete and discarded tool in a long history of dissipation.


    1. Kinda funny, if you read some astrophysic type statistics, the Sun contains about 99% of all the mass (matter) in the solar system. So, the solar system can, i guess, be characterized as the sun + some orbiting debris.

      In that vein, I’d have to say that humans are some organic debris crawling around on some cosmic (to be generous) debris.

      The sooner all this bullshit is over with, the better it will be for all concerned. I guess.


  29. God works in mysterious ways but has always loved a huge dissipative with big teeth.


    This one was a favorite of God’s during its time. Always on the prowl for unwary vegans or dead ones.


    The Megalodon sp. was another impressive form created by God to release energy from unwary sea dwellers. To God, the dissipation of energy is an opioid experience.


    What happened here? Is God losing it? Look at the teeth, pathetic. But undoubtedly this slinky, slimy predator ate plenty of fossil fuels and dissipated with the best of them.

    More typical human dissipatives, absolutely giggly in anticipation of consuming their prey (gifts from God) and the opioid release it will produce.



    1. Humans evoloved as both predator and prey. They fit both roles pretty well. I guess.

      They use those big (overly big, per Zappfe) brains for a lot of things other than just figuring out how to make various tools, like how to use other humans as tools . I guess.


      1. Sometimes humans need help in organizing themselves to live-up to their potential in contributing to universal equilibrium. They try to save-up energy so that they don’t run out which may lead to personal disintegration, but there always seems to be another dissipative willing to assist the universe by sticking a straw into and sucking the energy out of those savings.


    1. Looks like he was flying a little low. Maybe his dissipating plane was having trouble accessing the EM energy in the fuel and the propeller started sputtering. I suppose he’s lucky that his body wasn’t the path of least resistance between the power lines. In any case, the silly technological animations continue in their dissipative function. I’m sure the power crews did their best to get the copper conduits functioning again so that furnace blowers could once again restore homeostatic conditions to the local cells.


      1. Huh? don’t know. Loads and plays with no problem on my end. It’s just a bunch of snow anyway.

        I remember driving through/around upstate NY during the winter a number of years ago. I remember thinking to myself: Oh, so this what Siberia is like.


        1. I’ll figure it out eventually, something to do with Youtube controls. I’ve been wondering where the sweet spot is, not to hot and not too cold, plenty of rain and rich soil with a fairly low population density. Maybe silly to consider since I’m of limited duration and the kids will settle wherever they can find a job. Maybe I’ll just bequeath them each a wood stove, down sleeping bag, solar panel and a window A/C unit.


          1. I believe people in the old US used to leave a Dutch oven in their final will and testament?

            But no need for that if they’ll be eating microwaved Bill’s Bugs……


    1. This is just Buffalo lake effect snow. My brother lives in Rochester 60 miles east and they got none of that. I was supposed to drive over there that weekend, we had tickets for a Buffalo Bills game. The game got moved to Detroit. The same thing happened to us 8 years ago. Had tickets for a Bills game in November, huge lake effect storm and the game got moved to Detroit. I told my brother we had tickets for the only two NFL games that ever got cancelled due to weather. What are the odds of that? Maybe should have bought a Power Ball ticket.

      I have become a huge Bills fan. I figure anyone who lives in a shit hole like Buffalo deserves a Super Bowl team.


      1. Buffalo looks like a pretty typical concrete, crusty techno tumor. Add a few feet of snow to that and the kids can stay home and make snow caves (if they wear avalanche beacons) while mom and dad sip hot chocolate and stare at the Bills tickets on the kitchen table.



  30. This “investor” is monitoring the flow of energy derived from fossil fuels as it flows into “the cool” through the various dissipative structures. The idea is to own the structures that provide the highest return or EROEI after taxes etc. so that the returns can be saved or squandered by oneself or clients. I wonder if he has the face of a pig. Oink. Oink. How about China, oink, oink. Klaus Schwab says China is a model country with low-paid, cooperative, obedient and monitored rRNA. Apple, producer of the human capture device, likes China too. Blackrock says China is a good place to put your capital. Americans and Chinese think that homes are a good investment even though they’re not very good at sourcing energy for growth, while oil and coal companies are struggling to bring forth more food for the whole operation. What do they expect the outcome to be when the bond energy between fossil fuel molecules has ceased flowing through the techno and human dissipatives? Maybe they should work harder to ring-fence some of that fuel, oink, oink. Or perhaps they should steal someone else’s honey pot.

    raison d'etre

    In the end, in our own greedy little way, a characteristic much appreciated by the universe, we nudged the aether ever so slightly towards a state of equal distribution and rest, our sole raison d’etre.


    1. Like the desk of my old friend who owned a hedge fund on the City of London (and US): for entertainment, they had a huge TV playing sports channels.

      Although ‘poor’ in Western terms, I always thought my day was spent much more sanely and pleasantly.

      What was the phrase they used? Oh yes: ‘Shaking the money tree’.

      Wrong, as it can’t renew like an old-growth forest……


      1. More like shaking someone else’s money tree. I think they’re a little unconscious, being run by algorithms set down by evolution. Power lunches, trophy wives, vacations to brag about, multi-chambered homes where various other trophies can be displayed, super-yachts, jets……………… They have to be ranked highly as superior dissipators to have a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. They’re great tools for the universe.


        1. Something has to feed the sense of self-worth, I suppose, or we would just fade away and die; they choose the most obvious and banal, which certainly buy instant respect and awe.

          I’d point to the things I have made, rather than purchased; and very few indeed would respect that as an achievement or view me as having any desirable status.

          Inuit would feel really miserable once they could no longer hunt or have a hut full of children, which is as basic as it gets! retirement and dependence were pure misery for then.


          1. In a social situation people seem to be uncomfortable if they’re not contributing in some manner. It’s as if they fear being culled as a useless eater. It seems to be hardwired.


  31. I broke down and bought Martin Butler’s book, “A Minority Interest”, $35 on Amazon. I’m pretty hesitant about buying any book, ever. But I figured that my local libraries will never get it. So I figured that I’d give it a shot.

    I read maybe the first ten pages last night. Pretty basic, but so far, so good. It reads well, and is decently edited. I have to think that it is self published. I’ll check on that.


    1. I didn’t know Martin had any books available. Thirty-five dollars is a little pricey, but why would Martin short change himself in the “will to power”. It will be something you can leave the grandkids. But tell them not to read it until after the age of twenty-five when they have a few of life’s scars. For dissipatives the “will to power” comes down to making sure the metabolism always has enough energy available so that you don’t reach equilibrium or the lowest energy state provided by the environment. Even after you’re dead it takes a while to reach the lowest energy state. But once you’re dead, you’re not going to restart the engine nor retrieve the mini-me. Struggle, struggle, struggle to keep all of the metabolic balls in the air and then you’re worn out and suffer some sort of system failure. Hopefully by that time your sperm has shared vital info with egg and you’ve passed the torch of suffering on to the next generation cell colony. It sort of explains why humans and society are all about money, money, money, being number one, competition, getting into the right school and so on ad nauseum.


      1. I didn’t attend quite the right school in England, but I hear that recently it’s become much sought after among ambitious parents.

        Probably much better in my day: relaxed, 2nd-rate, no real social cachet, but all the teachers from Oxford and Cambridge and a nice atmosphere. Zero bullying, for instance.

        I’ve always found the intense competition in education deeply puzzling and boring, and foolish, but there is a logic to it which I can see now.


        1. I moved from a highly relaxed public school in sixth grade to a more formal private school requiring ties and little gray blazers with school patches. It was the place to be if you didn’t want to mingle with the commoners, although the principal purposefully inducted some kids from the “jungle” just so we could have a more complete preparation. I think some of the teachers were also from the jungle. One provided favored students with drugs and another ended-up running a high-class call service while the principal ran-off with his secretary. I should start a school called “Nucleolus” where all kids can become functional, mindless mRNA. Oh wait, we already have that in plentitude, named after educators, presidents, civil rights leaders and other questionables.


      2. The Elusive Truths’ YT channel has stuff on the Neuralink people.

        ‘We can revive your brain after an hour of no blood supply!’

        Yeah? No thanks, fuck off. Who said I wanted to be Undead?

        What creeps!


          1. ‘Ve can revive you to make more of ze experiments on you!’

            No thanks, Frankenschwabmusk!

            A hybrid tech-bio entity with the individual ‘consciousness’ of the ‘elites’ uploaded for ever is their aim, I’m sure.

            No different to the pharoahs seeking to evade death and reincarnation through embalming and entombment in pyramids.

            Nothing unusual in this fantasy, it’s all so very old.


            1. And to feed the singularity project, they must have all zee energy and absolute sacrifice and cooperation. I find it a relief that they will all eventually die. We need some new make-believe, the old stuff is getting stale. Maybe after the collapse.


    1. NH is never, ever, worth listening to. that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact, based on numerous observations. kinda like, the Earth is not flatter, and that it orbits the Sun, that kind of thing.


      1. Such a visceral hatred. Do go on.

        Probably just a rehash of what we already realize. As a dissipative it’s surely better to have a good meal and a seat by a crackling fire. I think we’ve already pondered the imponderable and found it ponderable. Perhaps we should think about what’s outside the known universe or figure out the aether as the ultimate destination of entropy or figure out how to keep the cold air from coming in the cracks around the door. Later, if not preserved for posterity, the bacteria and fungi will look at the tangled web of dendrites and say, “Wow, what could they have been thinking.” And that will be as far as it goes.


      2. If Nate told the truth that humanity is headed for a mass dieoff and very likely extinction how would he get hired by a major university to teach a class called Reality 101? He was a regular on Jay Hanson’s dieoff lists 15-20 years ago so he knows pretty much what our biology and thermodynamics are leading to.

        If you tell people the truth you pretty much end up like me with no friends and no social life. Fortunately I find socializing with most people gives me a headache.


        1. Jay finally figured he had wasted much of his time and should have been doing something more enjoyable. Nate calls people “energy blind” and wants to enlighten them to our predicament, but most people being made of cells, move away from negative stimuli (no energy, collapse) and move towards positive stimuli (more energy, growth) as if they were a Euglena sp. with an eyespot moving towards and away from light. How many universities would allow me to teach students about their status as rRNA in an up-scale repeat of biological cellularity? That would be a net negative on revenues and like the Euglena sp. the administration would move towards the light of money and growth.

          Most people don’t want the negativity. They’ll be swimming towards the light when something grabs them from behind.


  32. This guy that posted at makes some good points. Even though all eight billion people on the planet are not directly involved in accessing and refining the fossil fuels, they are a part of the distribution system that gets rid of it and continues adding layers of complexity until it’s all gone.

    on December 1, 2022 at 7:45 pm said:
    Coal has not taken over wood as the primary energy source before 60 years of its mass production started in America – no matter how coal is more energy-dense than wood.

    To date, production of coal in the US is in full swing, no matter how much oil is burned day in day out. Wood, too.

    Oil has not replaced coal but added to it, and coal has not replaced wood but added to it.

    Crude oil refineries are not a product of oil only, but rather all the coal and wood that have come and burned before the refineries – ages before the first steam engine.

    One is never able to claim – this barrel of oil is all what was needed to build this system – as the barrel itself is only a product of more barrels, coal, wood, solar and Life that have come before it.

    Therefore, Alaska oil has been a sub product of Ghawar and all the energies burned before it, and Ghawar is a sub product of Pennsylvania and Texas oil, American coal, wood, and British coal and wood that have burned before Ghawar…

    Our Western Civilisation has been no more than a fossil fuels-extraction operation.

    Despite humans think today that only a minority of them is working on the extraction of fossil resources worldwide, the truth is – all humans are 24/7 dedicated to extract fossil resources, no matter how the process became refined for the purpose of the social contract, so some of them are seen today Prime Ministers, some others prostitutes, doctors, lawyers, soldiers, scientists, engineers, artists – and so on…

    If humans were throwing buckets and ropes to thousands of feet deep in the underground to bring fossil resources to the surface, how many of them are needed to bring up 8 billion tonnes of coal yearly, 100 million barrels of oil and atmospheres of natural gas daily?

    The answer is: 8 billion people – strong.

    “Energy, like time, flows from past to future”


    1. Yeah, it’s kinda like figuring the ERoEI of a solar panel. If you figure in all of global industry to make a panel, it has to come out way negative. I guess.

      I have to think that ff’s have displaced wood as an energy source (it all comes down to burning something), at least in some parts of the world. I sometimes see old photos of the northeast, here, in CT, and some areas had been absolutely stripped of tress. There’s lot’s of second and third (fourth?) growth forest growing around here these days, among the houses in the perpetual suburbs.

      Around here, pretty much everbody that I know heats their house with either gas or oil. A few might use electricity, which means they use gas or coal, with maybe a little uranium thrown into the mix.

      One of my neighbors went hog wild and pretty much coated his house with solar panels. Says to me: “See, I’m gonna heat my house with solar.” I just kinda chuckled and told him, “yeah, sounds good to me.”

      These days, down in VA, the SE in general, large tracts of plantation grown trees are stripped of trees. they’re then processed, packed onto trains and boats, and sent to Germany, so the Krauts can burn them. Go figure…


      1. Sometimes I’ll see a mature tree hanging out in a cemetery or in the yard of an 18th century home, but most have been burned or been used to make the skeletons of the tech cells, pallets, flooring or furniture. You could cover the roof of the house I’m in and the backyard with solar panels and it wouldn’t generate enough energy to heat this house.


  33. Last reference to Glenn Beck, he was performing lude acts of praise with Netanyahu. Now he’s stroking Musk’s chips. It’s a “miracle”. The damned iPhone isn’t good enough as a control device, they’ll eventually have to wire the whole thing into your brain. The chipped class will only be improved in their capacity as slaves. When the singularity comes, we’ll all be of a single chipped mind.


    1. That’s O.K., they’ll be growing humans in test tubes soon and everyone will be completely sexless like bee colony drones. They’ll look something like this:



      1. Hey, we’ll need nuclear-waste disposal experts like Sam Brinton to oversee an orderly winding-down of the system before modern civilization collapses, so the toxic radioactive legacy we’ll get stuck with won’t be as bad as it otherwise might be. Sam really knows what he’s doing, those in charge are looking out for our best interests, right? Just needs to stop pinching other folks’ Vera Bradley luggage at airport baggage-claim carousels…


        1. I think he was the perfect choice. He/she seems like someone that would gladly load-up some dirty bomb ingredients for shipment to Ukraine. Maybe in Vera Bradley bags.


    1. Evolution throws-up some seemingly strange phenotypes. Brinton seems to be a pretty successful energy dissipator. I wonder if he’ll pass-on those characteristics or they’ll sink into oblivion like our civilization. Time will tell.


  34. Must be 5 or 6 years ago. I was at function at Yale. Not like I have any association with Yale, I just happened to be there. Anyhoo, someone asked me what my prefered pronoun was. It was the first and only time anyone had asked me such a question. So I was confused. I happened to be with a woman (why else would I be at Yale?). I had to ask her, WTF is this guy asking me? She said: just tell him you don’t care. So that’s what I did.


    1. I still get confused with names etc. with my trans brother and his adopted trans daughter. I have to think and speak slowly to get it right. The only concern I would have as a parent is that gender change might have some impact on reproduction and that’s what biological dissipatives are all about, eating (dissipating energy) and using some of that energy to reproduce. But since there probably won’t be an environment anyone would want to live in, including the temporary tech system with imposed social credit grading etc., I wouldn’t much care if they reproduced or not. There won’t be a whole lot to dissipate. Carry on the family name? Forget it.


  35. The latest bombshell report from the New York Post: a former EcoHealth Alliance scientist has published a book stating that COVID-19 was engineered, escaped from the lab in Wuhan, and was funded by the U.S. government.

    Hmm… “conspiracy theory”? It’s no longer a theory, there really was a conspiracy. I wonder how Fauci, Daszak and Co. will explain away this one, and now Chris Martenson has his hot little hands on the unredacted FOIA e-mails from early 2020, when they were cooking up the scheme to push the natural-origin narrative.


    1. Obviously cooked-up, spliced and diced and patented over many years. A real Frankenstein monster finished-up overseas with the full cooperation and knowledge of the Chinese who are now locking things down like the grim reaper had escaped. The chances of something like this escaping from a lab were statistically known. The chances someone with an agenda would purposefully release it were even greater. A bioweapon project of the Deep State with Chinese cooperation?


  36. Didn’t know that Tim Watkins had made some videos. Found this one at

    Tim makes a good point that cycles have dominated mankind and nature for millions of year until the take-off of industrial civilization and that we have now likely reached the end of “progress”. One must reflect on the fact that biological cells and organisms do not strive for “progress” in information mutation or alteration. Any change, even though it seems fortuitous at the moment, has a chance of upsetting the “balance of nature.” Every change must tested for its reproducibility in a life cycle. Can the technological structures with an average life of two-hundred years give back their building blocks to be used by later generations? No. Even at the peak of fossil fuel use, there was and could be no provision for adequate recycling. Also, even if it were possible to recycle, the ecosystem would likely die from exposure, if not from the first round.

    The only answer is to shrink humans to the size of ants where a full expression of their technological prowess will require much less energy and resources.

    Here’s a World Economic Forum prototype:

    the future


    1. Shrinking of humans through genetic engineering has been advocated by some, in order – no surprise – to reduce the Carbon Footprint.

      I recall a puny little Asian genetics expert on a panel pointing to himself as the ideal model for the new Hom. Sap.

      ‘I’m the smallest person here’, he squeaked, implying it was nothing to object to.

      He was all for engineering humans so they can’t stomach meat, either.


      1. They only need CRISPR-in the genes responsible for dwarfism and we’ll be on our way. Dwarves have normal IQ and lifespan. We could replace McMansions with Mini-Mansions and travel by pod in pneumatic, torpedo tubes. We could regrow the Amazon and a couple of crickets would be a full meal. We just have to learn to adapt.


  37. A species would never design its own replacement, but a mindless rRNA functioning in a technological organization might create a superior, inorganic rRNA leading to its own demise. Sorry kids, it’s just a matter of business and energy dissipation.

    Why would gunmen shoot-up North Carolina sub-stations when there are so many more deserving places. Silicon Valley comes to mind.


    1. That’s how I see the people at DeepMind: clever people mindlessly beavering away to construct their replacements with robotics and AI.

      They never stop to wonder just why they are being funded so lavishly and to what ultimate purpose.

      Of course some of them might despise their evolved ‘meat machine’ bodies and fully support the whole project, consciously.


      1. “Beavering away.” I think that’s a good description. They want to control the algorithms of other people’s brains with their creations when their own brains are controlled by organic algorithms that have them “beavering away.”


  38. From a letter by C S Lewis discussing science fiction writing in the 1950’s:

    ‘Technology per se is neutral: but a race devoted to the increase of its own power by technology, with complete indifference to ethics, does seem to me to be a cancer in the Universe.’

    Substitute ‘limits’ for ‘ethics’ and he is spot on.

    He also surmised that it would end in ‘a kind of devil worship’, and that an expansionist human species would logically seek to destroy all other forms of life as competitors, on earth and beyond.

    And an expansionist tech-human hybrid might come to the same conclusion.

    For now we seem to be seeing what happens when the owners of the technology address limits seriously: exterminate and enslave the remnants of natural humans, and modify them genetically, while still nurturing the technological cancer.


    1. Information like DNA rolls-out the complexity to create organization capable of dissipating energy gradients. Positive changes, conserved in the DNA, will add to the flow of energy and result in greater fitness. Changes to DNA in human progenitors resulted in humans that acted more and more like rRNA with the information manipulating and matter bonding organs to facilitate that transformation. The flow of energy accelerated with new gradients opening-up including the fossil fuels. Humans and their technological cells and processes could proliferate. Investigation and mathematical description of the universe could compound.

      “Technology cannot put up with intuitions and literature. It must necessarily don mathematical vestments. Everything in human life that does not lend itself to mathematical treatment must be excluded – because it is not a possible end for technique – and left to the sphere of dreams. – Jacque Ellul – “The Technological Society”.

      Mathematics applied to the world facilitates precise manipulation of the world by “technique”. Most of the people in the science and technology fields sit in their cells devising new technology without even asking WTF an I doing. They’re perfectly evolved to be clueless rRNA molecules at the human scale.

      “Even Einstein and Oppenheimer uttered banalities and revealed a pedestrian understanding of anything (such as humanity or morality) outside of their specialty.”
      – Jacque Ellul

      “A world ruled by scientists and technicians even as brilliant as they were is frightening.” – Jacque Ellul.

      Each human RNA has a small portion of the information in which they specialize and manipulate. Unlike the more simple system of the cell in which all rRNA are adept at linking the twenty or so amino acids together, the human RNA must specialize in a small subset of information and manipulations. Even though the technologists like to disparage the common human, they can defend any claim of superiority as they are behaving as mindless molecules guided simply by maximization of profit and growth regardless of moral or ethical concerns.


      1. Yes, humans, like their prototype, molecular RNA, cannot “plan” anything. They can only manipulate substrate as it might be presented. However, humans can, and most decidedly do, take credit for having foresight and wisdom and such when the substrate falls in line. The poor molecules don’t have that advantage.


        1. One of the glaringly, huge problems with human history, is that by and large, we are presented with the success. The inumerable losses are just ignored. Except for recently, black and trans people and such are often now presented in a new light, the oppressed. Why is that? A portent. The crow that cannot be ignored…

          However, the (unconsious, obligatory, mandatory) scramble and jostle for resources will go on as ever. Of that you can be sure…


      2. Ellul is good, very good. Ah James, your intellectual soulmate!

        I actually met the chief ‘philosopher’ at DeepMind the other day, but social niceties prevented my grabbing him by the collar and asking him ‘WTF are you doing, do you have any real idea?!’

        I hear though that he is rather unhappy, but it pays very, very well and so……


        1. Next time tell him that the universe is actually very shallow and that all of the complexity is mostly just meaningless foam stirred by crashing EM radiation.


  39. I didn’t listen to the interview. But I can say that Catton’s book was an early favorite of mine. It still is, a favorite of mine that is, but I haven’t re-read in some years at this point.

    Over the years I’ve tried to get other people to read it, with limited sucess, as is to be expected. I don’t offer any books to anybody any more, unless it, the book, happens to be on one of Ophra’s lists. Just kidding.

    But really, I live with a woman who drives a Prius and yells at me when I put recyling stuff in the wrong container. Anything consumed must be preapproved by the proper authority. Maybe I should send a copy of Catton’s book to Anthony Fauci. He could then read it and approve it for consumpsion by all. Maybe Sam Brinton will review it, that should suffice. He/she (they) have the currently popular “trans” credentials. Just kidding.


    1. The bone-heads who not only deny that we are in over-shoot, but deny that it is possible even in theory, drive me nuts : it’s like denying death as the inevitable termination of one’s life.

      The think that ‘over-shoot’ is nothing more than a concept based only on the hatred of elites for the common people, window-dressing for misanthropy, not on the objective observation of natural systems and fundamental calculations of resources .

      Just get rid of elites, and on we go as normal……


      1. I don’t hate “elites”. I kind of put them in the same mental catagory as “trans” people. I just don’t much care about them, one way or the other. People love to wave about their status signals (du jour), in all sorts of ways. Mostly I just look at them and think, “Well, that’s pretty fucking stupid.”


    2. I suppose Catton was watching the concrete crud creeping-up the sides of Mt. Rainier. Don’t lend your copy of “Overshoot” to Sam Brinton or you’ll never get it back. Maybe he’ll trade you a Sexy Spanking for Dummies book. But don’t worry about any of this, God will provide with more gifts, he always has. I think it’s more likely that God established some strict rules for the universe which are easily accessible to the human mind and God said, “Ignore them at your peril.”


      1. Like that stone at Fukoshima reading: ‘Don’t Build Here’.

        We’ve plunged on like a puppy thinking ‘Hey, I can chew this! Even better, I can eat it all up!’ about everything it encounters.


        1. Someone went to the trouble of making and inscribing those stones. You would think people would at least read them and pay attention. I suppose they have that “It’s never going to happen to me.” optimism and there was too much good real estate below the high water mark.


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