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Running Towards Equilibrium

It seems that most everything in the universe and we could say the universe itself is about achieving equilibrium or the lowest energy state possible. The universe may be a perturbation in what existed prior to its inflation. In other words, something stirred the ether and created an unsettled condition and it’s now running back towards its equilibrium state. This could be considered entropy or the dissipation of energy. What does a universe that reaches equilibrium look like? It probably doesn’t look like anything as it wouldn’t exist. The things you see in the cosmos, including space, are manifestations of a disruption in equilibrium. All structures and features extant in the universe would be resolved back into a most basic submicroscopic equilibrium or state of rest.

Even this quantum foam model shows features coming into existence and then disappearing seemingly into nothingness. Something probably upset the equilibrium apple cart and this is what happened.

On earth, all matter seems to be trying to achieve the lowest energy state in its local environment, although turbulence from solar insolation keeps things well stirred in the atmosphere and hydrosphere. Gravity and electromagnetic attraction seem to be pulling towards the lowest energy states.

Human dissipative trying to catch fish energy in a turbulent sea. Notice the tool in his hand, a sure sign of conversion to RNA and tool production/use.

Life is composed of dissipative structures and is powered by the overall entropic flow. Certain wavelengths (mostly around 450 and 650nm) of the sun’s rays interact with Chlorophyll A and Chlorophyll B and other pigments and through a chain of electrochemical reactions produce the sugar glucose. Glucose is taken in by mitochondria in both plants and animals to produce ATP. ATP is the equivalent of gasoline for cars and provides the energy for catalytic reactions and muscle fibers sliding past each other resulting in movement. The plants are eaten and those that eat the plants are eaten as each species becomes a source of energy for others. All throughout its movement in seeking energy and mates, the human will be dumping low energy infrared heat into the environment as electromagnetic waves mostly at around 12,000nm. The energy loss in the step down from 450nm to 12,000nm is enough to grow plant tissues, herbivore tissues and movement, and carnivore movements like hunting for more food to keep all of the molecular balls in the air. The human and other life must eat in order to counteract the constant tendency for the body to achieve its lowest energy state in which molecules become more stable but less able to maintain the structure of the dissipative. Damaged DNA, cross-linked proteins and other damages must be constantly repaired and waste must be removed to maintain the dissipative capacity of the organism.

Mr. T, human dissipative, compelled by his brain and the producers of his TV show to exude power, dominance and wealth.

Can anyone be surprised at the human preoccupation with accumulating wealth (energy) and mating behaviors? Maintaining existence requires a steady flow of energy. Even upon death, many people will attempt to prevent the remains from achieving their lowest energy state through various interventions like preservatives and metal burial boxes. Some will have their name inscribed on the more resilient granite slab so as to avoid disappearing completely. Even religions are an effort to avoid equilibrium. But rest assured, if the structure is not at its lowest energy level, it will be sent there over time by gravity and various chemical reactions. I am quite sure that the wood furniture I possess will eventually be degraded by fire or termites, which will convert energy trapped in atomic bonds into their own structures and waste heat, or I may have to throw the furniture on the fire to stay warm this winter. Whatever the case, it has a ways to go before reaching an equilibrium in the local environment.

After a life of struggling to find enough to eat. being socially superior and reproducing, it’s finally time for a rest and continued entropy of the hardened structures that supported the human cell colony.

Even the structures of the fossil fuel burning, technological civilization will eventually find their final resting places as gravity and the elements work against them.

Someone should save those slate shingles, they’re quite resilient. Without them, this structure would likely have already done a face plant in the yard.

Settled ether can be disturbed by things like generators with magnets creating a temporary disturbance that immediately runs towards equilibrium along the path of least resistance, usually a copper wire. Lightning too is a manifestation of the return to equilibrium when potential becomes to great.

Lightning bolt storm with thunderstorm clouds at night.

In the end, it’s quite a fight just to keep your atoms from achieving a relatively motionless, sedimentary rest. Humans always lose the fight, but their cells often live on and take new forms like children. Have you hugged your dissipative today?


345 thoughts on “Running Towards Equilibrium”

  1. Good post. Sums stuff up pretty well.

    I might have related this story before, not sure. Anyhoo, some time ago I hung out, for short while, with this super egghead type guy. He was working on like his third PhD, maybe in math, something like that. It dosen’t really matter. At one point or another the question came up: “why is there something instead of nothing?” He said to me, something like: “oh, that’s easy.” He then started jabbering at me and drawing vectors and such on a napkin. I stopped him and said: “no, you don’t understand the question.” He said to me: “no, you don’t understand the answer.”


    1. I think that when “it” is finally understood in full, if it ever happens, it will be pretty simple and won’t need any mathematics at all. What the universe is will be relatable and understood in relation to everything that is and happens in everyday experience. But human dissipatives are mostly too busy counting the returns on their stocks and bonds while trying to generate maximal dopamine to pay much attention. You can get away with that when you’re totally organic. Nature will simply reward and punish based upon your evolved traits and recycle you. Technological civilization however is already coming to the end of its tether and it hasn’t addressed many of its key weaknesses. The cancerous growth reward part is about over and the punishment part is about to begin.


  2. Just some of my thoughts on this bit by Ugo Bardi.

    My own thoughts are something like, the co2 we have pumped into the atmosphere does, I guess, affect the climate as a whole. Trap more heat, something changes, that kind of thing. But that dosen’t mean that we have any control over anything. Even we removed every trace of co2 that we ever pumped into the air, the earth could still warm or cool for all sorts of reasons, that have nothing to do with humans.

    Plus, I don’t think that most people, the vast majority, ever gave a single rat’s ass about “science”, or understanding anything at all for that matter. They only care about things that can and do affect them personally and immediately. Which is very understandable in my mind.

    Of course, if we destroy the “ecosystem” writ large, we all end up with nothing. But to think we can somehow “manage” the “ecosystem” is just silly, in my mind anyway.

    No, humans will just contine fucking up everything they touch, until they can’t anymore. That’s the way shit works. I’d say.


    1. The amount of energy obtained and consumed is the key metric for success with any biological dissipative. The elimination of the fossil fuel gradient and the wastes produced will result in a reorganization of the organic, sunlight using system. But in our role as fossil fuel (and everything else) consumers, a role to which we evolved, we have become a successful, short-term cancer. We have no intention of “fitting-in”. We built all this technological stuff so we wouldn’t have to fit-in but rather consume the ecosystem while more and more refining our role as dedicated tech RNA that fear and despise the ecosystem. The ecosystem is now portrayed as little more than a disease incubator. You can trust science, you just can’t trust people.


  3. Such loose discussions:
    Perhaps people can be viewed as one organism. Yesterday, the EU decided to allocate EUR 9 billion to help Ukraine. This country is bankrupt and there is no money to pay salaries to the budgetary sphere.

    In this example, I imagine that Ukraine is, for example, a little toe or even a dirty fingernail, and Russia is this big toe. The body, on the other hand, is not interested in the fact that the little finger has a conflict with the big toe, it just wants to live and be healthy in order to be able to convert the energy and state of solid carbon into volatile. Therefore, the vital function of the little finger should be maintained. The state of war is the body’s fever. But it also has positives – a lot of energy released in the form of megaton of fuel, removal of old redundant deposits (e.g. neo-Nazis – dirt from under the nail)

    It is similar, for example, in the case of the so-called fighting covid. The body wants to live and then you need to engage, for example, 1000 respirators to stop the death (90 years old) of diseased tissues that perform some insignificant function but are still part of the body. Here again we see a large energy expenditure of operational structures (governments) in defense of the entire organism.

    Depopulation, which is so popular in some circles, however, seems to prefer (as long as it has access to energy) a slow aging and dying process rather than a violent end (lethal vaccines didn’t do something the robots did). As is usual in any other living organism.


    1. Interesting angle of thought.

      But the purpose of the – mostly useless – ventilators in early 2020 was not, surely, to save people, but to terrify them…….


      1. Yes of course. My point is that the non-obvious goal is to waste energy – the earth likes it, every reason is good, and that you can also arouse fear, it’s even better. Similarly with Ukraine, 9 billion euros is a lot of energy equivalent to burn, tanks that consume 700-800 liters per 100 km too, etc. War is a great way to convert energy, one of the best.


        1. I agree, it is GREAT! as long as it lasts. A lot of those Ukrainians and even Russians are probably living their dream like Lieutenant Dan in the movie “Forrest Gump.” Other people would prefer to waste the energy in a different way. We probably should have stayed in the ecosystem for a longer and slower burn where the gradients are perpetually refilled by the sun.


        2. The compulsion to act, anyhow. is certainly strong. Look at the energy people put into ‘leisure’ or even just arguing over beers……

          At present I’ve got a ‘block’ and can’t paint at all, although the studio is all set up nicely with blank canvases, etc.

          I feel awful, frustrated, and slightly angry ; but I know that when it passes and I start to use up tools and materials, I’ll feel simply great (however the picture turns out).

          Oddly enough, both the appetite for food and sex-drive also kick in strongly when I’ve been painting. – a good idea to avoid me then if you are either edible or female……

          ‘I am Hom Sap, the World-Consumer’?


          1. It has been instilled in us that hard work is to be closer to God. This could be a feeling provided to the human RNA to encourage continual production from the time you leave the nucleolus (school) to the time you are retired from the cell. Production is good, as long as you have the amino acids, you had better slap them together and be productive. We have cells to build and gradients to reduce. We may even give you a watch of gold with your name inscribed when you can no longer function. It might make you feel better as your own worn-out body begins to disintegrate following a job well done. The bankers thank you to for making good on your loans.


            1. A cashier at the supermarket – nice, usually cheerful woman – was complaining about ‘another repetitive day!’

              I glanced over at the double row of self-serve checkouts and thought ‘Well, they’re working on that, not long for you now’.

              She’ll be far from happy when jettisoned and stuck at home.

              She also complained about her large, lazy male family: they’re working on that problem, too……


          2. I have had a foot injury for 2 weeks, can barely walk and cannot leave the house. Psychophysical swing. And although sometimes a reset is needed, we have to do “something” (not necessarily meaningful) like a programmed biological machine.


            1. And in a social situation people want to feel like they’re pulling their weight. There are likely all kinds of behavioral traces built into our brains by evolution. Wanting to be productive so you don’t get ejected from the group may be one of them. There also seems to be discrimination against fat people and old people. Ejecting useless eaters or those that consume too much, especially during lean times, may be a built-in tendency.


    2. People are rRNA equivalents. They may work in a single cell, equivalent to a protist, or work within a multicellular, international corporation. Generally they have their own patents or DNA and are in symbiotic or competitive relationships with distinct, growth-oriented entities. It’s more like an interconnected, supply-chain ecosystem. The national governments exist to look after and promote the interests of the business cells which pay a tax for services and the Federal Reserve exists to create more “blood” credit volume when needed to accommodate growth. The rRNA are managed to make sure they’re relatively happy and get enough energy to keep functioning. The most successful and voracious cell lines have metastasized and gone global. The hierarchical, politician chimps can be managed or bribed to make conditions conducive to business success in each country or John Perkins might show-up for a convenient coup.

      To me it seems Ukraine is a tool to be used by bankers against Russia. The power of producing credit is waning as growth ceases. A zero-sum situation puts everyone at each others throats for the remaining energy. The solution is to slowly eliminate unproductive drains on resources, institute a carbon budget, social credit score, central bank digital currency and universal basic income for individuals to prevent all hell from breaking loose. Dissolving national identities is also encouraged so as to eliminate that tribal basis of war. There should be considerable growth in surveillance, genocide (bio-remediation), WiFi control systems, encampments, propaganda, drugs and more.

      Induce enough fear and the selfish human will even sacrifice their children at the altar of Moloch to escape death. The concocted pandemic made many seek vaccination. What will the concocted famine do? Central bank digital currency?


      1. Russia holds the ace card because of energy, energy is the true world currency. Until they run out they will be the last musical chair in the energy collapse game. All those financial schemes require electricity and microchips, too much complexity.


        1. How dare the universe do that to a bunch of highly evolved dissipatives. No energy? But we’re so great. We build super-computers and vast floating vacation cruise ships. The universe wouldn’t dump all of that evolution and effort. Would it?


      2. The concocted famine may very well make me seek out that very fat banker at the BIS. What’s his name, Carstens?

        Younger and juicier than Schwab.

        Will he be able to run fast enough?


    1. Very interesting. The WEF’s Young Global Leaders program is similar, placing operatives into positions of power in the West to get the change that’s wanted, like the CIA installing dictators in various countries to counter communism. Will resistors to the New World Order be seen as communists and be eliminated? Be wary of anthropologists and vaccine zealots. Nothing worse than a communist for a banker that thrives on the Maximum Power Principle. The citizens that they once relied upon to accept credit, make interest payments and contribute to the growth are now seen as the enemy. “You were a good slave, but now you are a useless slave and soon you shall be a dead slave.”


  4. I am also thinking about statistics. If for 2 years people lost less energy because they were at home working remotely, because they were sick, because they did not fly, etc. Now the earth wants to regain this unused energy. That is why there is a war – the balance sheet must match that of an accountant. Who knows…


    1. All fat and juicy gradients are targets. The universe probably does get itchy when one hangs around too long, like the dry wood of a forest understory just waiting for a spark. The universe produced a great nutcracker. Maybe the technological civilization will become a proton cracker.

      Nutcracker with strong positive EROEI.

      proton cracker
      Proton cracker with strongly negative EROEI.


      1. Squirrel Nutkin is of course self-replicating.

        It really bugs them that their precious Tech isn’t: hence the insane dream of implanting it into Hom Sap, or some organic-tech fusion?

        Also, I see they are now talking excitedly about micro-chips that ‘grow themselves’ instead of being manufactured.

        The Chinese sage of 500BC would have laughed at their primitive ambitions and delusions, the sheer waste of time and energy; picked up a flute , played a improvised tune sitting on the riverbank and watched the passing, ever-changing, clouds reflected in the water….


        1. Their technology is headed for extinction and they want to blame the organic useless eaters. Life is made of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfer and some other minor constituents. The ingredients are pretty much ubiquitous and are circulated by the turbulence created by the sun. For plants, just stick some roots in the ground and suck up some water and minerals, find some sunshine and reach out and grab some carbon. And most of it gets recycled. Why do humans dismiss it as unimportant? Because humans have become RNA and no, aliens didn’t guide us in this direction. Just plain old organic, cellular evolution. We think we’re of a whole new system, and we are. The only problem is that it’s a dead-end without significantly greater amount of net energy and robots that can withstand an environment that would kill a human RNA. Killing the useless eaters isn’t going to help.


        2. There are no Chinese sages around here. “All RNA report to work a Apple iPhone cell number seven for assembly operations.” You must do your duty while fat Chinese mandarins watch the clouds on a beach in Hawaii.


    1. You see, I don’t have to work any longer as an RNA. I have many RNA slaves working in factories so I don’t have to. I am rich. The slaves will provide a return on my investment. Watch how I waste energy while others must toil for endless hours. It feels so good to be “above” the masses of mankind. I almost feel like royalty. So what if I steal their productivity, I am the mastermind of the cell they work in, the products that are made and the financial ponzi scheme that enables and funds it all. I am the maestro of malignancy.


      1. Oh hello Mr. Bezos (or maybe Musk, Gates, Soros … no difference) The universe loves you and rewards you!
        It seems like a more tempting option than to sit in the men’s counterbalance order, weed the garden and prostrate 3 times a day. No, wait an even better option to be a yogi and meditate 16/24 in your free time from sleep 🙂


        1. If you don’t have access to rewards then meditate and pretend you aren’t alive. Also you can pray that you will get rewards after dying. The billonaires like these options – for others.


          1. Egyptian priests, Vatican priests, rabbis, popes and many others also have an opinion similar to billionaires 🙂 Kings and emperors liked priests for that. Closed circle.


            1. It’s a symbiosis. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. But if you get out of line, we’ll make sure your priests are suitably Epsteined and the lawyers will carve you up like a turkey on Thanksgiving.


            2. In the pagan religion of the ancient Germans and Scandinavians, kings and their children were seen as especially powerful – because sacred – sacrifices in times of famine, drought, and other crushing disasters.

              Christianity recommended itself to them as forbidding human sacrifice, and endowing kings with a different kind of sacred status – conversion made sense. No need to worry quite so much when rain stayed away, crops failed and cattle died……

              Today, with our new kings and priests, we should perhaps hope to see the last bio-tech researcher strangled with the entrails of the last drugs regulator.


              1. They must gain total control quickly so they can strangle us, before we strangle them. But I’m all in favor of recommissioning the Aztec temples for the cutting out of hearts with obsidian knives, conducted by those given myocarditis by the lethal injections.


                1. We still have an old castle mound here, James: and it’s not far from the University bio-labs too.

                  It would be great for the Aztec revenge ceremony at sunrise.

                  I used to go walking about at dawn when a student, and once saw some actors doing just that on the top as the sun rose, being filmed. Well, I assumed they were acting, I didn’t get that close.

                  I often cycle past the bio-researchers as they have their coffee or lunch outside the lab. ‘Banality of evil’ is the phrase which comes to mind.

                  Or I suppose ‘ unconscious participation in evil’ is more accurate.


                  1. They’re just RNA doing their jobs, making the world a better place (especially for themselves) as the paymaster rewards them amply.


                    1. Smug servile bastards, to be disposed of when no longer needed – if only they could see that!


              2. Interesting, thanks because I didn’t know about it.
                By the way, now I see – the circle is closed by definition 🙂


  5. Aktion T4: The Final Solution.

    Give them Vaids, boost the Vaids, invent pandemics to boost them some more and restrict their diets. Sudden and unexpected or cancers and infections. The average human RNA is now the handicapped of wartime Germany. “We must cleanse the useless eaters and undesirables from the surface of the planet.”

    Didn’t Fauci create a drug that killed many homosexuals with AIDS similar to what is done with vaccines and Remdesivir? Yea, I think it was called AZT. Have they created another disease for the dual purposes of population reduction and profiting from pharmaceuticals?

    Did someone get rid of Kary Mullis? After all he was the world’s expert on PCR and an outspoken critic of Fauci.

    The most interesting part of this paper begins on page 13:

    Click to access The%20Real%20Story%20of%20HIV%20The%20Deadly%20Virus%20that%20Never%20Dies.pdf

    “No one has ever recovered from AIDS. We cannot expect that you might recover. We are going to ask you to swallow this poison [AZT] until you die.” – Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate, Dancing Naked in the Mind Field, 1997

    Let’s restate that to reflect the current situation.

    No one has ever become immune to Covid-19. We cannot expect that you might become immune. We are going to ask you to take boosters (Pfizer, Moderna) until you die.


    1. “Lead us to safety. We will follow, just lead us.” “Roll-up your sleeve and prepare to be saved.” “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.”


      1. The two types of people are linked as masters/deceivers, and slaves/dupes, for a reason:

        Neither group can reconcile themselves to their mortality.

        And so the fearful schmucks will literally submit to anything in order to feel safe; and the others, the Bio-tech masters and liars, will be ready to do anything to those they see only as potential vectors of disease, etc, whose uncontrolled existence could keep them from living to 150 yrs or uploading into a form of eternal life in some kind of tech-human hybrid ( or whatever their fantasy really is). .

        I feel I’m coming over all Vedic and on the verge of saying that this cycle of fear and aggression is the natural consequence of not being Enlightened.


        1. It’s rather like the problem of religious cults: both the leaders and exploited disciples in a sense deserve one another.


          1. The primal instinct is triggered – you want security, you have to be in the herd, and there are others from thinking, you just adapt. If you do not submit to the herd, expect death. This is how it works in ecosystems; in nebulae of fish, in birds that make keys in flight, and much more. In primates, China is closest to this, and the West sees the sense of it and is following in its footsteps. Rebellious individualists will be redundant, often they are already. There is no turning back from this. Sad…


            1. And there is no contradiction here that even the well-adjusted humble ducklings who, with trusting faith in their mother’s intentions, took the miraculous remedy into the arm, die ahead of time. This is included in the bill. The herd’s head sees that the herd is too big and not enough energy. It is planned to lose weight and reduce the number of livestock because it is the only way to survive (especially the head).


              1. I scan headlines from MSNBC news aggregating service and I’ve noticed a lot of children drowning, being outright murdered, left in hot cars, etc. I wonder if there’s a primal response in times of stress to ditch the kids. That behavior would have to be included in the fear and selfishness category. And you can give grandma a little Midazolam and send her to the happy hunting ground. If that doesn’t work, you can create some propaganda that the tribe next door is sub-human and then proceed to slaughter them.


            2. If you are separate from the school of fish and the Big Fish sees you, you’re toast. If you are in the school and the Big Fish can’t see you, you have a much greater chance of surviving. Now a government encourages a schooling behavior with propaganda so everyone will get the vaccine. The whole school gets taken by the large net dropped from the boat above, the vaccine program and they all die. The singular thinking fish swims away.


        2. This on-going event has been very enlightening regarding people’s behaviors. Fear is a much more potent motivator than is reward. I see people throwing their children and the unvaccinated under the bus out of fear, something they wouldn’t do for a tasty ice cream cone. Well, maybe some would.


    1. Not immediately, but if the immune system is increasingly wrecked with every infection and vaccine booster, then the unusual increase in all cause mortality will gradually take a toll. Fast Eddy provides this link at Gail’s site: You can kill somatic cell bodies and you can sterilize them. But sterilization still leaves a big cell colony for years that has to wolf down copious amounts of filet mignon, delicious grouper in lemon-butter sauce, rack of lamb and Julia Child’s Chicken Archduke with asparagus covered in bearnaise sauce. The best way is probably to start a civil war and let the useless eaters kill each other. Then the survivors can spend the next two-hundred years trying to figure-out why it happened and visit old battle locations.


      1. Yea, once you metastasize everywhere and eat everything more roads don’t make much sense. Maybe they’ll build internment camps and surveillance infrastructure. Roads to nowhere? There’s no nowhere remaining.


  6. I guess they’ve given-up on Mars. They’ll probably load the thing with light scattering powder and dump in space. It will be named the Musk Dust Anomaly.


    1. Wow, this is a cabaret, not serious research: “We postulate on a optimistic perspective that a majority of the exposed population will have batten 5 to 8 years left. Howver, constant reinfaces and also exposure to newer variants with newer pathogenic modes Can make Conditions Worse and Also Further Shorten THESE Remaining LifeSpans. ”

      I thought that in such predictions about the future you can entertain yourself by being such an amateur as I, for example. Apparently, since the mid -1970s, IQ has been systematically falling all over the world. Recently, you can see a dramatic acceleration


      1. I think the research paper was legitimate, but the people at Thailand Medical News love the apocalyptic spin. If it kills all infected within five to eight years because it destroys quality control at the ribosome, you can see why China has a zero-covid policy. Although they could stand to shave a few hundred million off their population. I can see how many infections and boosters and/or implanted sequences would be necessary to eventually kill the useless eater. Imagine a certain percentage of proteins that your body makes that can’t pass quality control at the ribosome, but are allowed into the metabolism to gunk-up the works. I think people would start to feel run-down after a while, their antibodies would progressively become ineffective and they would eventually keel-over. Premature ageing, long-covid and immune dysfunction. Continue tuning-in the Thailand Medical News to see if the world’s come to an end.


        1. I’ve always thought their most likely model must be a Russian-style demographic collapse, but on boosters (pun intended).

          Steady, controllable, stealthy and remorseless……


        2. Yes, if the thesis is a delayed (5-8 years) mass extinction, it may make sense. Although Geert Bosche confidently says it will start in 2 months.


            1. I’m a complete Hedonist these days, as they may be short ones.

              But my version of Hedonism is things like watching the clouds, trees, insects, birds, reading poetry, splashing some paint around – pretty dull stuff!

              Still, no embarrassment when St Peter reviews my file and checks what my last acts were…..


      1. “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the vaccine bite.” The uncontrollable seizures are most terrifying to me. Instead of killing you, I suppose it causes an inflammation of the motor cortex. And just think, they’ve only had CRISPR for such a short time. Think of all the other weapons of mass destruction that they can create. They don’t even have to destroy all of the assets and irradiate the planet to kill the humans. When it’s over and there are only 100 million Americans remaining, the Chinese will be buying-in faster than you can bury your last relative.



    yeah, very tricky question. IMO, it is oil that has allowed the money supply to grow, not vice versa. When the oil supply curve drops off on the right side of the curve, the money supply will follow suit, but more dramtically. Which will, of course, make the energy supply curve drop off even faster. Positive feedback loop, one of those things. I guess.

    If, somehow, someone found a bunch more oil and resources and such, the money supply could continue to grow, and debt could, theortically, depending on the increased resource base, get paid off. Something like that.

    Then there is demand destruction, which we see going on in ernest in places like Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Madagascar, etc…

    And then, there’s the MPP, which would force the curve into into the shape of a skewed maximum, which is exactly what it has done.

    All kind of depends on how you want to look at it. But in the end, physical constraints will rule. I’d say.


    1. They’re supposed to be able to raise interest rates and reduce monetary stimulus to control a wage/price spiral, but this won’t work with a resource scarcity inflation. Instead, prices spiral and wages don’t keep-up, consumers don’t consume and businesses die. Once it’s seen that the oil business is going to die, there won’t be any investment. Once it’s seen that the entire economy is essentially going to die (the RNA can’t afford health care, college education, houses, cars, energy, food) then people will grab what they can and the guns to protect it. Will anyone have a surplus to offer to those that have nothing? Maybe the zoo will have surplus meat. You can load the surface of a cell with receptors (money) to grab things out of the circulation, but if there isn’t anything in the circulation the receptors are worthless.

      They’ve run the ponzi to death and now they think they can stabilize things and enjoy their gains by eliminating and controlling the useless eaters, those that have paid into the ponzi but will never see any returns. Good luck with that.


    2. The money supply is a trick as old as money itself. Counterfeiting of gold and silver in coins by poorer Romans. Counterfeiting a hostile country’s money in the Middle Ages in its own mints and then flooding it with it in order to weaken its economy … those things were before oil.

      Before the oil era, energy functions were usually performed by slaves, unfortunate soldiers caught in jasyr, landless peasants, farm workers … With the falling oil supply there is a chance that we will return to these proven solutions again. It is worth watching Sri Lanka


      1. Thank goodness the U.S. has lots of guns, because freedom is worth a good fight. If it turns-out we were poisoned, then we should probably make it a point to go out with a bang and take our enemies with us.


        1. But why? Gates wants you to take panacea and eat fake meat. Harari & Co. want you to play games and drink beer .. Do THEY require so much? Who needs oil? … 🙂


  8. The Bhagavhad Gita – my bedtime reading – has some interesting reflections on duty, compassion, pacifism, fate, the pursuit of wisdom, the divine will, etc, and also , amusingly, just when the ancient Vedic sages grant the virtuous and innocent man the right to blow the crap (or, I suppose, shoot an arrow into) out of someone who has done or intends him harm.

    There are 6 justifications for taking life without sin, and the vaxxes and Great Re-set are covered by all of them.

    The list of ‘demoniac characteristics’ also rather neatly describe Bill Gates, Bourla, Carney et al.

    Jesus Saves! But Krishna Shoots!


    1. There are evolved organisms much worse than rather innocent useless eaters. Perhaps the useless should become useful and destroy the malefactors.


      1. Thank you, JMS.

        Indian and Chinese literature are rich treasuries for the spirit. They’d seen it all already by about 1000 BC, at the latest, I think……

        I hope poetry, translation – and sheep – are keeping your spirits up!

        And maybe some excellent local wine?

        Just bought some potent Portuguese nectar myself, squirreled away for the undoubtedly awful winter ahead, if we are not nuked – many military flights here at night, always a sign of trouble……

        When I broach a bottle I shall drink your health!


        1. Everything is good for a mind that expects nothing and tries not to let itself be too disturbed by human foolishness. Sheep, goats and birds are a delight to the eye and ear. And work ends up acting as a calming agent too, even when its difficulties exasperate me, like the one I’m engaged in now. Again, everything is good.

          Here are some ancient Sanskrit poems, translated by John Brough, which you probably know already .

          My lord, since you have banished Poverty
          From this fair land, I feel it is my duty
          To lay an information that the outlaw
          Has taken refuge in my humble home.
          My best respects to Poverty,
          The master who has set me free;
          For I can look at all the world,
          And no-one looks at me.
          Peaceful, the gentle deer untroubled graze:
          All that they need, their forest home supplies.
          No greed for wealth nor envy cloud their days,
          But they are only beasts, and we are wise.
          If a professor thinks what matters most
          Is to have gained an academic post
          Where he can earn a livelihood, and then
          Neglect research, let controversy rest,
          He’s but a pretty tradesman at best,
          Selling retail the work of other men.


  9. The complexity inherent to dissipative structures is only allowed by the universe if it can cover its own construction, maintenance and operating costs through accelerating overall progress towards equilibrium. The structures that are built are themselves always pounded back towards equilibrium when their capture and conduiting of energy fails. Everything built by mankind will return to its lowest energy state, some fast and some slow. So why bother?

    Something akin to electromagnetic radiation (sunlight) creates a gradient of excited electrons which then must seek equilibrium within their local environment through bonds. In a cyclic fashion A (energized) to B to C to D to E (depleted) to A again with additional sunlight. Those bonds that make a structure like chlorophyll convert sunlight into electron excitation most effectively for conversion into bond energy. On the way from A to E much of the energy escapes as infrared radiation. Who can excite the most electrons and convert the return to equilibrium into the most useful, energy gathering structure wins. Wins what? Wins existence against the backdrop of equilibrium.

    Similarly, technology largely started with disturbing the equilibrium of gases by raising their temperatures and having them expand. They then cool and must be heated again to obtain mechanical work as with the steam engine or internal combustion engine. Why do it? The technological success protects and provides for the human RNA (and information) inside the technological cells which also protects the organic cell RNA (and DNA) which maintain the repeating metabolic cycles. The winner is rewarded with existence against a backdrop of equilibrium. A rifle produced in a technological cell can certainly contribute to elevating the energy level in a human by providing food and keep the metabolic cycles running. Eventually, to avoid losing the metabolic cycles, the human must procreate, which is in itself a cycle.

    So if you’re a nasty, selfish, greedy, murdering bastard, don’t fret. It’s not your fault. Neither will be the nuclear war that dashes all your cycles on the primordial rocks from which they came.


  10. Rob Mielkarski at makes some interesting observations regarding the Covid pandemic and tries to make sense of what is going on.

    “o investigation or consequences for China and it’s Wuhan lab that engineered the virus

    no investigation or consequences for the funders of the Wuhan lab work

    Fauci kept in the most powerful healthcare position in the world, despite his involvement in engineering the virus and the subsequent coverup

    no consequences for WHO policies that encouraged global spread of the virus in the early days

    suspiciously short and record time to develop a novel vaccine technology

    all 4 vaccine manufacturers use the same (probably bad idea) mRNA code

    suspicious vaccine patent history

    probable fraudulent vaccine approval process and attempt to hide it for 75 years

    insufficient testing to determine mRNA longevity and locations of activity in the body

    willingness to rapidly deploy a novel insufficiently tested vaccine technology to billions at low

    risk from the disease including pregnant women

    confident claims that vaccines are safe and effective despite being unwillingly to unconditionally approve the vaccines

    indemnification of vaccine manufacturers

    aggressive censorship of covid policy debate

    aggressive character assassination and career destruction of dissenting experts

    no updates to mRNA vaccines despite being ineffective against current variants

    boosters recommended despite risks of infection, hospitalization, and adverse reactions

    increasing with each subsequent shot

    elimination of non-mRNA vaccines from the market

    ignoring 50 years of knowledge and discounting the risk of promoting vaccine resistant and/or more virulent strains by vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic with a non-sterilizing vaccine

    zero public cost benefit analysis on any covid policy

    testing methods that grossly overstated the prevalence of disease

    reporting methods that grossly overstated the severity and risk of disease

    data manipulation that grossly overstated the effectiveness of vaccines

    zero promotion of effective disease prevention methods like vitamin D and weight loss

    aggressive promotion of ineffective disease prevention methods like mask policies that did not

    prevent and probably encouraged disease spread

    blocking of all effective early treatments including those profitable for pharma

    strong arming countries like India & Japan that developed successful prophylaxis and early

    treatment protocols from disclosing what they did

    preventing doctors from treating patients by blocking fulfillment of prescriptions

    ignoring record numbers of adverse reactions confirmed by different systems in different countries

    avoiding autopsies to determine causes of suspicious deaths

    gaslighting and not supporting those suffering from adverse reactions”

    Rob is presenting the hypothesis that perhaps there isn’t so much evil in the world so as to enable things like injecting children with dangerous vaccines and that perhaps the Covid pandemic and seemingly nonsensical actions are all a merciful population reduction plan (mostly via sterilization) for the common good. But one must be aware that the Deep State that runs the United States and much of Europe are primarily comprised of a different tribe and we know that evil within a tribe is quite distinct from evil between tribes. Committing hurtful acts against your own gene pool can be considered evil, but committing acts of evil against a competing tribe is often seen as competition. We often hear of Americans being referred to as “useless eaters”. That’s very Hitleresque of them and opens the doors to things like very special pandemic and vaccine operations to be used against the potentially threatening other tribe.

    There seem to be a group of oligarchs and their minions that see the common citizen as outside their tribal boundaries. If the world must be saved from overpopulation and consumption, then specific groups will be targeted for preferential elimination. World leader’s from Klaus Schwab’s school of nefarious nabobs have been installed around the world to help implement “the plan”. It seems that technology will be kept alive as a companion to the “elite” even as fellow humans are slated for outright elimination or sterilization. Those humans that survive will also be transformed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, according to Schwab.

    The campaigns to emasculate white males, the George Floyd fiasco with Schumer and Pelosi donning their Kenta Koonberg sashes, the Jan. 6the insurrection etc. were all theater to pave the way for the corrupt puppet Biden to be installed. Even with the theater, the Deep State had to steal the election. They were frantic to get rid of Trump the populist by any means as the dollar was quickly sliding towards worthlessness with zero-percent interest rates, depleting oil and a Repo market that blew-up in 2019. Putin, like Trump, stands in the way of the plan and he will likely be eliminated by overwhelming force or perhaps he’s already been given a terminal disease. The reduction of population will take many years of pandemics, vaccines, famines, inflation, deflation and war. Survivors will be eased into a control grid. The stakeholders will consolidate their gains.

    In the last few days Ben Stiller and Sean Penn have visited the comedian turned President Zalensky. Can anyone imagine why? And it seems the U.S. military has taken an oath to “serve and protect” those that own Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumann, General Dynamics and Raytheon as soldiers are told to roll-up their sleeves and potentially make the ultimate sacrifice, or else. The patriotic arms makers, owned by the globalist tribe, should make-out like bandits as wars become de rigeuer. No, they’re not trying to do humanity a favor, their actions are for their own tribe. They may even experience a new golden age as they desperately pursue their life-extending technologies even as the riff-raff’s are prematurely cut short.

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  11. They dress it up as ‘healing and saving our planet’ or ‘ensuring the survival of mankind’ but in reality it’s about their survival and dominance.

    Rob is deluded if he thinks there are any even remotely benign sentiments or motives behind this. Does he not know the way of the world? Is he ignorant of even recent history, the 1940’s is far enough back ?

    Anyone outside a very small circle indeed belongs to another ‘tribe’, or outside the high-priestly caste possessed of inner secrets.

    I was shocked when an ultra-high net-worth friend suddenly got agitated in a crowded street, saying ‘Let’s get away from all these scum!’ So many ‘poor’ people up close had blown a fuse somewhere. (I’d like to add, they are the kindest and most genuinely polite of people in daily life: a bit Jekyll and Hyde really).

    The great irony is, both he and his wife lined up at the pop-up vaxx centre to get their shots when they got the text message invitation, just like those very same ‘scum.’ My oldest friends, probably doomed now.

    Clearly, not on any secret list of useful people to be preserved. Joke on them: they re not part of The Club. All rather egalitarian, really.

    Just like the major or minor celebs and ‘influencers’ who were used to promote the vaxxes, but are now dead or crippled.

    Hard to grasp that, in the eyes of some, one is just a disposable tool, or a competitor for life itself, to be eliminated in the most expedient way possible: a real blow to one’s sense of self-importance.


    1. It’s all so very exciting. We seem destined to experience totalitarian control or chaotic meltdown. I’m not sure which would be worse.


  12. Gaya Herrington’s update of the LTG model indicates that growth will be over by 2030 regardless of technological innovation. If you’re a banker, this means you won’t be making any more loans and there will be a disgruntled citizenry whose loans will no longer be serviceable and their opportunity to become better-off will be foreclosed upon. What to do? The Chinese have already instituted a social credit/surveillance system and are the locus of future technological advancement with relatively new infrastructure. The Chinese also seem to be more willing to be controlled by authorities. Will it be cost effective to try and pound the square peg of the West into the round authoritarian hole, or should the West be abandoned and it’s assets, like Bill Gates’ farmland, be used to feed China? There’s not much time remaining for Adapt2030, the date at which growth will be finished. Most certainly the pursuit of happiness accomplished by taking out loans and growing businesses will be over. Is it any wonder that the Chinese system that leaves Chinese Communist Party member fat and happy while others are controlled, would be attractive to existing Western bankers and oligarchs whose business model will soon be dead?

    It seems the WEF are trying to implement the “technological” program which provides for a more controlled descent and perhaps sustainability for society. This requires application of new and emerging technologies, like vaccines.

    Gaya Herrington was impressed by the rapid vaccine roll-out. “She noted how the rapid development and deployment of vaccines at unprecedented rates in response to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates that we are capable of responding rapidly and constructively to global challenges if we choose to act. We need exactly such a determined approach to the environmental crisis.”

    Their capabilities are truly astounding and the first technological vaccine roll-out is a sure winner. After the Covid pandemic and war on Russia, I can’t wait to see what comes next in preparation for the normalization of zero growth by 2030.


    1. I’m sure Gaya is impressed, just as the politicians and star architects of the West openly envy Chinese decisiveness and ruthlessness. I hope she got her shot…..

      Personally, I prefer studying an old tree and deciphering its long growth , its subtle adaptation to site, wind and sun, to admiring any shock-action Technocratic industrial scheme imposed through mere human will – and enabled by shameless lies and bullying in this instance.

      Unless one chooses to commit suicide now in anticipation rather than experience what seems inevitable, the best attitude is perhaps a certain detachment and curiosity as to what comes next, to see just how low they will sink, and what people will tolerate in return for being permitted another day of life (the answer is probably, looking at enslaved China, and the last 2 1/2 years, anything and everything).


      1. I hate to think of humans becoming totally imprisoned by technological cells and their roles within, shuffling matter here and there, perhaps to be assembled into robots, in exchange for a paltry bowl of calories and a life of full spectrum management and being happy by owning nothing. But then again, those that own the cells seem unable to do much more than the useless eaters they employ, counting shekels all day long and basking in the glow of imagined power. All of the subtlety and fineness of the system that gave rise to them goes completely unnoticed as they struggle to achieve a dopamine/opioid stupor.


        1. I think one of the Rothschilds was a famous gardener who liked things to run slightly wild, and an entomologist; so she used her wealth sanely, but that’s rare indeed.

          They seem to be planning a life for the masses shorn of everything human: not novel of course, the first 150 years of the Industrial Revolution also did that to the workers to a large degree.

          And the Soviets managed near-total surveillance through spies in apartment blocks and at work.

          But this is of another order entirely: horrifying, sterile, sadistic. I hope some eco-system calamity crushes them and they don’t enjoy their triumph.


          1. Humans won’t go too far under such a regime without “hacking” and even then the separation from nature will doom them.


  13. Hmm, I looked up Gaya of KPMG: utter narcissist, a pretty face as poster girl for murder, just like Adolf’s Aryan chics.

    ‘Don’t worry about starving, it’s transient : just think ,you’ll save the planet as tip top humanure when you’re gone and that’s a gift for generations to come! We’ll be recycling your gold teeth too, as usual. ‘


    1. It’s the most fearful that submit to jabbing. They think they’re avoiding the sword, but the broad vaxe gets them.


      1. Worse, they exploited genuine altruism.

        So many have said to me that they didn’t think they needed it, but did it for their elderly parents and grandparents – they couldn’t bear the thought of the guilt if they were to die of Covid.

        Sacrifice and risk for children, yes; but for the elderly it’s utterly senseless.


        1. I think they’re subconsciously scared as hell of the virus and are willing to use human shields. It’s the same with the doctor that says they got into medicine to help people when their subconscious desires pushed them towards God-like glory and compensation.

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          1. I suspect those eager to jab their children are scared to death for themselves , certainly.

            Implanting the early images from Italy of Ventilator Death Row was a superb tactic!

            The elderly aunt of a friend was in the middle of that, not a sniffle, and thankfully not jabbed. But his father grabbed it as soon as offered ‘to travel’.


        2. Good point, Xabier. Unlike the Nazis of the past, who mainly tapped less noble feelings like self-interest or wounded national pride, today’s Nazis are capable of using even the good feelings of naive citizens to their advantage. That’s progress.
          And they have done it so effectively that some people I know think that anyone not wearing a mask is no less than a murderer! These are immeasurably stupid people, of course, but undeniably driven by generosity. Which only gives new meaning to the saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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          1. A conversation which upsets me in retrospect was at the start of it all in 2020, when it was thought to affect only the elderly.

            A young delivery driver – who assumed he was at no risk himself – wanted to know what I thought, and how could he protect his grandparents as ‘Covid’ spread.

            He is no doubt fully vaxxed-up now, with his laudable intentions. The drivers change all the time, so we haven’t met again.

            Using naive virtues to procure the cynical ends of devious evil – I’d call that Satanic! Progress on the flowery path to Hell, I agree!


            1. It reminds me of an Native American potlatch. A tribe invites a neighboring tribe for a feast, intoxicates them, let’s them fall asleep and then kills them. The victims say, “No one would ever do that.”

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              1. The rulers of Iran practised the same trick sometimes, with tribal chiefs.

                I think Jared Diamond mentions the same in New Guinea: although in that case the killings are random – decades might go by with only a good meal and then, suddenly, slaughter.

                Perhaps for the same reason, in early medieval England you never had a drink in public without a friend holding a dagger to protect you from assassination. I’ve no idea when the custom stopped. They claimed it was a Viking habit!

                ‘It’s the same the ‘ole world over:

                It’s the thug who gets the prize;

                And the trusting who loses ‘is life!’


                1. I guess we could say that thuggery has been selected as a workable dissipative structure behavior, feeding upon the competing behavior held by trusting humans.


  14. Pride Month, even better than the Wuhan Military Games.,-creating-an-emergency-global-heal

    “A bunch of banana bandits puts a budding romance on the skids.”

    monkey romance

    I wonder if Harari is a banana bandit. Harari, Daktari, Harari, Daktari. This is how it all begins:


    Or did it start in the Wuhan lab again?

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    1. The Rainbow flag, the banner of a new age of ‘inclusiveness’: but in fact it’s the herald of Death …..

      Again, Satanic inversion: the rainbow is the sign of the Covenant with the Chosen People – the lambs selected for slaughter.

      Sick bastards, they must have loved coming up with that one.


      1. They certainly won’t be leaving any offspring, but apparently the world no longer needs human offspring, the evolution has already leapt to AI and robots. Better put them behind the rainbow flag and march them towards the nearest evolutionary dead-end.


  15. Professor Tim Garrett discusses Jevon’s paradox and efficiency in this short video clip:

    He mentions the role of efficiency in the use of energy and resources in building structures. As Jevon’s stated, increasing efficiency would not result in less use of resources and a good point made by Garrett is that increasing efficiency in the construction and operation of a structure, steam engine for example, will corelate with an increase in EROEI in mining a resource like coal. Because the steam engine is more efficient, the coal is now more profitable to extract. He also mentions the human invention of the alphabet as a great accelerator of efficiency. This is true because all of the specifications for construction of technological dissipative structures and improvements thereupon, can be transferred to succeeding generations and be improved even further along the way. Nucleic acids and DNA function similarly in that they record efficiencies which help the organism achieve a high EROEI or profit throughout the course of the organism’s evolution. The higher the achieved EROEI the better as the profit can be invested in new growth or offspring.


  16. Like

    1. Maybe the Middle East can’t produce any more oil because they don’t want to purchase any more tickets for the final voyage of the U.S.S. Government Bond. Since Macron is involved and lips can be read, it’s probably theater generated for public consumption. They really don’t want the Middle East to ramp-up production. I think they’ve gone as far as they can and people will be weaned off oil whether it kills them or not, because it’s game over by 2030 or sooner anyway and waiting any longer would just make it worse. There won’t be any transition to renewables because people and their governments are basically broke now. They invested the last easy fossil fuel on outrageous skyscrapers in Dubai, airports, etc. The future is downsizing and if humans don’t do it to themselves, nature will take over and finish the job.


  17. Thank you James for recommending Mielcarski’s post, interesting and it made me think (maybe abstract).
    I wonder if there is artificial intelligence behind events such as covid or going further big reset. Wouldn’t it be rational for the super elite to take advantage of the optimal scenario of creating the future and use technology (in order to protect itself) years ago? I suspect that they had access to it earlier than what is presented to us gray eaters -10 or maybe 20 years ago. Such a scenario would have no weaknesses, there is a known answer to any movements of rebellious primates. No revolutions, revolts, strikes, civil wars. There is an answer to everything, including the millions (also billions) of human losses – this is a calculated and calculated strategy.

    What from the perspective of an ordinary, average-minded person looks absurd, stupid, pure evil or Satanism, is only a small segment of the path to the goal. And as we know, the end justifies the means.
    We often focus on fragments, on small fragments, and this is perhaps covid, the war in Ukraine, and we will probably see some “unexpected” event again, which will absorb us again, but it will still be only a part of the expected and planned chaos from which will emerge new order – according to the famous maxim of the freemasons.

    Simply put, such a plan would have to cover all possible combinations and variables over a period of time (e.g., 10 or 20 years). In this situation, from the human point of view, apparently evil makes sense and apparently good – rational.

    By the way – I watched that Nato Summit in Madrid, small excerpts. The participants were satisfied, smiling and joking. It looked like a rush of clowns. Reinforcement again, great armies again. It has nothing to do with climate protection, with progress and an attempt to deal with the coming problems, the upcoming famine in Africa, but not only with inflation, an increase in CO2, etc. However, if they know that they are only part of the game, they have roles written in advance and they know more or less the result then it’s not so strange anymore.

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    1. I imagine they could use data and AI to monitor reactions in real time and make changes that would quell any resistance before it gets out of hand. Likewise, AI may have provided a model that tells just how many people, activity and fuel burning can be tolerated over the long term and what to do about it. “We did it because AI told us it was the only way to save the biosphere.” They could probably also use the “We were just following orders.” defense. It’s hard to know just how much irrationality the human mind can tolerate. I expect a lot.


      1. A good observation that they are just puppets playing scripted roles, not decent people struggling with intractable issues. And they will lose no more sleep than Stalin did over the deaths.

        Whether we may call it ‘evil’ or not also lies in the quality of the people involved, in their hearts, and the methods they employ.

        The sword cuts, but to what purpose? Do you give lots of little cuts, or one great blow killing quickly? Do you torture with it? Does it thrill you? Doyou enjoy waving it in your victim’s face? etc.

        Good people may certainly have to do hard and unpalatable things sometimes, and regret them bitterly –

        But they are trash, and their methods and objectives are base, cruel, inhumane: and we know they care nothing for the bio-sphere, it’s just their alibi.

        I always come back to the official Rothschild – prime movers in this –
        position, defining humans as ‘Inevitably obsolescent capital’. Up there on the net for all to see!

        No decent human could ever write those words, or even conceive of fellow beings in such a manner.

        They are not at all like the German veteran of WW 1 I recently watched describing the killing of a French soldier with the bayonet: ‘It went against all my inner feelings’.

        They are doing this gleefully, without a shadow of conscience.


        1. I imagine that lbgt and something there is nothing more than an artificially created evil in order to demoralize especially children and adolescents. There is no escaping it now. After some time, when they play the role of (useful idiots) their time will run out. They will be one of the first groups to be shot. Order out of chaos.

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          1. Useful idiots, nothing more.

            Used to set us at odds and screw with the minds of children.

            There were no OLD Bolsheviks………… a bullet for everyone, in the end.


          2. Most humans are dedicated dissipatives. They didn’t gather the energy and procreate so that they could arrive at a dead-end and have their children subverted into dead-end identities. The prominence of the cadre of clowns promoting this nonsense is temporary.


  18. Thinking more about evil: the child-poisoning and killing puts them firmly in that category.

    Many cultures have enslaved children, even made them eunuchs, but child-killing has usually been taboo, or regarded as a terrible act of revenge for some awful crime.

    We have 1,000 children dead, and 10,000 permanently crippled in the US alone, if the UR factor in VAERS is 10, which is conservative. Some put it as high as 30 or 40.

    4,000 individual cases reported on the UK as injured in some way – so 40,000…..

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  19. There are new ideas regarding the organization and operation of society, like Bolshevism, Communism and Democracy. Each is seen as a means to maximize the flow of energy and accumulation of wealth and happiness within a society. But what always seems to happen? A clique develops that disproportionately appropriates the wealth, like central bankers in the West and the Chinese Communist Party in the East. They don’t seem to be able to help themselves, always struggling to be No. 1 or the alpha-male in the hierarchy. Everyone else become a slave to develop wealth for the “owners”.

    Putin's yacht

    Putin’s yacht.


      1. Let them live among the Swiss – fate worse than death, surely?

        Still being asked in shops when paying if I ‘want to add something for Ukraine’!


        1. And I suppose you reply with glee, No thanks, I’m good.
          Strange that I don’t remember being asked the same when the Forces of Good were working in Syria.


      2. I’m sure Nancy Pelosi operates in a similar fashion, although she goes for the over-sized ice cream freezer.


    1. A Russian told me that Putin wouldn’t really be respected without that yacht and all the other trophies: what is he, some kind of a weak pussy who can’t get his cut?

      Like the rather odd cultural thing in Russia: only weak men smile a lot.

      An Italian friend maintains that when Italians hear about outrageous corruption and abuse of influence, they are secretly envious: ‘If only……’


      1. I should like to have a 30′ sailboat, but there’s no opportunity for corruption around here. I suppose I would have to Epstein some central bankers to get a boat like that. Oh well, best to be satisfied with what you have.


    1. Something reminds me, 1996, Negative Population Growth: Why We Must, and How We Could, Achieve It
      we read, among others:

      “None of these approaches would represent anything other than an addition to the existing armory of contraceptive systems, except for one thing: vaccinia virus is used as a vehicle for stimulating the immune system because it grows locally in the body, and produces an effective stimulus to the immune system, but very rarely spreads spontaneously to other people. However, there is no reason why the required antigens (the substances that stimulate the immune system) could not be introduced into any other virus, such as one of the more than 200 viruses responsible for the common cold, that would spread spontaneously through the population, and thus could serve as a form of infectious contraceptive. Depending on the nature of the antigen used, and their response to it, infected individuals would have more or less reduced fertility levels for longer or shorter periods of time. The effects would necessarily be uneven and it is unlikely that all individuals or populations would be equally affected. If a variety of antigens and viruses were used, however, these differences would average out and the average global fertility could be reduced to any desired level. The technology to carry out this global fertility regulation is not visionary. All of the knowledge and techniques that would be required are available today. Probably the creation and release of a number of different agents would be necessary to reach the desired level of negative population growth, as the effect of any one would be likely to be partial and geographically uneven due to the random accidents of distribution and infection.”


  20. I think that ration cards will be issued sometime within the next 5 years. I also think that they’ll be worthless in less than 10. You have to have something to ration for them to be worth anythinng.

    Maybe I’m catastrophizing, not sure. But I am pretty sure that some people will get all they need of anything they want, and most others won’t hardly get shit. Kinda the way things have been for the last 10,000 years or so. I guess.

    One of the hall marks of civilizations is that it gives the schemers and scammers a place to hide. The bigger and more complex, the more places there are to hide. Something like that.


    1. And I’m sure they’re already working on bogus digital electronic basic income. I suppose, given the current strategies of self-flagellation, the Europeans will be the first to see rations. Sri Lanka is ten years ahead of everyone, except for Venezuela, which doesn’t have anything to ration.


      1. The creepiness of that is not just the open totalitarian nature of the thing (we’ve seen that before), but the lack of transparency. Already it comes to pass that none of us may see the same item at the same price on the same website, so there is a gaslighting element where they can make you believe things are priced in free-market terms while really they are optimizing their rogering of you to previously-impossible levels.


    2. There’s a YT channel where someone cooks and tries historic recipes: recently he did recipes from The Titanic, 1st, 2nd and 3rd class.

      First and Second were fairly fancy, of course. But the surprise was Third class: no frills, as expected, and I think fewer courses, but solid, nutritious stuff. I’d happily live on what was on offer to the lower decks. Soviet citizens would have killed for it.

      Those who’d scraped the money together for their passage to the New World and a better life certainly weren’t insulted by the food , even if there weren’t places for them on the boats…

      I suspect it was many levels in taste and nutrition above what’s planned for us, which will be a jazzed-up kind o concentration camp food as far as one can tell – and living as we do in the new Nazi Germany that’s only to be expected.


      1. I’m not sure it will be wise to accept government food rations as they will likely have been cooked in a lab with CRISPR as the main chef.


          1. It’s all pretty hopeless. They could produce prion protein by the ton and provide it gratis to children at school. By the time you find out, it’s much too late.


            1. Their intended attack on the food supply has been amply signalled, that’s why they are pushing to abolish all anti-GMO restrictions here, on the pretext that new crops will ‘help fight Climate Change’.

              Full-spectrum assault, nothing less.

              Cycling past their research labs every day is rather like going past Gestapo headquarters in Paris 1943. I reflect with some satisfaction that the researchers there will be sterilised and poisoned too.


    3. Poor old CHS, he can’t conceive of genocide, can he?

      And there’s that little fantasy of popular uprising and revolution at the back of his mind, too.

      Most of the big commentators on economic collapse are deluded in some way.

      Most are, frankly, far too decent. Better to be decent in everyday life, but with an imagination that can encompass any evil, and see mankind for what it is.


      1. I especially like the ones that see a short recession ahead followed by robust growth. The dissipative chimps are so busy thinking about bananas that they can’t see the bioweapon/vaccine leopard that’s been picking them off one-by-one.


        1. YT feeds me videos of hog shoots now and then (I love the algorithms – there was a spate of Japanese traditional formation dancing once, mesmerising!) : when the first hog goes down, at least they realise something’s up and try to escape.

          Dumber than hogs, that’s industrialised , urbanised Hom Sap.

          Bang! Nothing happening, nothing to see, carry on…..

          The delusions, simplifications and selective blindness of the evolved complex brain stand between us and raw reality – mostly useful, or it wouldn’t have evolved that way; but in this instance absolutely fatal.


          1. When nurse Tiffany went down, it should have sent everyone racing round looking for the exit or stuffing that crap right down the throats of the doctors.


            1. And I think it’s been determined that she’s down for an eternity. I’m sure the white coats were standing around smoking their pipes wondering just what could have happened. No clue. And then there are cases of people collapsing post-vax while others calmly await their own injections. Where is the fear? Do doctors and hospitals have that much of a calming effect? A good experiment would be to put fifty people in chairs awaiting vaccination. Vary the number of actors that slump onto the floor post vaccination and see how many people leave the room. What if the first ten inoculated slumped to the floor? Would the other forty sit there and await their turn?


              1. Oh yes, we need that simulation, James!

                Thinking about it, the whole set-up of hospitals and vaxx clinics might induce a kind of semi-trance in which normal reactions are suspended: perhaps like a true believer entering a temple?

                One can’t escape the reflection, sometimes, that people do in a way deserve their fate, while on the other hand it has all been set up so cunningly…..


          2. I’ve noticed in my own family that bad news or frightening things are so rapidly carried to the trash file that not a single word in consideration can be uttered. I honestly don’t give them much of a chance of long-term survival. But we’ll try.


          3. A few months ago, YT gave me the topic of Ukrainian immigrants, how they live and work, and showed me their new life. Now they live here as refugees. Ok. Now, for a few days now, I have been seeing that the algorithms offer me films about the army, recruits, today about joining the French foreign legion and the difficult training process … Is this a form of taming, or some kind of war?


            1. Maybe they’re trying to manufacture some consent or at least your viewpoint. I left so many comments and downvotes counter to the propaganda at Youtube, especially on their “breaking news” buffet, that I have been unable to make comments for at least a year.


          4. Are those feral hogs? I have to say I’ve witnessed small-scale on-farm slaughter of domestic animals and —while the report of the bolt gun did startle the rest of group for a minute or two—the immediate survivors quickly took to rooting around as normal and even lapped up the blood of their fallen compatriot next to him lying right there, so unfazed were they.


  21. A comment I provided for those at Reddit Collapse who think there’s been some kind of “earth failure”.

    Dissipative structures (humans, animals, cars, houses, factories) are supposed to reduce or empty energy gradients. We are a success at emptying the fossil fuel gradient. It’s the only reason civilization, such as it is, exists. Too bad about the waste products. The earth will recover and there will still be dissipative structures like algae and hurricanes. To the universe, reducing the energy gradient is more important than the fate of the dissipative structures. They’re usually temporary anyway.


    1. You’ve got this sadistic streak, James: most worrying……..

      You know what happened to the little boy who pointed out the truth about the Emperor: he got shish-kebabed!


      1. They won’t be having me speak at the Southern Baptist Convention but I could really care less about cowering chimps that invent a reality that suits them emotionally while being servile to the Satan of entropy. It would be just like them to Shish Kebab the truth or anything else that stands in the way of more dopioids.


  22. Pretty good bit bt MB.

    I guess that my only comment might be is that society is made up of individuals, who love to jibber jabber, twitch around, pretend that they’re doing “something”, maybe even something “important” . Most individuals wouldn’t know what to do with silence, and want no part of it. Once you understand things, this also becomes understandable. I guess.


    1. What good is a “quiet” dissipative? 🙂 If the universe wanted quiet dissipatives he would have made plants. If only the infrared of our bodies could be heard like sound waves there would be a constant hum that would only cease when the organ of that wavelength’s reception fell to pieces. But to know what one is, one must stop and listen.

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        1. In some ways zero awareness would be nice. I’m pretty sure that when a turnip’s leaves are being munched upon, there is no awareness. It’s the damned nervous system that has given us presence in reality and set us up for all kinds suffering. The cells of which we are composed are like the turnip, they don’t feel a thing (maybe a little chemical response to caterpillar attack.)


  23. Comment from a prepper video at Youtube:

    “Here’s my intel! A lot of people are dying. “All cause mortality” is up by (I’ve heard people say it’s as much as 40%) That stat stared when the “jabbie” roll out began. I can verify that is true. I stock greeting cards in grocery stores. We constantly run low on sympathy cards. This is the first time in my life I’ve ever seen sympathy cards come in “value packs”. (10 cards for a couple of bucks.) It is real that lots of people are dying.”

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    1. In the last 12-15 months, I have attended 6 funerals of people close to me. Previously, it was very sporadic. I felt sorry for my friend the most – a stroke (aged 50), a week later his brother died of advanced cancer (54). The statistics are brutal.

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      1. Awful.

        Hasn’t touched my circle yet – only one stroke incident so far, with apparent recovery – but I’m bracing for it, as they all ignored warnings I passed on from a medical friend.

        The aggressive cancers at a youngish age, and out of nowhere, seem to be a notable feature.

        This is not putting most of mankind to sleep kindly….


        1. I once bought a perfectly cut Italian black suit for half price. Later I wondered why I needed it. I have used it 6 times … Life is perverse.


          1. It will come into its own for visitations. I have jackets whose pockets are full of memorial cards. Our ten-year old rabbit died of heart failure yesterday and we buried it under an old statue of St. Francis, patron saint of the animals. As we finished we looked into the sky and facing us was a cloud in the unmistakable shape of a rabbit. I looked several times just to make sure. From now on I’ll be examining the skies as I leave the cemeteries.


            1. Great story. I have this: I lost my car key, I looked wherever possible. All for nothing. In the evening, my last thought were the words of my late and pious grandmother: “if you lose and do not know where it is, please ask Saint Anthony, he is the patron of these matters”. Well, I did it, I said the magic words 🙂 In the morning, right after waking up, those were the first thoughts – I knew the answer. The keys were in an old jacket that I have only worn once and forgot it completely because it is too warm.


              1. I think that if you want a “eureka” moment, you go to sleep thinking of a question and then in the morning the subconscious that wrestled with the question all night will serve consciousness the answer. Regarding the rabbit, I tried to not see the rabbit in the cloud, but it was a rabbit.


      2. It seems this bioweapon was created as a weapon not against battlefield participants but was designed to maim civilization itself. Clots, AIDS and prions all wrapped into one. I check the obituaries daily now, you might miss a friend coming off the conveyor if you don’t.


      1. Yes. I told my son who plays the trumpet that he should be advertising for playing “Taps” at the cemetery.


  24. I came across this on the news a few days ago. When I was a kid, I used to collect aluminum cans to sell to the local recycling company. Aluminum has always been one of the few everyday recyclable materials worth anything. But now, there’s this:

    Massive Layoffs Hit One of Top U.S. Aluminum Plants, Halting Operations

    If the energy to melt down and turn aluminum into new products has become too expensive, then all those Bud Light and Diet Coke cans by the roadside aren’t worth anything now. Equilibrium has reached Aluminum Can World.


    1. Living has become too expensive for most people. If people can’t afford a $60,000 car and the fuel to put in it, then aluminum cycle comes to an end. Is some of this unwarranted complexity in cars purposeful so that people have to go further into debt to support the ponzi scheme? I think that’s coming to an end and with it, many industries that were supported by the debt.


    1. All of this is intentional, the West is to brought down and suffer the brunt of the Adapt2030 program, although Sri Lanka doesn’t seem to be doing too well at the moment.


  25. Martin Butler and Barbie : Special

    I’m trying to be special with something that 99.999% of people don’t want to look at. Ha, ha. Jokes on me.


    1. Good stuff. But, thinking that you’re not special, which is true for everyone, no one is special, actually makes one special. But if you think you’re special, by being not special, you become like everybody else, in thinking that you are special. Another trap. I guess.


      1. Personally, I’m kind of OK with living like a dog, snapping up peices of meat (pleasure) when they come within reach. If you snap up more peices of meat than some other dog, then that gives you something to brag about. Not that I, personally, have much to brag about. Kind of a half-ass mutt myself. Oh well, that’s my claim to fame.


        1. Sometimes I think it’s a waste of a sentient being’s life to spend it snapping meat like the other animals. Then I realize it’s not an option and it sure does taste good.


      2. Many people try to become special through their jobs. But how special can that be when they’ve basically demoted themselves into a molecular role working in a tech cell. They just get washed back into the soup after a lifetime of work and toil and being “special”. They’re about as special as an rRNA functioning in a cell in a dinosaur’s big toe sixty-five million years ago.


        1. I looked to see what sort of dolls were being proposed as “Ken”.

          This was an interesting version, with a sculpted man-bun:
          Barbie Ken Careers Barista Doll with Coffee-Themed Accessories

          He’s $22, while a blond Ken with patriotic swim trunks is down-market: only $6.. There are a couple of “fashionista”models with long, Bruce-Jenner-looking, hair.. those can be $40+!


    1. Everything that Biden does the Chinese are high-fiving each other and making plans for Hunter’s next trip to Dongguan.


  26. Interesting comment at the saker blog. I disagree with the spiritual renewal part, but the rest is interesting.

    Blair T. Longley on July 02, 2022 · at 2:22 pm EST/EDT

    The full “disintegration of Western society” is not “visible to the naked eye,” because it is too many orders of magnitude greater than can be seen with anything but a very hard-working imagination. What is “visible to the naked eye” are merely the superficial symptoms of the degree to which the foundation of “Western society” became a system of enforcing frauds which necessarily has a structure which requires about exponentially increasing fraudulence.

    “Western society” has become based on bookkeeping tricks, or magical mathematics, which can create “money” out of nothing as debts, which “money” can also disappear back to nothing. Of course, that does NOT mean that anything is actually being created out of nothing, or disappearing back to nothing. It only means that the entire public “money” supply is an enforced fraud which achieves symbolic robberies.

    “Democracy, especially representative democracy, has a serious flaw, precisely in terms of representation.”

    “Representative democracy” has a fatal flaw after control over the issuance of public money supplies has been effectively privatized. Everything cascades down from there, after private banks succeed in controlling public governments to enforce frauds. All the big corporations that grow up around those big banks being able to create “money” out of nothing are therefore similarly based on radiating branches of enforced frauds achieving symbolic robberies.

    SYMBOLIC ROBBERIES are different than actual physical robberies, precisely because of the degree to which those are achieved symbolically, rather than physically. Certainly, there originally had to be physical violence to make and maintain the original social robbery systems. Certainly, there had to be some continuous history, whereby there was enough enforcement of the frauds to keep those going. However, globalized electronic monkey money frauds, backed by threats of force from apes with atomic weapons, have become many orders of magnitude greater than is still encompassed and comprehended by anything still operating only on the basis of chemical energy.

    While the author of the article above is Brazilian, and therefore, mentioned Brazilian examples, I am Canadian and will mention my examples. Canada has degenerated from colonialism to neofeudalism. (We have a son of previous Prime Minister becoming Prime Minister, as the “visible to the naked eye” symbol of that.) Various mainstream morons regard Canada as somehow being not corrupt, despite the central social facts that its public money supplies are almost inconceivably corrupt and crazy. The funding of the political processes provided the feedback loops to drive crazy corruption ever onwards!

    From 1974, up until now, the Bank of Canada (still theoretically a public bank) has followed the “Washington Consensus” to obey the Bank of International Settlements, in order to allow the international bankers to continue to control the Canadian economy. Since then, the Canadian people have paid several trillion dollars of interest payments on “money” that was originally made out of nothing as debts. Thereby, about half the ownerships of everything that could be owned in Canada has by transferred by the operations of those SYMBOLIC ROBBERIES.

    There are no other issues whatsoever that are in the same order of magnitude. However, nobody publicly significant ever talks about that. After any groups in society starts to get away with frauds, then they automatically become even more wealthy and politically powerful, and so, ever more able to get away with frauds. Moreover, the scale of those frauds is so great as to beggar the imagination. What is still “visible to the naked eye” are a few tips of an immense iceberg. Indeed, most issues that are publicly significant are those which are pushing “divide and rule” towards oblivion.

    Human beings, still living on chemical energy, mostly do not understand what it means for there to have rapidly, and relatively recently, developed electronic frauds backed by atomic forces. The article above misses the mark by another enormous margin.

    “No wonder that what is now called lawfare has become a real weapon against legitimately elected governments.”

    “Lawfare” is due to the manifestation of the rise of symbolic information over physical power. (Of course, those are on a continuum.) That “lawfare” has primarily taken the form of automated, electronic frauds, as the “business as usual.” Everything controlled and dominated by “money” actually operates inside of its real history, that “money is measurement backed by murder.”

    Although that situation has not fundamentally changed throughout human history, it has been amplified by many orders of magnitude, because of how the money became electronic, while the ultimate threat of murder to back that money up became atomic. Ordinary flesh and blood human beings are no longer even remotely close to being in the same order of magnitude of the systems which they originally made and maintained, because the chemical energy systems that power human bodies have become trivial when compared to the electronic and atomic energies which now dominate the whole world, and particularly, “Western society.”

    “Western society” was the flowering of Globalized Neolithic Civilization. It is the whole of Globalized Neolithic Civilization which is “disintegrating,” and is doing so far WORSE than almost any publicly significant presentation of those facts that I am currently aware of. The first generation to grow up with the development of electronic and atomic energies is still alive today, and the vast majority of them exemplify Albert Einstein’s observations that “the splitting of the atom has changed everything, except the ways that we think, and therefore, we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe.”

    The vast majority of people are living inside systems that they not only do not understand, but, more importantly, have been successfully brainwashed to feel like they do not want to understand. Money can never stop being measurement backed by murder. However, the successfulness of that depends upon most people not understanding that, and not wanting to understand that.

    “Disintegration of Western society” is many orders of magnitude worse than most people can see with their “naked eyes” because the laws of nature have driven the laws of men to become as dishonest as humanly possible, which includes almost automatically becoming more dishonest, as systems based on enforcing frauds struggle to continue to double down, again and again…

    Theoretically speaking, the only things which might be able to save “Western society” is for that society to continue to go through series of political revolutions which are comparable to the development of electronic and atomic energies. While that seems theoretically possible, doing so appears to be politically impossible, because enough people would have to understand themselves enough as energy systems.

    The disintegration of the West is primarily driven the overwhelming successfulness of fraudulent money controlling everything that money can control. The currently existing monetary system depends upon the vast majority of people continuing to deliberately ignore the principle of the conservation of energy, and misunderstanding the concept of entropy in the most absurdly backwards ways possible.

    Globalized Neolithic Civilization was always built on the triumphs of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, or debt slavery backed by wars based on deceits. Up until recently, “Western society” was leading the way towards that overwhelming triumph of symbolic robberies achieved by enforced frauds. However, all of that social “success” necessarily resulted in “Western society” becoming more and more criminally insane. The ruling classes became increasing psychotic psychopaths, while those they ruled over became increasingly incompetent political idiots.

    Since there is nothing publicly significant other than layers of controlled opposition surrounding the central core of excessively triumphant organized crime, there are NO “solutions” possible WITHIN those systems. The only actually possible “solutions” first require series of psychotic breakdowns in “Western society.”

    It is a nice daydream that those psychotic breakdowns could be catalyzed. Ideally, there should be some “spiritual renewal,” however, that can not possibly become enough if that is merely a return to some old-fashioned religions. Rather, the “spiritual renewal” which “Western society” needs should come from the mathematical physics that made it possible for human beings to harness electronic and atomic energies.

    The special military operation in the Ukraine illustrates what I am talking about, because what is most “special” about that is there is nothing being used there now but chemical energy weapons. Sure, there are lots of electronics intelligently directing the applications of those chemical energy explosives, but, there is a general DELIBERATE refraining from changing gears to atomic energy, which is roughly ten billion times greater than chemical energies.

    While human beings and their civilizations are necessarily manifestations of general energy systems, the level of public understanding of that is abysmally low. Indeed, in “Western society” the education, big tech and mass media systems have done everything possible to prevent people from better understanding that, but rather, have succeeded in making most people feel like they do not want to understand that.

    The special military operation in the Ukraine is still nevertheless changing the real murder systems, and therefore, is changing the real money systems. However, that is mostly being blundered through, because “Western society” is indeed an “Empire of Lies.” However, those lies are so profound and so pervasive that most people who begin to recognize that only see so in the most silly and superficial ways, and so, tend to recommend similarly silly and superficial “solutions.”

    Political processes “should” go through profound paradigm shifts, in order to embrace a “spiritual renewal” such as comprehending how and why ENERGY IS SPIRIT. Of course, that can only happen in ways which are consistent with the laws of physics. Since those laws of physics have driven the laws of men to become as dishonest as humanly possible, amending those laws of men to become less dishonest appears to only be possible after “Western society” is going through series of psychotic breakdowns, because the deeply entrenched, established systems are only planning on increasing dishonesties.


    1. I’m afraid that the laws of physics have driven men to dishonesty through behavioral evolution and the competition of hierarchy. A “spiritual renewal” based upon a deep understanding of reality is likely too deep for the average human. A religious spiritual renewal based upon stories and myths and the final pay-off at death also leads to corruption. Even family members cheat and compete, especially when it’s time to divide a parents or grandparents belongings. It’s this knowledge that people are corruptible that facilitates the big scams. Dissipatives can’t help themselves, they’re programmed to go for the dopioids even if it means swindling the next guy out of his. Currently those that have taken greatest advantage of the debt slave system will try to kill, lock-down and materially change the physical nature of their future competition by using technologies from companies they own.


    1. Population control and control of dopiods in general doesn’t play well with the populace and if you’re planning a depopulation strategy, you don’t want to be talking about depopulation.


  27. Today is a sad day in jet truck history

    I always laugh at the “he died doing what he loved” remarks whenever some adrenaline junkie finally kills themselves. The universe appreciates your dissipation, jet truck man.


    1. A lot of adrenaline with those dopioids. Travelling at over 300 mph when a giant fireball rolls the truck. What could go wrong? “We’re going to have our emergency team. We’re gonna take care of that folks.” Yea, right. A perfect analogy for human civilization. We just have to wait for the nukes at the end.


  28. Zelenko names the main families and foundations behind the New World Order. Usual suspects. George Bush Sr. spent the night in my friend’s house while campaigning with Ronnie Reagan. So that is my claim to fame, I slept in the same bed and used the same toilet as George W. Bush Sr. The Queen of England would also visit Three Chimney’s farm here in Kentucky as she enjoys the horses. They were all pretty much horsey people. Don’t know about the Bushes though. I pretty much fell out with my friend when I mentioned environmental destruction. Big league dissipatives don’t want to hear that.

    But first we have to kill a few billion people, crush the West and incinerate Russia before Mother Nature incinerates us. Voila! NWO


    1. Bush Sr. new world order speech was September the 11th 1991. No connection to his sons 9/11, unless you’re a conspiracy theorist. I especially hate how conspiracy sites are mostly rightwing retards who think these people are bringing us global communism and atheism. They then delve into a whole bunch luciferian/satanist bullshit and say we just need to get right with the lord or sum fucking nonsense. Almost makes me feel a bit of sympathy for the psychopaths who are depopulating everyone. It’s as if the end times can only be a religious occurrence. There is no material explanation…for anything.


      1. All I can say is that many people are “limited” in thought and knowledge. Or to put it another way, they’re stupid.


        1. Yea but then all the lefties refuse to believe in psychopathy and conspiracy. A whole lot of multicultural kumbaya, lots of different tribes can live together and love one another. Muslims are not medieval people, don’t be racist. Most people are good people that’s why covid vaccines must be an incompetence theory and not a conspiracy theory.


          1. Oh, and don’t forget open borders. There is an unlimited amount of fresh water and resources for us to share with the world when they come here illegally or legally. I like eating at different restaurants, don’t you? Only a racist wants to eat the same food. After all our people are too lazy to work below minimum wage. Suddenly the left is agreeing with the head of the federal reserve that American workers are entitled and spoiled, makes me want to shoot somebody. Whoops.

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            1. The capitalists can’t make a profit with their cells (factories) without some really cheap rRNA. They’ll pick-up other resources as cheap as they can to, it’s the law of the jungle.


          2. Still the Science (TM) and state-worshipping Lefties will happily conform with every insane, homicidal diktat until they are depopulated, unable to see what’s being done to them

            The religious, on the other hand, who believe that they are living through Revelations (at last!) at least have a mental construct that prepares them to suffer and also see things a bit more clearly than the Lefties – without falling into hopelessness.

            ‘Satan’ is really quite a good mental symbol for purposefully malevolent entities of overwhelming power, ditto for Holy War and glorious martyrdom – they provide an element of hope and purpose in dreadful situations.

            Delusions, perhaps, but comforting like a child’s stuffed toy.

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            1. Overwhelming fear will make many jump for the next vaccine and booster. Others will deal with it by opening the Bible and finding guidance. “Yep, says right here, end times are here.” “The chosen shall be raptured into heaven.” But people have all participated in building their own gallows and have put the noose around their necks, guided by the almighty opioids. They’ve been participating in a human caused great extinction, recognized for at least fifty years, without addressing the problem. The bankers couldn’t address the problem because their entire ponzi scheme depends upon continued growth. Now that they’ve reached the end of the line, they’re going to address it and pull the lever on the gallows trap door. No Satan to blame and no vaccine savior. I’m sure those that are wealthy enough to manipulate things and pull a few big levers are convinced they’re doing the only thing possible to save humanity by throwing useless eaters and others out of the row boat that’s rapidly taking on water. They finally achieved control of media and the pharmaceutical industry and have propaganda and biotech tools at their disposal for carrying out the plan. For them, the time to take action is after the ponzi can no longer run, but before a chaotic collapse occurs so they can retain power and privilege. Adapt2030. Part of the adaptation includes eliminating millions of tech business cells and their employee rRNA while incarcerating the remaining ones in a digital prison. Apparently they must also bring Russia into the globalist sphere. They can direct as much money as needed into these projects.


            2. Yes, I feel more pre-disposed, after the last several years, to believe in satan than in the christian god. His mark is clearer upon the world (but then the bible does say that, more or less, does it not?).


    1. Oh boy, the ethnic mafia that shall not be named. There is no shortage of people of the right background for finance and mind control… I mean media.


    1. As soon as nations and their ethnic identities are destroyed, then the bankers can rule the world and your life and worth will be solely expressed as a financial value. Good social credit score – you do as the bankers say. Bad social credit score – you get a special vaccine.


      1. Except Israel. They get to keep their chosen ethnicity. Although they are majorly vaxxed, explain that strange situation.

        I doubt you can eliminate ethnic identity any more than you can eliminate language. Besides how will they play divide and conquer without tribes?


        1. I imagine that the ones that planned and financed this NWO putsch have little in common with the average Israeli, just like they have little in common with the average American. And psychopaths like to pretend to be friends before they throw you under the bus. Once you cannot be a productive slave because of reaching Liebig’s limit, you are a liability. It is more a business/planetary management decision. They lack emotional remorse.


        2. Of all the ethnic identities, jews seem to be the most obsessed with racial purity in the current period, but there are different identities even within that group. I get the impression that the Ashkenazis have always comported themselves as being superior to the Sephardics (and -go figure- jew-identifying Africans are not embraced by either).

          A key figure in the murder scheme, like Bourla, is not going to balk at sacrificing some of the less-refined group to achieve a larger end.. in fact it’s a wonderful cover: more martyrdom, more Shoah business. Since a majority of the figures in this injection rollout seem to be of a single persuasion, it would be highly suspicious if their enclave were spared. Hence, it may not have been.. (but we can also wonder whether their reported injury figures are even accurate). We know the jabs are not all equal; that is a given.


          1. Time for a little Brother Nathanael:


            It seems that the Deep State and China have arrived at some sort of power-sharing arrangement. The Deep State is globalist and has little loyalty to the United States. They must now find a way to make the United States profitable again, by reducing population and exporting commodities overseas, like food to China. Most new investment is already in China and that highly automated and productive population must be fed. Those remaining in the United States after the purge will live under the same type of central bank digital currency, surveillance and social credit score. Unfortunately it’s an evolutionary leap too far and I wouldn’t be surprised to see China starve as Russia, Ukraine, the United States and European food exports take a tumble in the chaos.

            I’ve noticed that Kunstler and Naomi Wolf won’t mention the Jewish partners in crime, always placing the blame upon the CCP. But the CCP isn’t going to take down the United States without an internal assist, especially the push to get the already Chinese corrupted stooge Joe Biden into the presidency and stacking the regulatory agency deck.


    1. Another pro vaccine lefty who thinks antivaxxers are right wing luddites. He’s also a Christian puritan on matters of human sexuality. Apart from those things a generally agree with Chris Hedges, although I suspect his answer to capitalism is socialism, which I actually don’t have a problem with it’s just that the whole human species is unsustainable however we chose to run industrial civilization or even nonindustrial civilization.


      1. I like Hedges because he’s well-spoken and has some intelligent things to say. Denninger says the vax is a killer and climate change is a hoax while Hedges says the opposite. The sex issues won’t matter much because everyone will be sterilized by the vax and the Lord shall spite them with the Monkeypox. Regarding drag queens reading to kids, we should just explain to the children that people flip-out sometimes, have hormone problems, too many of one kind of chromosomes or get confused, but they can still be good people. The problem is that they want to recruit like they’re forming a new tribe. What no one will say is that there is no stabilizing our situation. We’re in a zero-sum competition with a failing ecosystem and the heat is being turned up.


        1. We were always in a zero-sum competition, long before overshoot. which is why we got here and why we can’t fix a goddamned thing. The intense chimpanzee rivalry between tribes and within tribes makes fixing problems virtually impossible. Throw in heavy doses of denial and a few opportunistic psychopath chimps and you have the human predicament. Chasing energy and reproduction like mindless automatons, wanting to achieve the highest rank and status. What a shitty existence. We are survival machines, not elegant machines.


          1. “What a shitty existence.”

            That’s what I keep saying. Almost eveybody that I say it to trys to convince me that I’m wrong. But they’re never very convincing. Mostly, they try to point out to me how good I have it, compared to most. Yeah, I say, most people have an even shittier existance than I do. I feel bad for them. But there’s nothing I can do for them. I have problems of my own.


            1. There is always somebody who has an even shittier situation and that is supposed to make you feel good about your less shitty life. It’s a strange morality but it works because it gives you higher status and more serotonin, making you want to punch down and succeed even more to feel better about yourself and get even more serotonin.


              1. I think I shall buy a new Mercedes sedan. But then again I may settle for some tattoos and a gold chain. By all means flaunt your superiority. Glad to see they changed their minds about moving the bridge for Bezos’ yacht.


                Oh damn, I think Travis has already won the competition. He got a Kardashian cell colony too simply for being outstanding.


            2. The situation is crappy, if we want a happy ending and can see it clearly for what it is. But ‘happy endings’ are for massage parlours and hair salons in Asia, and then you get chucked out on the street again….

              However, if one sees life as a dung heap with the odd jewel buried here and there to be pounced on with glee and real – if transitory pleasure – it goes a long way to reconcile one to re-absorption into the heap at the end.

              The jewels were scattered quite freely for most of us lucky Westerners since WW2, and even the chicken burgers and beer were abundant for the less successful.

              Although it’s hard to see what could redeem the life of a clothes-factory worker, someone assembling stuff in China or a child miner in Africa, but maybe not starving today becomes a kind of pleasure?


              1. A chickenburger and beer might be a fair trade for a few hours in the clothes factory. The more the clothes factory immiserates the better the chicken and beer will taste.


            3. I think the brain shitifies the situation so that the cell colony will be on a never ending search for dopioid satisfaction.


              1. Interesting thought.

                ‘You have everything a chimp could ever need, but it’s not enough, you feel discontented, and that’s because it’s crap compared to what you could have had: go forth and seek!’

                One of the most restless money-seekers I know once commented, slightly bemused, that I ‘must be resigned to what you have, right?’

                Resigned? Grateful!


                1. There are times of maximal dopioid delivery, especially from youth, like a trip to the ocean that I reminisce upon, that simply cannot be recreated. I suffer a little for not being able to go back, but not much. I enjoy the memories, but I’m afraid the economic/social order is beyond having my own kids experience something as carefree and impressive. The cancer has progressed too far.


                  1. Any idea of a golden era will have temporal and physical variables depending on one’s culture. I read a quip to the effect that—for white Europeans—the only option is to live either in a storied past or a fortress future: the present, as it is, is simply not bearable.

                    I wonder what the Chinese think about the distinction between their cultural past and present… what the Iranians or Japanese think.


          2. New technologies made the pie grow for a long time for almost everyone. It didn’t matter to most that we were also eating the bakery that makes the pies. Fracking was one of the last technologies to make the pie grow. Now less pie every year. How do you divide that pie? There’s only one solution. Fewer eaters. Humans are dopioid addicts through evolution. Keep your eye on the prize.


  29. a good comment from reddit collapse thread

    level 3
    5 hr. ago

    As usual with complex, interdependent systems, it’s not an “either/or” – it’s a “both/neither”.

    To sustain the large human populations that already exist in every country on earth, you need both self-sustaining environments with sufficient ecological resilience & biodiversity and self-sustaining economies with sufficient energy infrastructures & distributable food/water.

    If the whole biosphere collapses first due to critical ecological damage and loss of biodiversity, supply chains break down, infrastructure fails and economies collapse in turn, so nearly everybody eventually dies to famine, exposure or the ensuing total war over whatever scraps remain. But if the entire global economy collapses first due to critical infrastructural failure and loss of distributable food and water, societies descend into chaos and people become desperate to survive famine and exposure, leading to civil, international and then total war that does so much ecological damage it destroys the biosphere anyway.

    So, like most dichotomies, economy vs environment is ultimately false. As is the people (the majority of whom work for and/or voluntarily support big businesses via rampant consumerism) vs big businesses (the majority of which are staffed by the people and perpetuate by servicing their endless desire to consume).

    As a rule of thumb, most either/or’s and all us vs them’s are either reductive to the point of being unhelpful, or just outright wrong. They usually wind up being neither, both, or an infuriatingly nuanced mix of neither and both, like the people/big business example above.


  30. Technological civilization poisons its own rRNA – humans. Imagine a cell line in nature with a mutation that disabled its large subunit rRNA, like the poison ricin. It would immediately off itself which is pretty much what humans are doing with technology. Yet the engineers struggle to create a robotic replacement as if human extinction was irrelevant. They sell the technology by saying it’s going to serve the needs of mankind. Bullshit. Instead it will extinct mankind. It’s as if the competitive reduction of gradients must go on whether organic life ceases to exist or not. As long as robots are doing the same things that organisms do – competing, eating each other, emptying gradients and trying to live on the right side of EROEI, it’s fine that humans go extinct. Some of the gullible believe they’ll be carried along, uploaded to the technology. If you want that, you’re a dumbass chimp and the technology will dump you faster than it’s AI can say – obsolete human ego , terminate, terminate, terminate. For those humans that are still corporeal it will say – vaccine, vaccine, vaccine. But techies, led by the transhumanist Klaus Schwab, continue anyway. Being human isn’t good enough. Like Dave and Tim and many others, they think it’s a little bit shitty, especially the part about dying.


    1. The behaviour of the clever, relentlessly innovating , Techies, daily working away to fulfill the fantasies of the system owners, is perhaps the most mindless and blind that one can imagine.

      ‘Bio-metric micro-control grid? Certainly! How bleak, inescapable and crushing do you want it, Lord Rothschild?’

      A lot of them are, I suppose, in their 20’s and early 30’s, which as I recall is not an age of great, or indeed any, wisdom and foresight. Ambitious, vain of their abilities and happy with a few hundred $k’s per annum to sell us down the river, and trap themselves too. .

      Here we are, comparatively ancient, immensely wise and with any amount of foresight (and hindsight) but completely powerless, and about to be terminated with extreme indifference…..


      1. A good slave used to be worth something, but now that we own everything and there is nothing more to gain, they are dispensable. We await the eternal life upload to escape these foul and mortal bodies, to be among the technological successors forever and ever, amen.


    2. “It’s as if the competitive reduction of gradients must go on whether organic life ceases to exist or not.”

      Yes, and it becomes recursive, doesn’t it, reflecting itself at all levels? The majority of humans continually aspiring, generation after generation, to be something that they are not is part and parcel of the larger program (the MPP/MEPP being the construct holding the most narrative power for me at the moment).

      The “entropy production” part made it all click for me, since societies can increase entropy both through construction and through destruction.


      1. Getting rid of an energy gradient is sort of like dissolving sugar in water except in our case we’re dissolving hydrocarbons in oxygen atmosphere. Bond energy is lost as infrared waves and the once solid fuel seems to disappear into its elements or smaller molecules. Humans, because of their hierarchy behaviors, take a perverse pleasure in expressing the MPP by dominating and using others.


  31. Denninger in denial.

    The ecosystem is being destroyed by a voracious cancer and those that own everything risk losing everything. Besides that, the debt ponzi is nearly at its end. So why would a consortium of the wealthy not be interested in a bit of downsizing and saving the prime real estate and productive assets (including certain classes of citizens) while jettisoning the rest? Maybe Denninger believes that technological civilization is a viable construct.


    1. Jesus Musk has spoken. He believes we need to get to Mars because the planets is dying but we don’t have enough people on the dying planet. That is some logic. Perhaps he needs to justify that fact he can’t stop impregnating women. Must be fun being a billionaire sugar daddy to all those hot little mommas. I wonder if the rocket thing has some sort of unconscious phallic element to it. Mine is bigger than Bezos.


      1. Musk is a banker’s bitch and promotes their programs. Unfortunately the banker’s aren’t too smart or they wouldn’t have led us to the cliff with no retreat possible except going to Mars. But our Jim Jones vaccine party might release some of the pressure.


        1. Musk has been nervous lately. Somewhere yesterday I read about his big problems in the new Tesla factory near Berlin. It lacks 4.5 thousand employees (50%) and lacks key components from China due to the covid blockade in Shanghai. He decided to temporarily suspend production for 2 weeks.


    2. The demographic transition with people having fewer children and longer lives relates to their functioning as RNA in the technological system. People are no longer about making and raising babies, but are rather occupied with their new industrial roles. The result is fewer children and the technology they spend their lives producing extends lifespan. If you look at the hockey stick growth of human population, you’ll see that the demographic transition, which is a technological transition, has actually increased population over what it would have been if humans had not been technological. Sabine leaves out the pushing aside and destruction of much of the world’s ecosystems as the increasing numbers of human RNA, responsible for eliminating the fossil fuel gradient, must also be fed from the organic world. There is significant starvation already created, just not for humans – yet. We may reach ten billion humans on the planet, but it won’t be a sustainable ten billion. I think we’ll crash, starting about now. The sustainable population with a Western lifestyle is probably closer to 40 million, except that 40 million humans won’t have a society that produces Teslas. Maybe that’s why Musk thinks there aren’t enough humans.


      1. Childless women prefer dogs or cats instead. From this demand there is a huge, billion-dollar industry for food, bones, artificial bones, collars with LED lamps … in addition, veterinary services (the more that food causes diseases and shorter life) hotels, in cities there are special places for dogs, there are also crematoria, and even dog hairdressers. There are different ways to convert energy.


        1. There’s a hole there that must be filled with a less demanding companion. All of the stuff comes naturally a complexity has a purpose, to add more channels and surface area for gradient conversion. The dogs and cats seem safe so far, more so than the human useless eaters.


    3. I think she just said that the we’re at the earth’s cc right now, about 8 billion. Well sure, as long as we can keep burning something like 80 mil barrels of oil/day, the earth can support something like 8 bil. people.


      1. And maybe if we could take five-hundred year breaks to let the ecosystems and soil regenerate before we start eating again, like the Svalbard seed depository, except for humans. I’m going to guess that Sabine skipped a few biology courses and themodynamics isn’t her area of strength.

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  32. It’s like a fever in a body and the cancer can’t function well with the higher temperatures. The cancer says, “We must have more glucose to cool the cells.” The glucose is burned, but the cachexia and fever of the body become worse from the waste products. “More glucose. Growing conditions are not optimal.” I guess that’s something like a positive feedback until death occurs.


    1. I thought the ozone topic had been forgotten for years, but no. In today’s world, you have to ask yourself what doesn’t kill us. Probably everything, according to MSM. There is surely one thing that does not kill us. The opinions are extremely unanimous: they are wonderful potions in the arm, preferably a whole series, and don’t ask for anything, believe the science.


      1. They’ll add some UVB/UVC inhibitor genes in our next transforming shots. They’ve got CRISPR now, they can do anything.


        1. We have ground level ozone that kills vegetation and we have lack of ozone in the stratosphere, presumably because of rapid global warming. I would guess that if the ozone shield is diminished too much, it’s curtains for humans. My wife’s friend in Australia just got her fifth booster. Some people, they just won’t roll-over and give-up the ghost.


        2. CANCER

          Gail Zawacki
          September 16, 1954 ~ June 9, 2022 (age 67)
          Obituary & Services
          Tribute Wall

          Gail Maria Zawacki passed away early in the morning of June 9, 2022 shortly following a diagnosis of cancer.

          Born in 1954, she was raised on a farm in Ipswich, Massachusetts with her three sisters, surrounded by the ocean. She would carry her love of nature, water, and animals throughout her life, caring for numerous pets along the way, and devoting her efforts and energy to myriad environmental and conservation causes.

          Gail had three daughters, Alice, Zosia (Sophie), and Maxine, whom she loved fiercely and in whom she instilled an appreciation of the natural world. Both resourceful and stubborn, Gail raised her daughters with unlimited devotion.


          1. Nature should be the ocean we swim in, but instead we’re stuck in cells. Ipswich was probably a nice place to grow-up, just down the road from Amity Island (Martha’s Vineyard) where Jaws was filmed. Evil nature comes to disturb to land whales.


    2. No asteroids needed: ancient mass extinction tied to ozone loss, warming climate
      Malformed spores suggest powerful storms drove ozone loss and led to sterilizing UV radiation

      “The end of the Devonian period, 359 million years ago, was an eventful time: Fish were inching out of the ocean, and fernlike forests were advancing on land. The world was recovering from a mass extinction 12 million years earlier, but the climate was still chaotic, swinging between hothouse conditions and freezes so deep that glaciers formed in the tropics. And then, just as the planet was warming from one of these ice ages, another extinction struck, seemingly without reason. Now, spores from fernlike plants, preserved in ancient lake sediments from eastern Greenland, suggest a culprit: The planet’s protective ozone layer was suddenly stripped away, exposing surface life to a blast of mutation-causing ultraviolet (UV) radiation.”

      It all starts with global warming triggered by increased atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gasses, mostly via volcanism. The humans are estimated to be matching or besting the level of greenhouse gas emissions that the Siberian traps released prior to and during the Permian mass extinction.

      I think you can attribute some level of dieoff to increased ground-level UV radiation in every hothouse mass extinction. The big bad killer comes near the end – Canfield ocean.

      How Modern Emissions Compare to Ancient, Extinction-Level Events

      Researchers find that a pulse of volcanic activity spanning several hundred years released as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as anthropogenic emissions projections for the 21st century.

      “In a new study, an international team of researchers sought to quantify the amount of carbon dioxide released during the event. Their results, published today in Nature Communications, show that a single pulse of activity during the end-Triassic eruptions released as much carbon dioxide as humans are expected to emit over the course of the 21st century.

      Researchers have known for some time that the formation of large igneous provinces is often followed by dramatic shifts in climate or mass extinctions. The Deccan Traps in India likely contributed to the demise of the dinosaurs, for example, and the Siberian Traps are believed to have triggered the end-Permian extinction, in which more than 90% of life on Earth was wiped out.

      “The CAMP is one of the most impressive large igneous provinces on Earth,” said Richard Ernst, a professor at both Canada’s Carleton University and Russia’s Tomsk State University who was not involved in the study. The total volume of the eruptive event would bury all of the United States, including Alaska, beneath a kilometer of basaltic magma, according to Ernst.

      “These events are increasingly recognized to cause massive environmental change, and that’s being well documented by the precise dating that’s demonstrated that they’re associated in timing with the mass extinctions and other climatic change,” Ernst said. “The issue then turns more and more to what’s the mechanism?”

      As a potent greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide is understood to drive these climate changes, he said.”

      The humans like to think they are so special and unique, but this run away global warming they have caused will result in yet another hot house mass extinction.

      Rapacious apes vs volcanism – both were created by the earth. Other than the initial trigger, hot house mass extinctions and lesser hot house extinction periods are a regular feature of this planet.

      Worst mass extinction event in Earth’s history was caused by global warming analogous to current climate crisis

      The Permian period ended about 250 million years ago with the largest recorded mass extinction in Earth’s history, when a series of massive volcanic eruptions is believed to have triggered global climate change that ultimately wiped out 96 percent of marine species in an event known as the “Great Dying.”

      Penn led a team of researchers that combined models of ocean conditions and animal metabolism with paleoceanographic records to show that the Permian mass extinction was caused by rising ocean temperatures, which in turn forced the metabolism of marine animals to speed up. Increased metabolism meant increased need for oxygen, but the warmer waters could not hold enough oxygen to meet those needs, and ocean life was left gasping for breath.


      1. It doesn’t give one a good feeling when they find large ozone holes opening in the stratosphere at the equator.


    1. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of the “Georgia Guidestones”.

      Offhand, I’d say that their message is not “bad” in any way. But, like you point out, the only real guide to human behavior is the MPP. Its guidance is hard to decifer, simply because as soon as it’s acted upon, it changes. And, it always leads to zero. How to get to zero last? Tricky, tricky…


      1. The Georgia Guidestones are the Stonehendge of America, erected by some mysterious person(s) as a beacon for the future. It’s right up there with crop circles. It could have been the new obelisk for 2030: A Musk Space Odyssey. Instead of monkeys brandishing bones there could be half-wit Georgia natives driving their pick-ups in circles with Confederate flags, tossing beer cans at the solar equinox as “Freebird” blares from the boom box.


    2. People have strange ideas. Young children also think at some stage that when they close their eyes they are invisible.


        1. No repair? No replacement? The little town adjacent needed the income and could have done a repair for as little as $75,000, best guestimate. I will replace it with the Human RNA Temple showing RNA within cells within humans within their technological cells and run a natural gas line to its center to feed an eternal fire fountain. All of the elite, like helpless moths, can come and ogle the display and dance around in circles, jerking and twerking to the pyrotechnic display. “More, give us more.”, they will say as they imagine new and complex ways to dissipate the gradients with special projects funded by loans from the central banks.


    1. Just more terroristic threatening from the cabal with their techno lab grown fantasies. I’ve been noticing the comments regarding the Georgia Guide Stones. Most commenters are much in favor of their demolishment. “Five-hundred million. Pffft. We can have one-hundred billion humans on this planet easy.” Little do they know that the real long-term carrying capacity for humans is more like forty-million, too few to produce most civilizational accouterments. “Just take your vaccines, we’ve got everything under control.” They’ve eliminated the evidence pretty fast too, just like with the World Trade Center but much smaller in scale.


  33. Before long I’m going to be pro-Davos.


    1. A charismatic man and saviour of future humanity: why not a great populator like Genghis, too?

      She’ll enjoy the payments as much, if indeed not more, than the sex, presumably……..


  34. The only problem with the Georgia guide stones was the one world language and the world court. Everything else was within reason. Probably should have put the guide stones somewhere less religiously fanatical. How about the Davos guide stones?


  35. Here are some rules for the Davos Guidestones

    “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!” – Conan

    “I live, I love, I slay, and I am content.” – Conan

    “No man should live in chains.” – Conan

    “When a barbarian feels thirst, it is a thirst for blood.” – Conan

    “I have known many gods. He who denies them is as blind as he who trusts them too deeply.” – Conan


        1. It’s actually a funny film, very campy. Arnold can barely speak English, says all of 100 words in the whole film. With so little dialogue it gave room for one of the best soundtracks in film history. Definitely a cult classic.


  36. Kinda funny, I guess. But I googled Boz Scaggs, just to see if he was still alive. It turns out that he is alive, and touring, at like 80 years old. What a fucking asshole, a piece of shit. Just lay down already. I mean, what in christ is he trying to proove? I can still “do it”? People just fucking suck.

    Anyhoo, tickets around here, CTland, start at like $365 each, and up from there. What? Are there really that many rich retarded dentists in CT? Apparently so…

    Well god bless Boz Scaggs is about all I can say.


    1. It’s the older generation that still has some disposable income. Us millennials and younger have to make do with free internet porn and social media. If there were no internet there would probably be no affordable entertainment for us younger folks.


      1. It is most fun and free to watch the aberrant behavior of human cell colonies as they dispense with the sunlight they’ve consumed. They’re absolutely insane.


    2. Carlos Santana just collapsed on stage. Maybe they should go out doing what they like. It would be like waiting for the crash at the Indianapolis 500.


    3. I came across a comment to do with that..why the hell are sept/octogenarians like Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger still dragging their bones across the stage? The speculation was that there was luciferian-grade blackmail involved (worse than we could ever imagine), and that they were essentially slaves of the system that needs to constantly wring money out of them to keep ticking over.


    1. I would like to have one of those nice tractors. Might have to make due with a couple of mules. Some people say the air is made mostly of nitrogen so it shouldn’t be a worry. But I think they’re trying to reduce nitrogen fertilizer run-off. They might think about knocking off about thirty-percent of the population before starting such reductions.


    1. Which makes more profit and entropy? Being friends or enemies? And Rockefeller and Rothschild are incensed that Russian oil isn’t controlled by the Western financial oligarchy. War is much more appealing, they need to crush some ants anyhow. They might also have a few particle beam weapons hidden around to make chop suey of Vlad’s nukes.


    1. I love the title, but won’t give the New York Times my email or sign-in with Google or jump through any other hoops.


    2. Alot of hopium at the end, otherwise a good article and sums up generation y and z attitudes well.


  37. Martin Butler on how there are so few real “human beings”. He mentioned “Sapiens” as a good book so I took him a couple of meters deeper into the rabbit hole. The “human animals” are surely running wild in Sri Lanka at this moment.

    Humans are dissipative structures like hurricanes, circulating molecules that give rise to temporary structures that reduce an energy gradient, like the lions above feeding on the buffalo gradient. The job they have evolved to perform is the release of embedded energy of the buffalo. Human civilization is likewise a dissipative structure evolved to release the energy embedded in fossil fuels, wood, soil, etc. Civilization can be an all-purpose dissipative because it has evolved a new information or DNA system with new capable tools like enzymes. It’s why I often refer to it as a cancer, it has few limitations. Humans are the functional rRNA of the fossil fuel eating technological system but must be fed from the ecosystem to keep their molecules spinning or to keep all of the molecular balls in the air. Same for the lion above or the buffalo that feeds on the grass gradient and its embedded energy. We shouldn’t be surprised that humans are cell colonies overwhelmingly preoccupied with obtaining more investments, money and other dopioid (dopamine/opioids) releasing stimuli. They are controlled by structures of the nervous system with very little awareness of who or what is pulling the strings.


    1. I got the sense that MB has been knee-jerk on board with the jabs, lockdowns, etc., revealing himself to be achingly conventional in responding to his own “passions and emotions”and taking my estimation of him down quite a few notches. I’ve not kept up with him actively over the last year or two for that reason. If that’s not the case, please correct me.

      I think he would regard a “human being” as one who is REASONABLY fully jabbed, ‘cuz he’s just that kind of enlightened individual. :-/

      Weird that he says a nation is an abstraction, since carried within the definition is where someone is born, a demonstrably concrete event. He belongs to a class, however, that has the luxury of ignoring or abstracting blood ties because he can use his money as a social lubricant and life preserver instead, to keep himself afloat in a foreign setting more amenable than his native one.


  38. Great images of ‘jostling’ on YT James if you look up ‘Hajj’ or ‘Makkah’ 2022 – live cams of pilgrims circulating round the Kaaba and arcades, then coalescing to pray in beautifully ordered lines, dispersing again, then repeat, and repeat……


    1. The worshippers could be the torus of the hyperboloid circulating around the null point. From nothing you came and to nothing you shall return. But until then it’s time for some fresh shrimp kebabs and root beers on the veranda.


    1. The Whipple Procedure sounds like a good one. My dad had the Indiana Pouch procedure for his bladder cancer and it worked until he died of other causes about fifteen years later. But these days he would have to get a vaccine and that likely would have been the end of him.

      That should probably read “post-Covid-19 infection and/or vaccinated individuals.”


  39. I came across this comment by Ron Patterson over at Peak Oil Barrel today:

    “Although the semantics of what it means to qualify as a giant field and the estimates of recoverable reserves in giant fields differ between experts, the nearly 3,000 giant fields discovered—a figure which also includes the supergiants—account for 80 percent of the world’s known recoverable oil. There are, in addition, approximately 1,000 known large oil fields that initially contained between 50 million and 500 million barrels. These fields account for some 14 to 16 percent of the world’s known oil. Less than 5 percent of the known fields originally contained roughly 95 percent of the world’s known oil.

    “80% of the world’s oil is produced by the world’s giant and supergiant fields. The overwhelming majority of these fields were discovered half a century ago or more. Most of these giant fields have, over the last 20 years or more, been creamed. That is there have been thousands of infill drilling in them with horizontal wells creaming the oil right off the top of the reservoir. Near 80% of the world’s oil is coming from these fields that are way past 50% depletion. Most are well past 75% depletion.

    “Also over half of the 20% of the oil that does not come from giant or supergiant fields still comes from large fields. Most of these large fields have been producing for decades. The idea that we are only at about 50% of ultimate oil production is absurd beyond belief.”

    There are a zillion small fields, but you need a zillion rigs to go after them all. Maybe if gas could be sold at $20 a gallon, it might be worth it. I think the future will be Private Gated Gasoline World – tanker trucks will come to your mansion and fill up your Mercedes and Maserati, you won’t have to go to gas stations – just like delivered home heating oil. It may already be happening. Hello, Equilibrium.


    1. But who is going to maintain the road system for a few Maseratis? I think that at $20 a gallon much of the complexity that results in oil refineries and Maseratis will no longer be possible. The Maserati might end-up in a museum, but that too might not be affordable.

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    2. Guess that you want to pick apart the numbers, Peak Oil Barrel is the place to be. Not that i have any problem with picking apart the numbers.


      1. Yea, they’ll be picking apart the numbers as they fly through the air after falling off the Seneca Cliff. They’ll say, “How much do you think Ghawar has left? Do you think EVs will save us? There’s enough sunshine in the U.S. to power everything.” Then the internet goes dead and reality sets in.


        1. Don’t worry Karl Schwaub has a plan to pick apart the numbers.

          Fun fact: I grew up next to Ghawar oil field, as my father was an expatriate worker working in Saudi Arabia for Saudi Aramco Oil Company. He was the flight mechanic for the president of Aramco’s private jet, took him to all the OPEC meetings in Vienna, Austria.


          1. In other words, “Everything must be put under total control before this ponzi blows.” The vaccines will never end because the pandemics will never end and the pandemics will never end because the control can never end.” But this only applies to the Westerners that will soon realize that virtual energy store of U.S. dollars will be increasingly and maybe rapidly worthless. They should have spent their money when it was worth something. The wage slaves will find there’s not enough energy around to keep them alive unless “control” is instituted along with a universal basic income. The UBI and residual pensions will be totally unaffordable but that is where the vaccines and pandemics come in.

            That’s a unique job and circumstances to grow up in, but I would always be nervous about head-chopping and the Khashoggi treatment. I guess you have to weigh the pluses and minuses, but your dad must have been a top-notch mechanic. “…..took him to all the OPEC meetings…..” In other words, “You better do a good job because if this thing goes down, you go with me.”


    1. Thanks for the links. I tried the second one but it said “disabled” for the link provided. But I’ll keep it in case I run into other impediments.


  40. This was an interesting read by Lyn Alden regarding central banks and debt.

    What good are glucose receptors without any glucose? The organism can no longer eat enough to satisfy the appetite or movement and maintenance requirements. Greater efficiency? Get rid of the marginal cells and rRNA and feed the productive ones? According to Garrett via Jevons, the greater efficiency created by technological evolution will result in more, not less energy being used. It will become more economical to extract, but perhaps not this time. Perhaps complexity has finally reached the point of negative EROEI. Even fracking may have used higher EROEI fuels like big pool oil and natural gas to bring fracked oil out of the ground at an energetic loss, but as an essential feedstock for creating diesel fuel to keep the system alive. Now, what is the EROEI in stealing Russian resources? Doesn’t seem very good so far. Instead of investing in new oil technology, it might be time to invest in CRISPR pandemic technology for a little demand destruction. In the end we have almost achieved the ultimate success for a dissipative – nothing left to burn.

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  41. Speaking of the generational divide, part of the reason I quit medicine was all these old folks lingering around, and I always had to go back in to do something or the other, robbing me of the potential to maximize my own youth. This was well before covid. Another thing I discovered: age does not necessarily result in wisdom. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. And age itself causes mental decline in just about everyone, eventually.

    If you hate me, come on, you haven’t really thought about it. I’m 41. This is about collapse, not about “saving” anyone. I played my role, I did my time. I’m moving on. There are soon to be 8.9,10 billion of us, I don’t feel particularly compelled to grow old and, on top of that, listen to every other old person with their complaints.

    I don’t wish them ill, that misses the point. It’s just I’m not going in to the hospitals or clinics anymore. Simple as that, early retirement.

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    1. good for you. retire as soon and as often as possible. i’d say.

      Old people, in general, suck. I should know, I’m one of them. I’m 66. When I say I’m old, people often try to convince me otherwise. People are stupid. I mostly just ignore them.

      65 – 75 – old
      75 – 85 – old old
      over 85 – you really need to be dead

      Why people want so badly to keep on living, doing the same stupid shit over and over and over, is kind of beyond me.


    2. Humans are half beast from the ecosystem and half rRNA in the technological system. It’s just the way things self-organized over millions of years with gradient opportunities. Some feel it’s completely natural to spend their lives functioning in a cell using a small subset of information to carry out operations. In a way it is natural, it’s just self-defeating because it’s not compatible with the ecosystem. They’re born into it and are prepped by the education system to read and write and they don’t notice anything askance. They look forward to their golden years which will just as likely be their cancer years where promising treatments fleece them of their gold. But the old folks are clueless too and have already spent their lives in the tech cells. They’re like the molecules in cells – they function, they die and are replaced. Most won’t even wonder what their life was about. It was all in the hands of God.

      I’m on year nineteen without functioning as an official RNA in a cell although I do work around the home cell. I read and write information and manipulate things with my bonding organs (hands), so I guess I’m still an RNA as was every human for the past few million years (or proto-RNA humans), tool/information users. I don’t regret the missed income, but I would hate to come to the end and realize I was just a busy molecule in a growth hungry tumor among many tumors devouring the ecosystem. Would it be better to realize I was just a hunter-gatherer living in an ecosystem? At least there would be the possibility of some continuity. And now the “system” is becoming more regimented, controlled and punishing. I’m sure the RNA in our own cells would make an escape if they could to be free-living and reproducing, but they’re trapped just like humans will soon be trapped. The only positive is that everyone will be “free” as soon as the technological system dies. They’ll probably end-up dead too.


  42. Humans are half beast from the ecosystem and half rRNA in the technological system.

    That’s fine and true, enough. But as most beasts and RNA or whatever will tell you, just give me more.


    1. That’s what all the little RNA in your cells sing, “Now give me ATP, that’s what I want, yea, yea, yea, give me ATP, yea, yea, yea.”


  43. Humans, in one form or another, have been a self-organizing subsystem of the ecosystem for billions of years. Not for a single year during that time have they been awake. Their forms and behaviors slowly drift with the structural and behavioral ebbs and flows of other species. I think this is how it will continue to be as the self-promoting self-image in the brain casts its dim light in search of shiny dopiod crystals to stimulate one pleasure after another. Self-knowledge in its details and in the broader context aren’t sufficiently titillating and have a low dopioid return on energy invested. Even our billionaires, politicians, scientists etc. are captive to their own brain structure and neurochemistry which always seems to lead them to those irresistable dopioid crystals scintillating in their otherwise dark skulls. And this is the way we shall perish, blindly groping for more rewards regardless of the consequences.

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  44. I thought that this was a pretty good bit by Orlov. Like always, he makes me wish I was 30 years younger and knew how to speak Russian. But, of course, I’m just stuck with here and now.

    Also, I don’t know, but I have to think that the “West” writ large, will not just sit still and take “la-di-da” as an answer. But I could be wrong about that. Some commentators have said that the west will sit and starve while watching Netflix.

    And, it seems that the “west” only knows how to make things worse, not better. So there’s that…

    D. Orlov

    Old Way, New Way

    The hardest part of living through a time of wrenching change is that nobody particularly bothers to inform you that the times have changed and that nothing will be the same again. Certainly not the talking heads on TV, who are often the last to know. You have to figure it out for yourself, if you can. But I am here to help.
    It all has to do with energy. Not with technology—that’s incidental; not with military superiority—that’s fleeting and largely imaginary; certainly not with any sort of political or cultural self-righteousness—that’s delusional. There is no substitute for energy. If you run low, you can’t switch to running your industrial economy on fiddlesticks. It just shuts down. What’s worse, energy sources are not even particularly substitutable for each other. If you run low on gas, you can’t just switch to coal or to dried dung, even if you are up to your neck in it. Modern industry runs on oil, natural gas and coal, in that order, and they can be substituted for each other in very limited ways.
    Furthermore, energy has to be very cheap. Oil has to be about the cheapest liquid you can buy—cheaper than milk; cheaper even than bottled water. If energy isn’t cheap enough, then all the energy-hungry industry that runs on it becomes unprofitable and shuts down. That’s the stage at which we are now in much of the world. So, what happened?
    Once upon a time the US produced most of the oil in the world. But then the prolific wells in West Texas ran out and Saudi Arabia took over as the biggest oil producer. But the US wasn’t about to take that sitting down and hatched an ingenuous plan: Saudi Arabia will sell its oil for printed US dollars, then take most of those dollars and give them back to the US by “investing” it in US “debt”. Everybody else who needed oil had to figure out a way to earn US dollars to buy it, and any US dollars they had left over after buying oil also had to be used to buy up US debt just because: “Nice economy you have there! Now we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to it, would we?”
    Indeed, a few people didn’t get the message (Saddam of Iraq, Qaddafi of Libya) and got their countries bombed. And a whole lot of other defenseless countries got bombed just to keep the others scared. But then Syria, which refused to get the message too, asked the Russians for help. The Russians helped Syria, and now nobody is afraid of the US any more. Meanwhile, the US became spoiled by all this free money, grew fat, lazy, degenerate and weak and amassed the hugest pile of “debt” (in quotes because there is no question of ever repaying it) in all of human history.
    In the meantime Russia, being the largest energy-producing country in the world, decided that it has had enough. Under the old scheme, Russia exported its resources cheaply, spend 1/3 of the revenue on imports and allowed 2/3 to leak out of the country, quite a lot of it also used to buy US “debt”. It couldn’t do anything about this right away, and so it spent the last decade developing its military to a point where now the US/NATO are afraid to go near it and its economy to a point where it doesn’t need much of the imports, at least not for a few years. And then a silly thing happened: the US confiscated Russia’s holdings of US “debt,” making everyone in the world take notice and start dumping it—even the Japanese!—sending the entire financial scheme into a tailspin.
    Meanwhile, Russia has started to switch from selling its energy exports for dollars and euros, which then leave they country, where they can be confiscated, to selling them for rubles, which stay inside the country. Do you want to buy some Russian energy? Well, figure out how to earn some rubles! And if your own anti-Russian sanctions prevent you for doing so—well, la-di-da, whose fault is that? Also, given that there is now a worldwide energy shortage, the Russians asked themselves: Why sell lots of oil and gas for a little money when you can sell less of them for more money?
    These are not projected developments; they are happening now and in real time. “Hostile nations” (which is all of the West) now need rubles to buy Russian natural gas and there is a plan to extend this scheme to oil exports. And just a couple of days ago Russia’s finance minister, Anton Siluanov, announced that there isn’t much point for Russia to export anything for dollars or euros since Russia doesn’t need them for anything and advised exporters to start using barter arrangements instead. Barter is rather inconvenient, but if offering dollars (or euros) just gets you punched in the teeth, then that’s all there is left.
    What sorts of barter arrangements? Well, for instance, there is a very nice gigantic chemical plant in Germany, the Ludwigshafen Chemical Complex in Germany, owned by BASF, that is about to shut down due to a shortage of its main feedstock, which is Russian natural gas. That equipment could be crated up and shipped off to Russia in exchange for some energy products, fertilizer and other key supplies that the Germans will need to keep body and soul together over this coming winter. Are anti-Russian sanctions in the way? Well, la-de-da again! They are not Russia’s problem; somebody else has to find a way around them.
    Meanwhile, lots of dead ideas, systems and institutions are piling up in the West. Dead is the Green New Deal (a scheme concocted by people who know neither physics nor even arithmetic) and the Great Reset, and Build Back Better (whatever that was), and the rules-based international order, and Mutual Assured Destruction (if you ask for it, Russia will destroy it, but how mutual is that?). And we are all standing by, waiting for a shout of “Timber!” when the dollar/euro/yen debt pyramid begins to topple.
    The world is also waiting with bated breath for a whole lot of pompous but useless busybodies to disappear from public view. Dumping that pompous blowhard Boris Johnson was a good start, but what about Scholz, Macron, Duda, von der Lyin’, Zelensky and a whole host others? Biden is in a category of his own, since it clearly doesn’t matter who is the US president or even if there is one.
    The world has changed, but social reality hasn’t yet caught up with political and physical reality. This is the summer of anticipation. The winter of discontent is next. Come next spring, we will all be living on a strange and different planet.


    1. Would Russia still be selling its assets on the cheap if the West hadn’t provoked Russia into the war with Ukraine? Why would Western bankers upset the apple cart? Because, even with Russia’s contribution, there’s not enough oil to keep the world economy growing and the dollar ponzi supported? I think the West decided that it was time to put the New World Order lock-down into effect and that had to include Russia. Putin said “Nyet”. The gall of that man, doesn’t he know who rules the world? In the meantime the other great enemies of the Deep State, the Ford F-150, the Dodge Ram and their drivers are beset with five-dollar a gallon gas, amplified Covid pandemics, deadly vaccines and a Monkeypox kicker.


    2. There was some discussion on Jay Hanson’s lists about Russia and the oil end game. Jay didn’t think the US and its allies would sit back and let Russia take over the world economy while the petrodollar collapses without using their nukes. “We are going to crisp them and send in Boots and Coots to re-habilitate the oil fields” was what Jay said.

      Henry Kissinger predicts nuclear war starting in August. You know he’s been aware of the situation since the 1970s. What a fitting end to the dissipatives, turning the planet into radioactive rubble.


      1. Jay wished he hadn’t spent so much time on the future and had enjoyed life more fully instead. Then when he’s scuba diving he drowns. He should have quit sooner, but must have enjoyed somewhat working on the predicament. There’s been a new update for the horses of the apocalypse. We now have Uranium, Plutonium, Cesium and Strontium. Strontium is shown below:



        1. Jay closed his list in 2013 I think if I remember correctly. So he had a few years to just relax and scuba dive. He found the interactions intellectually stimulating since he was able to retire early. He always said he didn’t want to be here when the whole thing went down so the scuba diving accident came at the right time.


          1. He was one of the only investigators that could do a deep dive on the subject. I think he kept ending-up at a dead-end for civilization. His foray into politics gave me the impression of the futility of trying to change things. I’ll have to get under a beach umbrella with a daquiri and await my turn. Maybe many daquiris with some pina coladas thrown in. I don’t drink, but at this point I would certainly like to.


      2. “We are going to crisp them and send in Boots and Coots to re-habilitate the oil fields”

        I think that maybe we “the west” missed our chance on that. From what I understand Russia has spent maybe the last 15 years preparing for this moment. The “west” on the other hand, has spent that time playing finance games, pandering to the politics of identity and globalism and squadering its resource base.

        I think that western finance and technology are no longer needed to burn the rest of the oil and such that may be available. So it will be cast aside. Not without a fight of some sort, I’d say. But the outcome is very uncertain.

        Anyhoo, Orlov, et al, may be right. The Eurotrash may just sit and starve and freeze while watching Netflix this winter. It’s not like they’re needed for anything anymore.


        1. Don’t worry about the Europeans, they’re holding currency and bonds, backed by the full faith and credit of a ponzi scheme, redeemable in the future at face value wherever energy is sold.



  45. Nate Hagens had Joseph Tainter as his guest today:

    I left the following comment, but don’t know if it shows up. In any case it was good as far as it goes. They skip over for the evolution of humans as rRNA. People won’t like to think of themselves as molecules performing functions in a metabolism. But what others are unaware of or afraid to speak of you can find right here at the Megaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-Caaaaaaaaaancer.

    We’re “optimized for growth”, the Megacancer. Every human is pursuing the Maximum Power Principle or energy flow into their own domain as are the technological cells in which they work and the “nations” into which those cells are organized. Humans may superficially claim to want a steady state, but as a zero-sum environment develops they want a steady or declining state for their competition and may work towards that end.


    1. Human mating dances with rhythmic music. I love those things. I wonder how old Fred was there. No peripheral neuropathy in those feet. The somatic cell manifestation is supposed to get the job done and then get out of the way and the flesh melts right off the bone if allowed, ready for recycling into fresh bodies.


      1. They don’t want us to go out dancing, James, unless it’s some kind of neurological spasm……

        Dance a good fandango myself, although Latino is beyond me.


        1. It might be that a good dance could work some booster magic with a terminal face plant. I’ve noticed a lot of people dying while swimming too.


    2. Who said us white folk ain’t gots no rhythm?

      Fred was great. Here is my favorite performance of Fred cutting loose at 71 years of age during the 1970’s Oscars.


    1. Thanks, I’ll looking for the next videos. Fraudulent collateral? How about a fraudulent capital – Washington, D.C. The Deep State tribe loads the deck to take control, taking advantage of the corrupt politicians which by their very nature are looking for the pay-off and/or are blackmailed via operations like Epstein. They also control the FDA, NIH, CDC and more. Expand the debt, expand the boosters. Use the slaves and then kill them when they’re no longer of any use.


    1. I find Nicole too ugly to bear: beauty and brains for me, on the whole.

      In fact, beauty creates a wonderful illusion of brains, I generally find, being a typical male ape.


      1. It is all in the hands of God or those algorithms created over millions of years that prefer one facial configuration over another. Perfect bi-lateral symmetry without any features that seem out of balance. Humans are such automatons and don’t even know it. The root of aesthetics. We owned this car back in the eighties. I think my dad sold it for $20,000, the same as he paid. It was a twelve cylinder but I never drove it because I couldn’t drive a stick shift. Too bad. Some cars are even sexier than others.

        willow green xke


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