Dave Lysak mentioned humans “jostling” in the furtherment of their goals a few comments back in the last post, a nervous agitation of human souls and cells seeking fulfillment of their energy requirements. I found this video clip of jostling ruthenium atoms in carbon nanotubes and thought it thermodynamically similar, at a smaller scale, of what humans are up to.

Rhenium atoms in carbon nanotubes.

You can see that the atoms are unsettled, releasing and accepting photons from each other and from what must be an environment turbulent with electromagnetic wave energy. They jostle and jostle, each in competition with the others to reach that position and bonding configuration closest to absolute zero, which might not be very close zero at all, but closer. Waves are incoming from the environment and outgoing and being passed from electron to electron. If they were chilled sufficiently perhaps the Brownian motion would slow and finally stop. No doubt the mechanism that provides the visuals adds heat to the subject and ambient temperature of earth’s biosphere is not free of turbulence thanks to the sun.

But what does this have to do with humans jostling or any organism for that matter? It may seem counterintuitive, but humans are also trying to achieve the lowest energy state. They bounce around the environment motivated by greed and dopamine trying to find a configuration of atoms and molecules to help settle into a lower energy state, to help them reach their most stable configuration where significant amounts of energy has been depleted from their bonded structures and exhausted as heat wave energy. But humans avoid their own equilibrium state, lowest energy level, by helping others achieve theirs, by eating and essentially burning them. In the process they build-up their own complexity and avoid low-energy equilibrium with the environment. Like recharging a battery before it goes dead. In accordance with the Second Law of Thermodynamics the total energy in bonds that has moved farther away from equilibrium, become more complex, in building the human dissipative structure, is less than the amount of food/bond energy or complexity that was consumed. Some of the food energy lost from the food bonds is exhausted into the local environment and then into space. There can never be one-hundred percent efficiency or conversion of food to dissipative structure. But the entire ecosystem cannot run down to equilibrium as the sun creates electromagnetic turbulence every day to stir the matter, including and especially chlorophyll, which again captures some of the ample energy in bonds, likely later to be released by some other dissipative structure like a caterpillar.

The struggle for existence is the struggle to release energy from other matter that still has the potential to reach a lower energy state. Don’t mind eating the pig, according to the universe it’s not in a optimal state of being. If you eat it, much of the embedded energy will be released and your own structure will be bolstered while a certain proportion finds its way into space. But equally, the human is not in an optimal state either. Nothing that lions and tiger and bears and other humans can’t take care of. The whole biosphere would likely approach its lowest energy state if it weren’t for the sun blasting us daily with wave energy that blows the atoms from their comfortable low-energy states. The complex behaviors of humans and other dissipative structures are no different in essence from atoms jostling to reach the lowest energy state. Humans and other organisms do it at a large scale by eating big chunks of energy rich matter and burning it. The universe thanks you for releasing the heat from the pig, even though you’ve bolstered your own out-of-equilibrium structure.

Squeezing the energy out of fossil fuels is the human’s special project for the universe which has the beneficial side effect of allowing humans to eat much more organic life than would have been possible with the energy derived from their tissues. We can actually eat food that would have traditionally had a negative Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI) throughout all of natural history. Fossil fuels have been a nice subsidy while they lasted but have created lots of damage to the coevolved ecosystem. Humans in their rRNA tool-building capacity are desperately trying to come-up with something additional to eat as fossil fuels begin to wane. Even the organic matrix and been stripped bare and has been depleted of nutrients so that even if fossil fuels lasted, the matrix of industrial growth for human food likely would not and fake laboratory meat and meal worms will not make-up for capacities being lost from the natural environment.

Idaho potato farmer.

A farmer (technological RNA) working a field in Idaho that will likely grow taters. The plants will capture the energy from the sun with chlorophyll and produce some starchy sugars to store in the taters. Humans, knowing that there’s a lower energy state potential for the taters, will dig them up and eat them, maybe at McDonald’s, and release their bond energy back to space while bolstering their own structures. It is often said that there are ten calories of fossil fuel energy spent on every calorie of food produced and eaten. Judging by the diesel eating tractor and the irrigation system along with pesticides, processing and distribution, that might be pretty close. It seems like an impressive economies-of-scale operation though, much more efficient than a backyard gardening effort. If humans were to try to accomplish the same feat, planting by hand, harvesting by hand, picking bugs off the plants and carrying water from the nearest river, I’m sure that in the end they would use more energy than they got from the potatoes. Negative EROEI equals starvation. But at least it would be totally organic.

This is an example of high EROEI living:

Cheek storage of excess energy, similar to that found in some rodents.

And this is an example from Madras, India during the famine of 1877 of negative EROEI living:

This is what happens when we suddenly stop using fossil fuels. People on the verge of bankruptcy, also known as death by starvation in the natural world.

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  1. Don’t worry, your suffering won’t be in vain, nor will it be forgotten!

    We at WEF will build you a very nice monument, like the one the British built to all the animals who ‘gave’ their lives to achieve the great victory in WW1.

    Thank your for your service!


    1. Banker’s salute! You lost and we won. Please dig your final resting places on the way out and don’t forget to use a spade as fossil fuels are not allowed. Biodegradable coffins in several convenient sizes will be provided for free at centralized locations. Adios suckers.


  2. evolution

    This won’t hurt a bit. My name is Evolution and I’m here to program you. My goal is to make sure energy gradients are reduced. To attack larger gradients and create the tools necessary to do so, you must stop competing against each other and cooperate to consume larger gradient. Cells did this long ago. I will maintain the “hierarchy” feature which evolved naturally when you lived in small groups. At the top of the social hierarchy will be a “God” that is mysteriously responsible for all “creation”. Beneath that God will be human priests to interpret the will of the almighty God and direct worship sessions. The primary reward for participation will be alleviation of fear of death, social acceptance and group safety while consuming the gradient. Don’t move, I’ve almost made the connection to the nucleus accumbens. Done. Do you feel better? Are you ready to cooperate and take-on larger gradients? Just a few more adjustments. You can’t be too religious or you’ll spend all your time on your knees in a church. I must turn-up the social climbing, and individual greed just slightly to make sure you do a good job for “God”. Celibacy is a real deal breaker as it will likely take many generations to get the job done. And if the sun keeps shining and the plants keep growing, it may be a perpetual job. Now get busy enriching yourself and doing God’s work. God is waiting and expects the best from you.


    1. A bit more glitzy than your plastic brain model, James.
      How’s it doing these days: have all the parts fused with the craziness, or perhaps it’s achieved the Singularity?

      Just been reading a candid contemporary history of the 9th century in Europe and Byzantium by a witty bishop, it sounds fun: the Byzantine Emperor had a mechanical elevating throne which shot him up to the roof while you were bowing and scrapping, and the Pope delighted in the ‘impure embraces’ of several wicked ladies.

      Being a peasant was somewhat less fun, and being a warrior not much better – too many battles, and the slaughter of the whole losing side being usual.

      A roaring trade was done in white eunuchs, emasculated in Verdun (where France later bled to death in WW1 – some places just have bad karma) and exported down south to Muslim Spain, ‘at very great profit’. At the time of the Ottoman Empire, 25% of the boys didn’t survive the operation – investing always has it’s hazards.

      Being a contemporary peasant, it’s nice that I’m awaiting enslavement/extermination/genetic emasculation with a hot brioche, jam, and Columbian coffee for breakfast each morning – for the time being.

      Even my dog has his own cushion and comfortable bed.

      Who says Progress is a myth?


  3. We still live like kings! But I’ll have to look into the elevator chair. Where does a eunuch fit in the LQBTQ spectrum? I’ll have to query my oracle, but all it ever says is “I’m hungry. I want sex. I’m number one.” I might have to give it a lobotomy.



  4. Just recently, I started tuning into some Dave Chappell bits. I guess because he’s been in the news recently for being attached on stage. Anyhoo, I think he’s pretty funny. I had never realized that before.

    This bit kind of rang true for me. Around here, in bluest and most white guilt ridden of all places on earth, bourgeois CT, people sometimes try to engage me in conversations about “social justice”, whatever that’s supposed to be. My standard answer is, of course, “I don’t care”, and I really don’t.


  5. Personally, I think that a lot of drug addiction and depression, mental illness in general, is the result of having one’s jostling rights being revoked, with no hope of them being reinstated. Or, when one comes to the surprise conclusion, that no matter how hard one jostles, there is no pay off. Something like that.


    1. If you’re overweight and butt ugly then it’s hard to jostle. You look at at boy or girl to try and make eye contact and they’re NEVER looking back at you. Their algorithms contained in that mass of neural tissue behind their face won’t let them. Besides natural selective proclivities the media is pumping the Ken and Barbie look. It’s hard to jostle with the Chinese Ceiling too. As soon as your wages are reaching a comfortable level you hit the Chinese Ceiling, the point at which your job is shipped overseas. No dopamine there, but they may have some down on the street corner.


      1. Unless you’re Henry Kissinger, or maybe Klause Shwab, or even maybe Napolean then you jostle with vengeance, literally. Have you ever seen pictures of Manuel Noriega?

        Trust me when I tell you that i’m nothing special. But I had an ego (not much left of it) that would shove me out into the world, despite the protests from my “rational” mind. All the while it (my mind [sic]) would be telling me: “Dave, this is just fucking stupid. Don’t do it”. Of course, caution be damned.


        1. i think it’s good to remember that DNA “is” information. There’s no getting past that. I’d say.


        2. It’s quite a chimp contest. Most people can’t resist their brains. Why should they? “I don’t need no chemistry or calculus. Bring me a cheeseburger and a good lookin’ girl.” But to be an effective RNA and be “competitive” you have to specialize in some part of the information. I always found bug collecting and rummaging through a creek a good excuse for not doing what most brains do. Here’s a Martin Butler clip that I somehow missed:


        3. Reminds me of a student friend.

          While his long-term girlfriend was away, another female in the hostel, a new arrival, threw herself at him with great energy.

          As he put it: ‘I said to myself, you shouldn’t be doing this, Roderick, it’s a bad idea, a terrible idea. But you know, I just did it.’

          If all the people I have known, he’s the only one who later risked his life heroically to save others in circumstances of extreme danger, so he over-rode his self-preservation instincts successfully then.

          But the reproductive ones were impossible to suppress. I can’t even say she was hugely attractive, but only very determined.


  6. The human project of turning fossil fuels into dopamine and opioids is on-going. Spinoza says that God knows best (any gradient reduction is a good gradient reduction).

    Is Nate Hagens of contrite heart? Why? Energy gradient reduction is obviously desirable in the universe. Could it be that evolved human empathy especially between humans, a key adaptation for cooperative existence, with some spill-over into the greater ecosystem is creating some doubt regarding self-destruction? We should celebrate our ability to burn for the greater good of the universe. We could torch the entire fossil fuel and biomass stock immediately except that we must spread it out in a distribution system where it can contact oxygen. And even though starting a giant bonfire would be somewhat enjoyable for a short while, we can get much more dopamine and opioids by driving cars, flying in planes and consuming the bodies of other organic dissipatives. So why feel bad? Is it because we emerged from a long-standing sustainable, ecological system of cells that always gave our progeny a foot in the door to continued existence? And that our seemingly uncontrollable desire for more opioids is essentially slamming the door on their coffins? The universe, if sentient, would be so interested to see how this might turn out. Will the massive explosion of burning things for a “better life” win-out over the slow and sustainable ecological burn? It seems our leaders with graft and corruption, multiple homes, five-hundred foot yachts and so on, have chosen the quick burn route for personal satisfaction. But, but what about the children? Give them Fentanyl or Crystal Meth and send them on their way. That’s a bit of cheating isn’t it? Lots of opioid and not much burn. They should have to work long hours burning fossil fuels at meaningless jobs to get those kinds of rewards. In the meantime mommy and daddy are planning another trip.

    You can count on these two doing plenty of “God’s work”:

    God's work

    In any case, here is Nate Hagens interviewing Dennis Meadows. More fossil fuels up in smoke.


    1. Interesting documentary. After the Covid vaccine “safe and effective” hoax, I can believe that academia and “professionals” can be easily influenced to jump on a band wagon. Undoubtedly humans have a considerable effect on the climate, but how much of an effect do cosmic ray variations brought about by sun cycles and the migrating and potential flipping of earth’s magnetic field?

      This article was pretty thought provoking:

      And this one:

      And then there’s the National Academy of Sciences:

      The cloud issue is critical and I can’t find anything definitive or a consensus.

      It does sort of make sense that the bankers would decide to go cold turkey on fossil fuel usage now that growth is dead, not to save the ecosystem, but to transition into a more static “new world order” where populations and consumption are tightly controlled. Reducing fossil fuel use to save us from anthropogenic global warming will be the heart warming excuse for our future poverty and reduction in population. Creating the “static” condition will probably be like stopping the World Trade Center collapse at the fiftieth floor. They’ll need to lop off twenty or thirty floors of consumption and population first if there’s any hope of stopping the cascade back to the Stone Age.


    2. Did you just wake up from coma kid? You would need an alternate explanation for all the bad shit/climate jacked disasters that was predicted decades ago coming to pass. HARRP is harp owned by Jews? Is that what that ugly troll-skank means by Jew space lazer.
      It only takes a few hours to watch a conspiracy video, whereas requiring the science fundamentals to know if you are being lied to takes years of study. If you are not naturally curious, then you will never do the required work.

      Climate change all on it’s own could extinct the humans [hot house extinctions are the norm on this planet], but CC is only one of a number of existentialist predicaments & problems under the Overshoot umbrella.

      If you look at the data of fossil fuel use over the last 50 years the only conclusion you an come to is the humans don’t take the threat seriously since more is all they’ve done.

      This is why climate change deniers are the dumbests fucks around – worrying over what? Only recently have we slowed down & that has nothing to do with “saving the planet”.
      All hot & bothered [duped] over nothing. If the humans had any control of their energy use or any speed other than full throttle there would be no Megacancer. James never named his blog Megacancer because it’s catchy. It’s descriptive.

      If you wish to get an idea of earth’s future, look to her past – there have been a number of hot house mass extinctions before and the only difference between then & now is in the past it was volcanism that burned buried carbon and puked up mega greenhouse gasses resulting in runaway global warming which led to even nastier stuff like mass reproduction of purple bacteria and a Canfield ocean. This time it’s the humans acting the part of volcanism by digging up the carbon and burning it for our own purposes. The physics & chemistry are the same and it leads to the same nasty outcome, although I doubt any humans will have survived be around to view the purple ocean.

      BTW when you hear we are in the 6th mass extinction that’s wrong. We are in the 8th that we know of. One of the new findings are of a classic hot house extinction due to global warming via greenhouse gasses.

      Newly discovered mass extinction event triggered the dawn of the dinosaurs
      September 16, 2020

      “Huge volcanic eruptions 233 million years ago pumped carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour into the atmosphere. This series of violent explosions, on what we now know as the west coast of Canada, led to massive global warming. Our new research has revealed that this was a planet-changing mass extinction event that killed off many of the dominant tetrapods and heralded the dawn of the dinosaurs. ”

      Hey kids, everything old is new again……including our doom. I really wish I could spend my last moments on earth on a west facing beach on Vancouver island watching the sun set on a Canfield ocean while listening to Jimi Hendrix.


      1. Don’t pay any attention to this man. Bartender, another Dopamine on the Rocks with an Opioid Chaser. Life’s about feelin’ good and feelin’ good’s about burning things. Waiter, add two chili dogs and some onion rings to that order while I call my broker to see how many dopa-dollars are in my account. Life is good. Some people don’t understand that we’re on a mission from God, a fiery one. 😉


  7. Such as it is that humans are matter animated by energy entropically flowing through them to its dispersal in space, can it be surprising that this organized matter behaves as it does? Fighting for energy containing territories for the opportunity to release that energy through their own bodies thereby facilitation self-multiplication and hierarchical dominance. It’s an all-out battle, may the nastiest dissipative win. They cannot claim any God. They are dissipative filth stirred-up by the sun.

    Here’s a good example. For some reason this reminds me of the Covid vaccination program.


    1. maybe some kind of religious prohibition about shooting them in the head?

      anybody who thinks that population reduction can be accomplished in some sort of “reasonable” fashion, should watch that video. Those who would relish an opportunity to be like that executioner walk among us right now. I’d say.


  8. Covid hysteria, climate change panic, social justice mania, etc., all part of the jostling for attention and resources. I’d say.


    1. I’ve been wondering about those things too. It might be that people are feeling it necessary to advance themselves in the dominance hierarchy before the bottom rungs get starved out of existence.


  9. I burned out at age 51 (2007). I pretty much walked away from a lot of things, particularly the ideas of a “job” and a “career”. What a bunch of bullshit that was. Actually, I had burned out, stopped performing, long before that. I just wasn’t in a position to walk away until 2007.


    1. Life is short and half of what you earn is siphoned-off. Why spend your life as a molecule in a tech cell striving to make someone else rich? F’it.


    1. The infliction of pain and suffering and belief that your victims are sub-human must have some survival value. “Oh Gawd, here come the Comanches. Let’s get the hell out of here.”


    1. The quasi-speciation or tribalism, not evidenced in the very similar cellular DNA between tribes but evidenced in the different (tech) languages that evolved from geographic isolation, seemed to create enough of a gulf and reproductive isolation to put tribes on the warpath.


  10. Have you been locked in the office all week doing a slow burn with meaningless work? It’s time to raise you social stock, become a super-dissipative and go for the gusto. Just be sure not to go to far from shore, you’ll need to be refueling.



    1. That’s funny. The motors have a larger displacement than the boat. Something like that.

      that’ll get you to your favorite fishin’ spot right quick.


  11. There’s only one thing to do, keep the RNA busy building dissipative structures. Tech cells that will likely never host any metabolism or arteries and veins to nowhere will be just fine. But if America and Europe are destroyed and their RNA are incarcerated in metaverse pods, then perhaps life’s blood will come to our creations.

    worker bees


  12. I thought that this was a pretty good review of the basics.

    Of course, as is typical for NH, he simply skips over the fact that over the next 20 – 100 years, the human population must go from about 8 bil. to under 1 bil., maybe much lower than that. That’s one of the things that bothers me about NH. He labels certain aspects of his “great simplification” as unthinkable, and then stops thinking.


    1. The Great Simplification, errrr……. I mean The Great Collapse. I’ve seen some segments and it looks pretty good. Can’t get to real with the tater heads. The “simple life” sounds better than “dirt poor”. People will continue scamming and fighting over what remains to have the opportunity to burn the lion’s share until it’s all gone. That’s going on right now and happens every day as people try to steal each others money in the “markets”. Maybe Trump will be reelected and bring back unlimited opioids by making American great again.


  13. Over on Reddit Collapse a guy was upset that the management of an up-start battery company weren’t recycling some of the plastic. He seemed somewhat perturbed that they were more concerned with making a profit than saving the environment. I provided this comment:

    The companies want profit because the owners/managers want to be rich because their cells want glucose (and a mate for the gametes) because the biochemical environment is always tending towards zero free energy because the universe is entropic. If we could prevent the sun from reloading the biochemical potential every day, we could be done with all of this. Maybe the batteries will help keep a few gears turning, but when the fossil fuels are gone I imagine the batteries will be gone too. Ninety-eight percent of technological structures you see around you will rot in place and won’t be recycled which happens to take a lot of energy in and of itself.

    I did get one up-vote. If I had included a kitty cat picture it would have been hundreds.


  14. The quasi-speciation or tribalism, not evidenced in the very similar cellular DNA between tribes but evidenced in the different (tech) languages that evolved from geographic isolation, seemed to create enough of a gulf and reproductive isolation to put tribes on the warpath.

    Just kinda thinking about that execution video from earlier in the week. If there is no “out-group” handy to blame shit or on, or to take stuff from, one will be created. I guess.


  15. Some interesting discussion with Nate Hagens and John Gowdy, but they still don’t understand how one set of information (DNA) could rearrange cells so as to create another information system with humans acting as the rRNA. The organic cells could thereby break free of their own limitations and those possessing the new tools and organization (cooperative hunters to tech cells) could begin to plunder thereto unassailable sources of energy. Since Megacancer as been extant for seven or so years, I thought the idea would spread, but apparently the Homo sapiens is pretty thick and almost entirely concerned with using their information to profit themselves into oblivion.


    1. I kinda think that the root problem with NH, et al, is that they have spent their lives as “insiders”. As such, they have benefited from the status quo. They cannot understand why the status quo cannot be bent and molded to further meet their desires. It kinda like John Updike said many moons ago: “you can’t make man understand something that goes against his way of making a living.” that’s a paraphrase. But it was something like that.


      1. Might as well be trying to influence a bunch of molecules in a beaker. “Stop reacting, stop it now or you’re doomed. Can’t you see you’re exothermic? Soon you’ll reach equilibrium and it’s over. Over!” What happened? It was over and the heat drifted into space.


          1. Those are some great quotes from Upton Sinclair:

            “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

            “The private control of credit is the modern form of slavery.”

            “Fascism is capitalism plus murder.”

            “I aimed at the public’s heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach.”
            – Regarding The Jungle

            “The rich people not only had all the money, they had all the chance to get more; they had all the knowledge and the power, and so the poor man was down, and he had to stay down.”
            – The Jungle

            “Man is an evasive beast, given to cultivating strange notions about himself. He is humiliated by his simian ancestry, and tries to deny his animal nature, to persuade himself that he is not limited by its weaknesses nor concerned in its fate. And this impulse may be harmless, when it is genuine. But what are we to say when we see the formulas of heroic self-deception made use of by unheroic self-indulgence?”
            – Profits of Religion

            “It is foolish to be convinced without evidence, but it is equally foolish to refuse to be convinced by real evidence.”


  16. Jim Stobe, modern day beer hunter-gatherer. Whenever he arrives at a town he seems somewhat disappointed. Everything is structured and “not much going on here”. The only real reward is another beer. Much of the infrastructure he sees is already falling apart. Everyone’s in their cells doing their routine tasks, playing their RNA roles in metabolizing the world. Dopamine is released in anticipation of the rewards at the next destination but what he mostly finds is more Megacancer. Oh well, time for another beer, jump on a train and continue on the journey. Unfortunately he died about a month after this video. He was formerly in the Coast Guard and played the piano music that accompanies his videos.


  17. Has Joe Manchin been won-over by the WEF and deep state? Maybe they promised lots of coal exports from West Virginia to Europe. Maybe they will turn off the fossil fuel spigot from Russia and replace it with Joe’s “green” West Virginia coal. Manchin sure is a “player” attending the WEF meeting.


    1. I bet the hookers of Switzerland are making bank this week…..

      Hmm, I thought that we citizens are also stakeholders?

      Or would that be ‘stake holders’ as in the victims of Count Vlad the Impaler?

      Confirms Orwell’s suggestion that a Totalitarian system must employ obscure and corrupted language – one of the principal indentifying characteristics, in fact.


      1. I think they were going to use “slaveholder” but obscured it, settling on “stakeholder”. They’ll do what’s best for the common good (of stakeholders) and murder a few billion now useless slaves. Like Nick Rockefeller remarked to Aaron Russo, “Why do you care about those people?”


    2. The AINOnline story is already four years old — but interesting that the local Davos suppliers bragged about the amount of aviation fuel sold as one of the measures of success of the WEF get-together. No sense of irony from the writer about the climate-change aspect of this. I bet they toned down the fuel sales reports since 2018 after Greta dressed them down.


      1. All of those jets, they must feel like Gods. But when the clock strikes twelve and equilibrium is achieved (except for a small daily rewind by the sun) the glorious coaches will become pumpkins again and the singularity forever-after dream will evaporate into the aether from which it came.


  18. What are the dissipatives doing today? Checking their portfolios for “returns” which will be exchangeable for energy flow (food, heating, gas for the car) as they collectively tend towards equilibrium? Do they believe their currencies will be convertible into sustaining and growth enhancing energy flow? I’m sure they do. How much does it cost to maintain the ever growing flows and dissipative structures? More and more until they can no longer be fed or maintained. The sun’s energy will rewind life’s entropy spring and push back against equilibrium again today as will the ever diminishing fossil fuels, for a while yet. The entropy clock is always tick, tick, ticking as the humans scramble about trying to find more energy to send through themselves, the organic beings they eat and technological dissipative structures. Some day, as when a pandemic, war and/or famine happens, the flow will diminish and many dissipatives will no longer be fed, including human ones. They will become lifeless and their structures will disintegrate. To what extent will some humans go to guarantee their own supply of energy by depriving others? Will the law and order of the production and distribution system, of society, hold-up when some begin to starve or will it collapse into chaotic disorganization?


    1. i think that at least 6 out of 8 billion human dissipatives are just trying to make it through the next 24 hours. That’s my plan anyway.


        1. In my case the world revolves around two essential questions:


          or Stones?

          Dinner for tonight has been decided, somehow all by itself, smoked brisket and baked sweet potato. Can’t wait.


            1. How do you decide? I’m still working on a question Dave brought up many, many posts ago- why did these dark damp islands produce so much great music in the 60’s-early 80’s. Old enough to have seen many of them, including both the above, and I think it was just evolution-there were so many gaps in the musical ecosphere that had to be filled so these blokes looking for sex and drugs and rock and roll filled them. My go to band as a student were Free-always super cheap and easy to get into the gigs. I doubt if there’s ever been a better rock band in the last thirty years-standards have fallen. I’m also not sure that any of them were older than 22/3 when they made this


              1. I’ve probably heard “All Right Now” a hundred times or more and always thought it was sung by the Rolling Stones. Oh well. Maybe it was all of that Judeo-Christian bottling-up of the dopamine, a gradient that had to be released, a revolution against the stiff shirts and upper crust. Release your opioids, turn-up the volume.


              2. Yeah, it’s almost always about seeing an opportunity, and the exploiting it. The Brits were pretty good at it in general, or just lucky.

                I’m no historian, but I guess they took over all of India while hardly firing a shot, most just a series of lies and business deals with corrupt local leaders and such. Trust me when I tell you, I’m not putting anybody down for anything.

                Second string Brits:


        2. And how to evacuate it……

          We are all, darlings, as common as muck.

          ‘Elite’ is richly comical as a delusion.


          1. “Elite” pond scum. Can there be such a thing? No, only common pond scum. People should examine their ancestries more closely as it is preserved in their structures and behaviors, a bunch of slime-coated cells, bumping and jostling and striving to dismember and consume a “kindred spirit” in the environment. Even some plants couldn’t help themselves.

            feed me

            If the reassortment and mutation of DNA can create a plant like this, it can certainly turn humans into rRNA, whose subsequent exploitation of various gradients with new technological tools is akin to having a cancer in the ecological house. Just imagine human civilization as the fly trap and the entirety of the ecosystem, fossil fuels, uranium etc. as the fly. The bonus, when we’re done, is that we get to go Venus.


  19. Americans are not Christians. Not in any meaningful way. They just call themselves as such. Americans are Americans. The only religion in America is America itself.

    Americans cannot even perceive of Jesus as a middle eastern preacher living 2000 years ago. To Americans, Jesus is an American white male with a beard (in the artwork of course, in real life he shaves it off), Republican, who lives in a huge house with the suv and pickup parked in the garage, business owner, who wants more money and more stuff, and who, after kids are killed at school, buys even more guns.

    And wants to bomb and invade the world for its resources, because, well, just because he can.

    That’s “Jesus” to Americans.


    1. It seems to me that Christianity is mostly a system of false pretenses. Everyone tries to convince everyone else of their virtue but beneath the surface is the vile grifter, the competitive dissipative. Those that are truly devout seem almost psychotic while the pretenders will shake your hand while trying to steal your wallet with the other hand. They will certainly go to hell for their sins but the burning will be in the here and now and their children will burn too. But don’t worry, the local priest will forgive you of your sins (it keeps you coming back with tithes) since they’re overall grifters too.


      1. I think that Christ’s basic message is on point. Something like: Learn to suffer. That’s what you’re here for. That’s why my Father put you here. Look at my example. The why’s and what for’s are not important.

        Something like that.


        1. Count on it. Gradient elimination is a bloody, competitive, nasty affair. Sometimes cooperating elements (all for one and one for all) are a better solution than the individual grifter. Somehow our “leaders” are following the “all for me and none for thee” credo which will end in disorganization. Jesus would probably encourage a minimization of overall suffering by applying monetary/resource anesthetic wherever it is needed the most. We’re moving in the wrong direction with the loaves and fishes.


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